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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Patrice Rushen

Collection of Patrice Rushen

Along with contemporaries George Duke and George Benson, Patrice Rushen made a major transition from cutting respected acoustic jazz material to hitting the upper reaches of the club and R&B charts. A dynamite keyboardist with a limited but sweet voice, Rushen debuted at the age of 20 on the Prestige label, working with maverick saxophonist Joe Henderson. Within a matter of a few years, legendary club DJ Larry Levan was spinning her carefree but sophisticated post-disco singles released on Elektra. Rushen continued releasing R&B albums into the '90s while never completely departing the jazz world; she also became a barrier-breaking musical director.

Born September 30, 1954, in Los Angeles, CA, Rushen's parents enrolled her in music classes at USC when she was three. In her teens, she won a solo competition at the 1972 Monterey Jazz Festival. The attention garnered from this earned her a contract with the Prestige label. After recording Prelusion (1974), Before the Dawn (1975), and Shout It Out (1976), and establishing herself as an in-demand session player on albums such as Donald Byrd's Caricatures and Eddie Henderson's Heritage, for which she contributed "Kudu," Rushen signed with Elektra. Forging an engaging jazz/R&B/funk fusion, she found a new audience through Patrice (1977), Pizzazz (1979), Posh (1980), Straight from the Heart (1982), and Now (1984). Most of these sets impacted both the jazz and R&B charts, and several singles off them were heard on dancefloors and across airwaves. 1980's "Haven't You Heard" and 1982's "Forget Me Nots" were the most successful of the lot; both of them went Top Ten on the R&B and club charts. The latter was sampled heavily for Will Smith's 1997 hit "Men in Black," while the former became the basis of Kirk Franklin's 2005 gospel crossover smash "Looking for You."

From the mid-'80s onward, Rushen's solo recordings were relatively sporadic, including sets for Arista, Sindrome, and Discovery; some of these were her most jazz-oriented releases since the mid-'70s. During the early '90s, she established herself as a musical director, guiding Janet Jackson's janet. world tour. More significantly, in 2004, she became the first woman to serve as musical director for the Grammy Awards. Throughout the decade, she continued to record, lending her skills to releases by Lee Ritenour, Stanley Clarke, George Benson, Babatunde Lea, and Jill Scott, not to mention the Hidden Beach label's Unwrapped series of hip-hop reinterpretations. Allmusic by Ed Hogan

Album: Prelusion (1974)

01. Shortie's Portion
02. 7/73
03. Haw Right Now
04. Traverse
05. Puttered Bopcorn

Album: Before The Dawn (1975)

01. Kickin' Back
02. What's The Story
03. Jubilation
04. Before The Dawn
05. Razzia

Album: Shout It Out (1976)

01. The Hump
02. Shout It Out
03. Stepping Stones
04. Let Your Heart Be Free
05. Roll With The Punches
06. Let There Be Funk
07. Yolon
08. Sojourn

Album: Patrice

01. Music Of The Earth
02. When I Found You
03. Changes (In Your Life)
04. Wishful Thinking
05. Let's Sing A Song of Love
06. Hang It Up
07. Cha-Cha
08. It's Just A Natural Thing
09. Didn't You Know?
10. Play!

Album: Posh

01. Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be)
02. Don't Blame Me
03. Look Up!
04. I Need Your Love
05. Time Will Tell
06. Dream
07. Funk Won't Let You Down
08. This Is All I Really Know

Album: Pizzazz

01. Let the Music Take Me
02. Keepin' Faith in Love
03. Settle for My Love
04. Message in the Music
05. Haven't You Heard
06. Givin' It Up Is Givin' Up
07. Call on Me
08. Reprise

Album: Straight From The Heart

01. Forget Me Nots
02. I Was Tired Of Being Alone
03. All We Need
04. Number One (Instrumental)
05. Where There Is Love
06. Breakout!
07. If Only
08. Remind Me
09. (She Will) Take You Down To Love
10. Forget Me Nots (12' Version)
11. Breakout! (12' Version)
12. Number One (Instrumental) (12' Version)
13. Forget Me Nots (Single Version)
14. Breakout! (Single Version)

Album: Now

01. Feels So Real (Won't Let Go)
02. Gone With the Night
03. Gotta Find It
04. Superstar
05. Heartache Heartbreak
06. Get Off (You Fascinate Me)
07. My Love's Not Going Anywhere
08. Perfect Love
09. High in Me
10. To Each His Own

Album: Watch Out

01. Watch Out
02. Breakin' All the Rules
03. Long Time Coming
04. All My Love
05. Somewhere
06. Anything Can Happen
07. Burnin'
08. Till She's Out of Your Mind
09. Come Back to Me
10. Tender Lovin

Album: Anything But Ordinary (1994)

01. I Do
02. Tell Me
03. What'cha Gonna Do
04. I Only Think of You
05. My Heart, Your Heart
06. Anything But Ordinary
07. Top of the Line
08. State of Mind
09. Caravan
10. Be With You

Album: Haven't You Heard - The Best Of Patrice Rushen (1996)

01. Hang It Up
02. When I Found You
03. Haven't You Heard
04. Settle For My Love
05. Givin' It Up Is Givin' Up
06. Look Up!
07. Never Gonna Give You Up
08. Forget Me Nots
09. Breakout!
10. Remind Me
11. Number One (Instrumental)
12. Feels So Real (Won't Let Go)
13. Get Off (You Fascinate Me)
14. Watch Out

Album: Signature (1997)

01. Almost Home
02. Days Gone By
03. Sweetest Taboo
04. Sneaky Pete
05. Softly
06. Hurry Up This Way Again
07. L'espirit De Joie
08. Wise Ol' Souls
09. Oneness
10. Arrival

Album: Forget Me Not And Remind Me - Groovy And Mellow Selection Of Patrice Rushen (1998)

01. Music Of The Earth
02. Cha-Cha
03. Forget Me Nots
04. Haven't You Heard
05. Never Gonna Give You Up
06. Remind Me
07. When I Found You
08. Where There Is Love
09. Heartache Heartbreak
10. Settle For My Love
11. Perfect Love
12. Look Up!
13. Let's Sing A Song Of Love
14. (She Will) Take You Down To Love
15. Wishful Thinking


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