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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Collection of Troop

Troop began as a teen group that won $1000 on Puttin' on the Hits, a nationally televised contest, by dancing and lip-synching to New Edition's "Cool It Now." The Pasadena, California quintet -- Rodney Benford, John Harreld, Allen McNeil, Steve Russell, and Reggie Warren -- were then signed to Atlantic, and their 1988 debut single, the Levert-produced "Mamacita," taken from their self-titled album, reached number two on Billboard's Hot Soul Singles chart. Their second album, 1989's Attitude, featured two number one Hot Soul singles -- including the Chuckii Booker collaboration "Spread My Wings" -- and earned an RIAA gold certification. Deepa, released in 1992, was a creative step forward and contained yet another Hot Soul chart topper in "Sweet November," a Deele cover, but the group subsequently went independent with two more full-lengths released later in the decade. Troop went inactive for several years but occasionally recorded and toured. In 2013, they released a single titled "Forever." Within the music industry, Russell had the most success outside the group as part of the songwriting and production team the Underdogs. All Music Ron Wynn

Album: Troop (1988)

01. Mamacita
02. My Heart
03. Still In Love
04. Happy Relationship
05. I Like That
06. Young Girl
07. She's My Favorite Girl
08. Watch' Me Dance
09. Mamacita (12' Mix)

Album: Troop (Attitude (1989)

01. My Music
02. That's My Attitude
03. I'm Not Soupped
04. My Love
05. Spread My Wings
06. All I Do Is Think Of You
07. I Will Always Love You
08. Another Lover
09. For You
10. Soupped (Mix)
11. Reprise (Spread My Wings)

Album: Deepa (1992)

01. Praise
02. Keep You Next To Me
03. She Blows My Mind
04. I'm Not Gamin'
05. Set Me Free
06. Strange Hotel
07. I Feel You
08. Sweet November
09. Come Back To Your Home
10. Only When I Laugh
11. Whatever It Takes
12. You Take My Heart With You
13. Deepa
14. Give It Up
15. Hot Water

Album: A Lil Sumpin' Sumpin' (1994)

01. Let's Get Warm
02. Break A Dawn
03. Poohnany
04. Blowin' My Mind
05. Get It On
06. Get Loose
07. Around
08. That's The Way
09. Miss U
10. Got Me Goin'
11. Do Me
12. Sumpin' To Ride Too

Album: Mayday (1998)

01. The Way I Parlay
02. A Melody
03. Round and Round
04. Something About You
05. Over the Moon
06. I Take It Back
07. Girl Can I Talk to You
08. The Audacity
09. Don't Worry Your Mind
10. Fly Away
11. I Love Only You
12. If It's All Right with You
13. Let Your Light Shine
14. I Want What You Got
15. So in Love
16. May Day


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