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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pieces Of A Dream

Collection of Pieces Of A Dream

Comprised of bassist Cedric Napoleon, drummer Curtis Harmon, and keyboardist James Lloyd, Pieces of a Dream were founded in 1975 in Philadelphia when the principal members were all teenagers. Originally somewhat jazz-oriented, Pieces of a Dream have mostly emphasized R&B, although they usually include a few jazz numbers in their performances. Grover Washington, Jr. produced their first three albums (all for Elektra during 1981-1983); they have since recorded for Manhattan and Blue Note. Saxophonist Ron Kerber became a member in the 1990s, preceding the four varied releases that appeared throughout the decade. A collection appeared at the turn of the century, but the band proved to still be going strong with 2001's Acquainted with the Night and 2002's Love's Silhouette. No Assembly Required was released in 2004 on Cleveland's Heads Up label, followed by 2006's Pillow Talk, also on Heads Up. Allmusic by Scott Yanow

Album: Pieces Of A Dream (1981)

01. Pieces Of A Dream
02. Warm Weather
03. Steady Glide
04. Touch Me in the Spring
05. All About Love
06. Easy Road Home
07. Lovers
08. Body Magic

Album: We Are One (1982)

01. Don't Be Sad
02. Please Don't Do This To Me
03. For Ramsey
04. You Know I Want You
05. Mt Airy Groove
06. We Are One
07. When You Are Here With Me
08. Pop Rock
09. Yo Frat

Album: Imagine This (1983)

01. Imagine This
02. For The Fun Of It
03. It's Time for Love
04. The Shadow Of Your Smile
05. It's Getting Hot in Here
06. Fo Fi Fo
07. Foreverlasting Love
08. Tell Me a Bedtime Story

Album: Joyride (1986)

01. Save Some Time For Me
02. Say La La
03. I Can Give You What You Want
04. Joyride
05. Love Of My Life
06. Careless Whisper
07. Outside In
08. Winning Streak
09. Sunshine

Album: Makes You Wanna (1988)

01. Ain't My Love Enough
02. We Belong to Each Other
03. Makes You Wanna
04. Rising to the Top
05. 'Round Midnight
06. Mellow Magic
07. Feelin' for You
08. Holding Back the Years
09. Yubie, Yubie
10. Sam Place, Same Time

Album: Bout Dat Time (1989)

01. Bout Dat Time
02. I Just Want Your Love
03. What Can I Do
04. Can't Be Alone
05. For You (Instrumental)
06. Pick Up The Pieces
07. Lonely Hears of Love
08. Take Me Tonight
09. Kicking (Instrumental)
10. Surrender

Album: In Flight (1993)

01. Club Jazz
02. How Do You Keep The Music Playing
03. Evolution Of Love
04. All I Want Is You
05. Satisfy My Love
06. In Flight
07. Love Fantasy
08. Love For Eternity
09. Skablictady
10. In The Print
11. Quiet Passion

Album: Goodbye Manhattan (1995)

01. Magens Bay
02. Bassik Instinct
03. After Dark
04. Goodbye Manhattan
05. We're All Alone
06. How Much I Feel
07. Ocean View
08. Lights Out
09. Have A Little Faith
10. Let's Get Smooth
11. Love Of My Life
12. Club Jazz (Quiet Storm)

Album: The Best Of Pieces Of A Dream (1996)

01. Intro
02. Club Jazz [Club Mix]
03. Keep It Smooth
04. Baby It's Your Turn Now
05. The Cool Side
06. My Love
07. For You
08. MT. Airy Groove
09. Rising to the Top
10. Fo-Fi-Fo
11. Warm Weather
12. 'Round Midnight
13. The Shadow of Your Smile
14. Sa Lala

Album: Pieces (1997)

01. Pieces
02. ...And A Bag Of Chips
03. 1257
04. D'Vora
05. Sittin' Up In My Room
06. Voices of Wisdom
07. Anyway You Want It
08. Knikki's Smile
09. The Very First Time
10. Epiphany
11. Cut To The Chase
12. Signed, Sealed & Delivered (I'm Yours)

Album: Ahead To The Past (1999)

01. Took So Long
02. Malibu Nights
03. Why Don't You Let Me Love You
04. Love You for Life
05. Good Life
06. You and I
07. Philly High
08. It's You That I Want
09. Driving It Home
10. You
11. Bella Voce (Beautiful Voice)
12. Cry of the Lonely

Album: Acquainted With The Night (2001)

01. RU Ready
02. Night Vision
03. On That Note
04. Upside Down
05. Off the Hook
06. Brand Nu Start
07. Acquainted With the Night
08. Do You Know Where You're Going To (Theme from Mahogany)
09. Saxitude
10. Trance
11. Picture This
12. Silver Dreams

Album: Love's Silhouette (2002)

01. Turning It Up
02. Love's Silhouette
03. Mission Possible
04. I Feel Like Singin'
05. Tonight's the Night
06. Nice & Easy
07. Mystical Perception
08. Pieceful Dreams
09. Savoir Faire
10. Enmascarada
11. Let's Roll
12. Rememberance (9/11/01)
13. Slither
14. My Funny Valentine

Album: No Assembly Required (2004)

01. It's Go Time
02. Devotion
03. Dyse It Up
04. Yeah Baby
05. Swerve
06. Who U Wit
07. On Her Wings
08. Summer
09. Want A Piece Of This
10. No Assembly Required
11. Lunar Lullaby

Album: Pillow Talk (2006)

01. House Arrest
02. Forward Emotion
03. Triflin
04. Sincere
05. Sailing
06. Wake Up Call
07. Teresa
08. Those 3 Words
09. In The Mood
10. Attitude
11. Your Love
12. Pillow Talk

Album: Soul Intent (2009)

01. Sway On
02. Vision Accomplished
03. Give U My Heart
04. APB
05. Hindsight
06. Soul Intent
07. Step On It
08. Things Are Looking Up
09. D Fuse The Situation
10. Stand Up
11. Anywhere You Are


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kenny Lattimore

Collection of Kenny Lattimore

After a false start with the late-'80s vocal group Maniquin, Kenny Lattimore became a minor R&B star in his own right in 1996 when his eponymous debut album generated two hit singles. Lattimore was born and raised in Washington, D.C., where he grew up in a musical family. Before he reached his teens, he was winning talent shows at his junior high school. Throughout high school he performed music, from classical to R&B. Despite his love for music, he decided to pursue architecture and city planning when he enrolled at Howard University.
Even though he wasn't majoring in music, he hadn't given it up as a hobby, and he joined the vocal group Maniquin. In 1987, the group signed with Epic, and two years later, they released their debut album. The record failed to become a hit, and the group sweated it out on the grueling chitlin circuit down South. After a year of touring, Lattimore left Maniquin in 1990. He had decided that he would continue to pursue music and began writing songs and collaborating with a number of artists. His songs were recorded by Glenn Jones and Jon Lucien, and he began working with Dem Twinzz, singing on the group's demos. The tapes attracted the interest of major labels, but Lattimore wanted to be a solo artist, not part of a group, so he moved to New York City in 1993. After struggling for a few months in Manhattan, Lattimore recorded a demo of songs he co-wrote; it was produced by J. Dibbs. The demo led him to a record contract with Columbia. His debut album featured production by Kenneth and Keith Crouch, Kipper Jones, Oji Pierce, Herb Middleton, Barry Eastmond, Jimmy Abney, and Dave Hall. Lattimore also did some preliminary production work on the album and wrote or co-wrote six of the 12 songs. Kenny Lattimore was released in 1996 and it was a steady seller over the next year, going gold and spawning the Top 40 R&B hit "Never Too Busy." From the Soul of Man followed in 1998, offering even more original songs as well as a few covers, including a surprisingly sensual version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Times had changed by the time Weekend arrived in 2001, and the slick R&B and soft approach of the record hit a sour note with fans. The album made little impression, so Lattimore decided to try something different the next time around. Teaming with wife Chanté Moore, he recorded an album of duets entitled Things That Lovers Do. Offering new versions of songs from Keith Sweat, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie, and many others, the record only featured two original songs. After a greatest-hits compilation in 2004, he returned in 2006 with Uncovered/Covered, another album recorded with his wife.

Album: Kenny Lattimore (1996)

01. Never Too Busy
02. Just What It Takes
03. I Won't Let You Down
04. All I Want
05. Forever
06. For You
07. Joy
08. Where Did Love Go
09. Forgiveness
10. Always Remember
11. Climb The Mountain
12. I Won't Forget (Whose I Am)

Album: From The Soul Of Man (1998)

01. Days Like This
02. Trial Separation
03. If I Lose My Woman
04. Make Believe
05. Just Can't Get Over You
06. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
07. Destiny
08. Tomorrow
09. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
10. Heaven And Earth
11. All My Tomorrows
12. Interlude Introspective Mood
13. Well Done
14. Love Will Find A Way
15. If You Could See You (Through My Eyes)

Album: Weekend (2001)

01. Weekend
02. Baby You're The One
03. Come To Me
04. Can You Feel Me
05. If Love Is What You Want
06. Lately
07. Don't Deserve
08. Right Down To It
09. The Things I'll Do
10. Who
11. Healing

Album: Days Like This: The Best Of Kenny Lattimore (2004)

01. Joy
02. Heaven & Earth
03. Days Like This
04. Tomorrow
05. All I Want
06. Never Too Busy
07. Forgiveness
08. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
09. Destiny
10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
11. Make Believe
12. Forever
13. For You
14. If You Could See Yourself (Through My Eyes)
15. Days Like This - (Remix)

Album: Timeless (2008)

01. Something
02. Everybody Here Wants You
03. You Are My Starship
04. And I Love Her
05. Come Down In Time
06. Ain't No Way
07. That's The Way Love Is
08. It Ain't No Use
09. I Love You More Than Words Can Say
10. Undeniably
11. Giving Up


Friday, January 18, 2013

Chanté Moore

Collection of Chanté Moore

Chanté Moore, the daughter of a minister, grew up on gospel music and albums by George Duke and Lee Ritenour, sometimes applying her lyrics to their music. Moore decided as a teenager that she wanted to become a singer after an inspirational performance in a high-school rendition of The Wiz. In addition to her writing and singing talents, she was a successful beauty pageant contestant. Before releasing her debut CD, Precious, Moore lent her talents to El DeBarge's In the Storm; the track "You Know What I Like" showcases Moore's vocals on the chorus. The follow-up to Precious, Love Supreme, featured the single "Old School Lovin'." Four years after Love Supreme, Moore released her third album, This Moment Is Mine. Exposed followed in 2000, featuring production work from Jermaine Dupri and the team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Though she didn't release any solo material for several years, she recorded a pair of albums -- 2003's Things That Lovers Do and 2006's Uncovered/Covered -- with her husband, Kenny Lattimore. She followed those releases in 2008 with Love the Woman, issued on the Peak label. Allmusic by Craig Lytle

Album: Precious (1992)

01. Love's Taken Over
02. Precious
03. It's Alright
04. Finding My Way Back To You
05. Listen To My Song
06. As If We Never Met
07. Candlelight And You - (with Keith Washington)
08. Who Do I Turn To
09. I Wanna Love (Like That Again)
10. Sexy Thang
11. Because You're Mine
12. Love's Taken Over - (Quiet Storm Mix)

Album: A Love Supreme (1994)

01. Intro
02. Searchin'
03. This Time
04. My Special Perfect One
05. I'm What You Need
06. Your Love's Supreme
07. Old School Lovin'
08. Free/Sail On
09. Without Your Love (Interlude)
10. I Want To Thank You
11. Mood
12. Thank You For Loving Me
13. Soul Dance
14. Am I Losing You
15. Thou Shalt Not

Album: This Moment Is Mine (1999)

01. If I Gave Love
02. Girls Will Talk (Interlude)
03. Chante's Got A Man
04. I See You In A Different Light
05. Easy
06. I Cry To Myself
07. Blooming Flower
08. Heartbeat
09. I've Got The Love
10. I Started Crying
11. I Got A Secret To Tell Ya (Cmo 8 Yrs) (interlude)
12. Love And The Woman
13. In My Life
14. This Moment Is Mine

Album: Exposed (2000)

01. Straight Up
02. Take Care Of Me
03. I'm Keepin' You
04. Go Ahead With All That
05. Bitter
06. When It Comes To Me
07. Train Of Thought
08. Better Than Making Love
09. M-a-n
10. You Can't Leave Me
11. Everything We Want
12. Love's Still Alright

Album: Mood (2003)

01. Searchin
02. Loves Taken Over
03. Amazing
04. Better Than Making Love
05. Free Sail On
06. Mood
07. Precious
08. I Started Crying
09. Its Alright (Shai Quiet Storm Version)
10. I See You In A Different Light
11. Blooming Flower
12. This Moment Is Mine
13. Tonight

Album: 20th Century Masters The Millennium (2004)

01. Who Do I Turn To
02. It's Alright
03. Love's Taken Over
04. Old School Lovin'
05. This Time
06. I'm What You Need
07. My Special Perfect One
08. Wey U - (with Babyface)
09. I Love You - (with Keith Washington)
10. This Moment Is Mine
11. Chante's Got A Man
12. Train Of Thought

Album: Love The Woman (2008)

01. Always Gonna Be Somethin'
02. Can't Do It
03. Special
04. It Ain't Supposed To Be This Way
05. My Eyes
06. Give Me Time
07. Do For You
08. Love The Woman
09. Love Action
10. First Kiss
11. Guess Who I Saw Today


Monday, January 14, 2013

Atlantic Starr

Collection of Atlantic Starr

Atlantic Starr was among the top urban contemporary acts of the '80s and fared well in the adult contemporary market as well, but their roots were '70s soul and funk. The East Coast outfit was formed in White Plains, NY, in 1976 by three brothers: lead singer/guitarist David Lewis, lead singer/keyboardist Wayne Lewis, and trombonist/percussionist Jonathan Lewis. After the Lewis Brothers hired lead singer Sharon Bryant, trumpeter William Sudderth, saxophonist Damon Rentie (who was replaced by Koran Daniels in 1981), bassist Clifford Archer, drummer Porter Carroll, Jr., and percussionist/flutist Joseph Phillips, Atlantic Starr's original nine-person lineup was in place. Influenced by '70s funk/soul bands like Earth, Wind & Fire, the Commodores, New Birth, and L.T.D., Atlantic Starr started playing around the northeastern U.S. They had only been together for about two years when they signed with A&M and started working with Bobby Eli, a well-respected producer/songwriter from Philadelphia. Produced by Eli in 1978, Atlantic Starr's self-titled debut album wasn't a mega-platinum blockbuster but did reasonably well and contained the funk hit "Stand Up" (which made it to number 16 on Billboard's R&B singles chart). Eli went on to produce the band's second album, Straight to the Point; while that 1979 release did OK, A&M knew that Atlantic Starr could be bigger. So in 1981, the band changed producers and enlisted James Carmichael for their third album, Radiance. It was a wise move; Radiance and its hit single "When Love Calls" established Atlantic Starr as a supergroup in the R&B market. It was on Radiance that the charismatic Bryant (who was featured on "When Love Calls") really blossomed as a singer and her lead vocals played a major role in the band's success. Carmichael went on to produce 1982's "Brilliance" (which contained the number two R&B single "Circles") and 1983's Yours Forever; the latter includes "Touch a Four Leaf Clover," another major hit featuring Bryant.

Although Bryant was never Atlantic Starr's only lead singer -- Wayne and David Lewis also provided their share of lead vocals -- she was a major asset. So it came as quite a disappointment when she left Atlantic Starr in 1984 to pursue a solo career. But all was not lost. The talented Barbara Weathers was hired as a replacement and 1985's As the Band Turns -- Atlantic Starr's first post-Bryant album and sixth album overall -- found the outfit unveiling a smaller lineup that consisted of Weathers, the Lewis Brothers, and Phillips. Sudderth, Daniels, Archer, and Carroll were all gone, but despite those personnel changes, Atlantic Starr was still distinctive and recognizable. As the Band Turns, which contained the major hit "Secret Lovers," turned out to be Atlantic Starr's last album for A&M; in 1987, they moved to Warner Bros. and fared well with the album All in the Name of Love and the smash hit "Always." A syrupy adult contemporary ballad, "Always" reflected the Lewis Brothers' desire to have the type of crossover success that Whitney Houston and Lionel Ritchie had been enjoying in the '80s; they got their wish when "Always" soared to number one on both the pop and R&B charts.

After All in the Name of Love, Weathers left the band to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Porscha Martin, who was featured on 1988's We're Movin' Up. Martin was around for a few years before being replaced by Rachel Oliver (Atlantic Starr's fourth female vocalist) in the early '90s. Atlantic Starr's relationship with Warner Bros. ended after 1991's Love Crazy, and in 1994, the band recorded one album for Arista: Time. That album was a commercial disappointment and the single "I'll Remember You" only made it to the fifties on Billboard's R&B and pop singles charts. Time (which was David Lewis' last album with the band) found a fifth female singer, Aisha Tanner, replacing Oliver. And when 1999's Legacy was distributed by the small, independent Street Solid label, Atlantic Starr unveiled yet another lineup -- one that consisted of two Lewis Brothers (Wayne and Jonathan) as well as Oliver (who had returned and replaced Tanner) and a new male singer named DeWayne Woods. Although Legacy received very little attention, Atlantic Starr hung in there and was still performing for die-hard fans when the 21st century arrived. Allmusic by Alex Henderson

Album: Atlantic Starr (1978)

01 Stand Up
02. Keep It Comin'
03. Visions
04. Being In Love With You Is So Much Fun
05. The Love I Never Had Love
06. Gimme Your Lovin'
07. With Your Love I Come Alive
08. We Got It Together
09. Don't Abuse My Love
10. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Album: Straight To The Point (1979)

1. (Let's) Rock 'N' Roll
2. Kissin' Power
3. Let The Spirit Move Ya
4. Straight To The Point
5. Bullseye
6. What'Cha Feel Inside
7. Fallin' In Love With You
8. Losin' You

Album: Radiant (1980)

1. When Love Calls
2. Does It Matter
3. Think About That
4. Send For Me
5. Mystery Girl
6. Am I Dreaming
7. Under Pressure
8. My Turn Now

Album: Brilliance (1982)

1. Love Me Down
2. Sexy Dancer
3. Love Moves
4. Your Love Finally Ran Out
5. Circles
6. Let's Get Closer
7. Perfect Love
8. You'Re The One

Album: Yours Forever (1983)

1. I Want Your Love
2. Island Dream
3. More, More, More
4. More Time For Me
5. Second To None
6. Touch A Four Leaf Clover
7. Tryin'
8. Who Could Love You Better
9. Yours Forever

Album: As The Band Turns (1986)

1. Freak A Ristic
2. Cool, Calm Collected
3. One Love
4. In The Heat Of Passion
5. If Your Heart Isn't
6. Silver Shadow
7. Let's Start It Over
8. Secret Lovers
9. Thank You

Album: All In The Name Of Love (1987)

01. One Lover at a Time
02. You Belong With Me
03. Females
04. Don't Take Me for Granted
05. Always
06. Armed and Dangerous
07. Let the Sun In
08. Thankful
09. I'm in Love
10. All in the Name of Love
11. My Mistake
12. Interlude

Album: We're Movin' Up (1989)

01 Under Your Spell
02. Bring It Back Home Again
03. I'm In Love With You
04. Don't Start The Fire
05. Love Ain't Fair (track is missing)
06. My First Love
07. Woman's Touch
08. Friends
09. We'Re Movin' Up
10. My Sugar
11. I Can't Wait
12. You Deserve The Best

Album: Love Crazy (1991)

01. I Can't Wait
02. If You Knew What's Good For You
03. Love Crazy
04. Hold On
05. Lookin' For Love Again
06. Come Lover
07. You Hit The Spot
08. Masterpiece
09. Girl, Your Love's So Fine
10. My Special Lover
11. Unconditional Love

Album: Time (1994)

01. I'll Remember You
02. Everybody's Got Summer
03. My Best Friend
04. Time
05. Baby Be There
06. Let's Just Sneak Around
07. So Good To Come HomeTo
08. Lovin' You All Over Again
09. Animal Attraction
10. Along The Way

Album: Legacy (1999)

01. Where Have You Been All My Life
02. Stand!
03. I've Fallen In Love
04. On The Other Side
05. Love To The Rescue
06. Mary
07. Dad
08. When Was The Last Time
09. The Mirror
10. Reach Higher
11. Legacy

Album: Ultimate Collection (2000)

01. Always
02. When Love Call (Single Version)
03. Secret Lovers (Single Version)
04. Touch A Four Leaf Clover (Single Version)
05. Silver Shadow (Specially Remixed Version)
06. Love Crazy
07. One Lover At A Time
08. Cool, Calm, Collected
09. Circles (Single Version)
10. Love Me Down (Single Version)
11. Send For Me (Single Version)
12. More, More, More (Single Version)
13. If Your Heart Isn't In It
14. Stand Up (Single Version)
15. (Let's) Rock 'N' Roll (Single Version)
16. Freak-A-Ristic
17. Masterpiece (Single Version)
18. My First Love

Album: The Best of Atlantic Starr, 20th Century Masters Of The Millennium Collection (2007)

01. Stand Up
02. When Love Calls
03. Send For Me
04. Circles
05. Love Me Down
06. Touch A Four Leaf Clover
07. More, More, More
08. Freak-A-Ristic
09. Silver Shadow
10. Secret Lovers
11. If Your Heart Isn't In It
12. Always


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Steve Arrington

Collection of Steve Arrington

Born in Great Lakes, IL and raised in Dayton, OH, drummer Steve Arrington got his start playing with the Young Mystics. After they disbanded, he moved from Ohio to San Francisco and in 1978 joined the group Slave, which emerged from a union of two former Ohio bands, the Young Mystics and Black Satin Soul. Arrington started as a background singer but became lead vocalist on such hits as "Just a Touch of Love," "Watching You," and "Wait for Me." Arrington left Slave in 1982 and formed a new band, Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame. He experienced a religious conversion in 1984 during the recording of Positive Power. Arrington recorded for both Kongflather and Atlantic, enjoying his greatest success with the 1985 LP Dancin' in the Key of Life. It included a Top Ten R&B hit in the title track and Top 20 single with "Feel So Real." By 1986, Arrington began using his shows as forums for his religious beliefs, and in 1991 he left pop music to become a minister and guest musician on various albums. In the fall of 2009, Arrington released Pure Thang, his first solo release since 1987's Jam Packed. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame, Vol. 1 (1983)

01. Nobody Can Be You
02. You Meet Me Approval
03. Last Nite Nite Before
04. Strange (Sort & Hard)
05. Speak With Your Body
06. Weak At The Knees
07. Beddie-Biey
08. Way Out
09. Pocketful Of Air (Bonus Track)
10. At It Again (Bonus Track)
11. I Love You (Bonus Track)
12. Way Out (Frankie Crocker Remix) (Bonus Track)

Album: Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame, Positive Power (1984)

01. 15 Rounds
02. Money on It
03. Sugar Momma Baby
04. What Do You Want From Me
05. Young and Ready
06. Mellow as a Cello
07. Hump to the Bump
08. Positive Power

Album: Dancin' In The Key Of Life (1985)

01. Feel So Real
02. Dancin In The Key Of Life
03. She Just Don't Know
04. Willie Mae
05. Gasoline
06. Stand With Me
07. Brown Baby Boy
08. Turn Up The Love

Album: The Jammin' National Anthem (1986)

01. The Jammin' National Anthem
02. Holiday
03. Teenage Jazz
04. One Of A Kind Paradise
05. Everybody's Got To Be Free
06. Homeboy
07. Like It Loud
08. Have a Heart

Album: Jam Packed (1987)

01. Jam Packed
02. Stone Love
03. Let It Loose
04. True Love Always
05. I Just Wanna Be With You
06. Kelly 16-33
07. Never Take Your Love
08. Trouble
09. What I Do For You

Album: The Definitive Groove Collection (2006)


01. Slide
02. The Party Song
03. Baby Sinister
04. Stellar Fungk
05. Just A Touch Of Love
06. Are You Ready For Love
07. Foxy Lady (Funky Lady)
08. Thank You
09. Everybody Slide
10. Sizzlin' Hot
11. Watching You
12. Stone Jam
13. Starting Over
14. Son Of Slide
15. Just A Touch Of Love (Jazzy Instrumental Version)


01. Snap Shot [Single Edit]
02. Feel My Love
03. Wait For Me [Single Edit]
04. Steal Your Heart
05. Party Lites
06. Spice of Life (Oh Yes, You're the Best)
07. For the Love of U
08. Way Out
09. I'll Be Gone
10. Nobody Can Be You
11. Weak At The Knees
12. You Meet My Approval
13. Feel So Real
14. Dancin' In The Key Of Life
15. Homeboy

Album: Pure Thang (2009)

01. Right Here Right Now
02. I'm On Fire
03. Time To Ride
04. Nobody Else
05. I Like What You Do
06. Song For Coretta And Rosa
07. Coolin
08. Right There (Feat. Rev. Brian Coleman)
09. Power
10. Holla
11. Sunrise
12. Tones
13. Soul Food
14. Pure Thang
15. Right On Time
16. The Devil Can't Sing Amazing Grace
17. It's True


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mariah Carey

Collection of Mariah Carey

The best-selling female performer of the 1990s, Mariah Carey rose to superstardom on the strength of her stunning five-octave voice. An elastic talent who moved easily from glossy ballads to hip-hop-inspired dance-pop, she earned frequent comparison to rivals Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, but did them both one better by composing all of her own material. Born in Long Island, NY, on March 27, 1970, Carey moved to New York City at the age of 17 -- just one day after graduating high school -- to pursue a music career; there she befriended keyboardist Ben Margulies, with whom she began writing songs. Her big break came as a backing vocalist on a studio session with dance-pop singer Brenda K. Starr, who handed Carey's demo tape to Columbia Records head Tommy Mottola at a party. According to legend, Mottola listened to the tape in his limo while driving home that same evening, and was so immediately struck by Carey's talent that he doubled back to the party to track her down. After signing to Columbia, Carey entered the studio to begin work on her 1990 self-titled debut LP. The heavily promoted album was a chart-topping smash, launching no less than four number one singles: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday," and "I Don't Wanna Cry." Her overnight success earned Grammy Awards as Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist, and expectations were high for Carey's follow-up, 1991's Emotions. The album did not disappoint, as the title track reached number one -- a record fifth consecutive chart-topper -- while both "Can't Let Go" and "Make It Happen" landed in the Top Five. Carey's next release was 1992's MTV Unplugged EP, which generated a number one cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There." Featured on the track was backup singer Trey Lorenz, whose appearance immediately helped him land a recording contract of his own. In June 1993, Carey wed Mottola -- some two decades her senior -- in a headline-grabbing ceremony; months later, she released her third full-length effort, Music Box, which became her best-selling record to date. Two more singles, "Dreamlover" and "Hero," reached the top spot on the charts. Carey's first tour followed and was widely panned by critics; undaunted, she resurfaced in 1994 with a holiday release titled Merry Christmas, scoring a seasonal smash with "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Released in 1995, Daydream reflected a new artistic maturity; the first single, "Fantasy," debuted at number one, making Carey the first female artist and just the second performer ever to accomplish the feat. The follow-up, "One Sweet Day" -- a collaboration with Boyz II Men -- repeated the trick, and remained lodged at the top of the charts for a record 16 weeks. After separating from Mottola, Carey returned in 1997 with Butterfly, another staggering success and her most hip-hop-flavored recording to date. #1's -- a collection featuring her 13 previous chart-topping singles as well as "The Prince of Egypt (When You Believe)," a duet with Whitney Houston effectively pairing the two most successful female recording artists in pop history -- followed late the next year. With "Heartbreaker," the first single from her 1999 album Rainbow, Carey became the first artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s; the record also pushed her ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent atop the Hot 100 singles chart. However, the early 2000s weren't as kind to Carey. After signing an $80 million deal in 2001 with Virgin -- the biggest record contract ever -- she experienced a very public personal and professional meltdown that included rambling; suicidal messages on her website; an appearance on TRL where, clad only in a T-shirt, she handed out Popsicles to the audience; and last but not least, the poorly received movie Glitter and its attendant soundtrack (which was also her Virgin Records debut). Both the film and the album did poorly critically as well as commercially, with Glitter making just under $4 million in its total U.S. gross and the soundtrack struggling to make gold sales. Following these setbacks, Virgin and Carey parted ways early in 2002, with the label paying her $28 million. That spring, she found a new home with Island/Def Jam, where she set up her own label, MonarC Music. In December, she released her ninth album, Charmbracelet, which failed to become a success. The Emancipation of Mimi, her most successful work in years, appeared in 2005. It climbed to multi-platinum status and earned Carey three Grammy awards -- Best Contemporary R&B Album and, for the single "We Belong Together," Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song -- thus restoring her status as a megastar. Two weeks before the release of her subsequent album, April 2008's E=MC2, Carey scored her 18th number one hit with "Touch My Body," a feat that pushed her into second place (past Elvis, no less) among all artists with the most chart-topping singles. Although that hit song, along with the late April news that she married Nick Cannon, kept her in the spotlight that year, the remainder of the album's spinoffs weren't nearly as successful; only "Bye Bye" managed to scrape the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. She went back to work fairly quickly, however, and Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel -- featuring collaborations with the-Dream, as well as a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" -- became her 12th studio album upon its September 2009 release. Despite some positive reviews, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel turned into Carey's least successful studio album, generating no big hits. The following year, Carey released Merry Christmas II You for the 2010 holiday season. Not long before its release, Carey announced that she and Cannon were expecting their first child. Allmusic by Jason Ankeny

Album: Mariah Carey 1990)

01. Vision of Love
02. There's Got to Be a Way
03. I Don't Wanna Cry
04. Someday
05. Vanishing
06. All in Your Mind
07. Alone in Love
08. You Need Me
09. Sent From Up Above
10. Prisoner
11. Love Takes Time

Album: Emotions (1991)

01. Emotions
02. And You Don't Remember
03. Can't Let Go
04. Make It Happen
05. If It's Over
06. You're So Cold
07. So Blessed
08. To Be Around You
09. Till The End of Time
10. The Wind

Album: MTV Unplugged (1992)

01. Emotions
02. If It's Over
03. Someday
04. Vision Of Love
05. Make It Happen
06. I'll Be There
07. Can't Let Go

Album: Music Box (1993)

01. Dreamlover
02. Hero
03. Anytime You Need a Friend
04. Music Box
05. Now That I Know
06. Never Forget You
07. Without You
08. Just to Hold You Once Again
09. I've Been Thinking About You
10. All I've Ever Wanted
11. Everything Fades Away

Album: Daydream (1995)

01. Fantasy
02. Underneath the Stars
03. One Sweet Day
04. Open Arms
05. Always Be My Baby
06. I Am Free
07. When I Saw You
08. Long Ago
09. Melt Away
10. Forever
11. Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix)
12. Looking In

Album: Butterfly (1997)

01. Honey
02. Butterfly
03. My All
04. The Roof
05. Fourth of July
06. Breakdown
07. Babydolls
08. Close My Eyes
09. Whenever You Call
10. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
11. The Beautiful Ones
12. Outside
13. Honey (So So Def Radio Mix)
14. Honey (Def Club Mix)

Album: #1's (1998)

01. Sweetheart (Featuring JD)
02. When You Believe ( From The Prince Of Egypt)
03. Whenever You Call (With Brian McKnight)
04. My All
05. Honey
06. Always Be My Baby
07. One Sweet Day (With Boyz II Men)
08. Fantasy (Featuring O.D.B.)
09. Hero
10. Dreamlover
11. I'll Be There (Featuring Trey Lorenz)
12. Emotions
13. Someday
14. Love Takes Time
15. Vision Of Love
16. I Still Believe
17. Without You
18. Do You Know Where You're Going To (Theme From Mahogany)

Album: Rainbow (1999)

01. Heartbreaker
02. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
03. Bliss
04. How Much
05. After Tonight
06. X-Girlfriend
07. Heartbreaker (Remix)
08. Vulnerability (Interlude)
09. Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
10. Crybaby
11. Did I Do That
12. Petals
13. Rainbow (Interlude)
14. Thank God I Found You

Album: Glitter (2001)

01. Loverboy Remix
02. Lead the Way
03. If We
04. Didn't Mean to Turn You On
05. Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)
06. All My Life
07. Reflections (Care Enough)
08. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
09. Want You
10. Never Too Far
11. Twister
12. Loverboy

Album: Greatest Hits (2001)


01. Vision Of Love
02. Love Takes Time
03. Someday
04. I Don't Wanna Cry
05. Emotions
06. Can't Let Go
07. Make It Happen
08. I'll Be There
09. Dreamlover
10. Hero
11. Without You
12. Anytime You Need A Friend
13. Endless Love
14. Fantasy
15. Music Box (Bonus Track)
16. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Bonus Track)
17. Open Arms (Bonus Track)


01. One Sweet Day
02. Always Be My Baby
03. Forever (Album Ver.)
04. Underneath The Star (Album Ver.)
05. Honey
06. Butterfly
07. My All
08. Sweetheart
09. When You Believe
10. I Still Believe (Album Ver.)
11. Heartbreaker (Album Ver.) (Feat. JAY-Z)
12. Thank God I Found You
13. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
14. Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) (Feat. Westlife)
15. All I Want For Christmas Is You
16. Never Too Far - Hero (Album Ver.)

Album: Charmbracelet (2002)

01. Through the Rain
02. Boy (I Need You)
03. The One
04. Yours
05. You Got Me
06. I Only Wanted
07. Clown
08. My Saving Grace
09. You Had Your Chance
10. Lullaby
11. Irresistible (West Side Connection)
12. Subtle Invitation
13. Bringin' on the Heartbreak
14. Sunflowers for Alfred Roy
15. Through the Rain (Remix)

Album: The Remixes (2003)

01. My All (Morales My Club Mix)
02. Heartbreaker (Junior's Heartbreaker Club )
03. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Fly Away Club Mix)
04. Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C Club Version)
05. Fantasy (Def Club Mix)
06. Honey (Classic Mix)
07. Dream Lover (Def Club Mix)
08. Emotions (12 Club Mix)
09. Through The Rain (Hq2 Radio Edit)
10. Fantasy
11. Always Be My Baby (Mr. Dupri Mix)
12. My Allstay Awhile (So So Def Remix)
13. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)
14. Breakdown
15. Honey (So So Def Mix)
16. Loverboy (Remix)
17. Heartbreaker (Remix)
18. Sweetheart
19. Crybaby
20. Miss You
21. One (So So Def Remix)
22. I Know What You Want

Album: Emancipation of Mimi (2005)

01. It's Like That
02. We Belong Together
03. Shake It Off
04. Mine Again
05. Say Somethin'
06. Stay the Night
07. Get Your Number
08. One and Only
09. Circles
10. Your Girl
11. I Wish You Knew
12. To the Floor
13. Joy Ride
14. Fly Like a Bird
15. Sprung
16. Don't Forget About Us
17. Makin' It Last All Night
18. So Lonely (One & Only Pt.3)
19. We Belong Together (Remix)

Album: E=MC2 (2008)

01. Migrate
02. Touch My Body
03. Cruise Control
04. I Stay in Love
05. Side Effects
06. I'm That Chick
07. Love Story
08. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time
09. Last Kiss
10. Thanx 4 Nothin
11. O.O.C.
12. For the Record
13. Bye Bye
14. I Wish You Well

Album: Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009)

01. Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)
02. Obsessed
03. H.A.T.E.U.
04. Candy Bling
05. Ribbon
06. Inseparable
07. Standing O
08. It's a Wrap
09. Up Out My Face
10. Up Out My Face (The Reprise)
11. More Than Just Friends
12. The Impossible
13. The Impossible (The Reprise)
14. Angel (The Prelude)
15. Angels Cry
16. Languishing (The Interlude)
17. I Want to Know What Love Is

Album: The Ballads (2009)

01. Hero
02. One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men)
03. Vision of Love
04. Without You
05. Can't Let Go
06. Love Takes Time
07. I'll Be There (Featuring Trey Lorenz)
08. Thank God I Found You - Make It Last Remix
09. Endless Love (Featuring Luther Vandross)
10. I Still Believe
11. My All
12. The Roof
13. When You Believe (Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston)
14. Anytime You Need A Friend
15. Always Be My Baby
16. Dreamlover
17. How Much (Featuring Usher)
18. Reflections

Album: (Playlist The Very Best Of Mariah Carey (2010)

01. Dreamlover
02. Bliss
03. Melt Away
04. Breakdown (Featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone)
05. Make It Happen
06. Outside
07. Vanishing
08. Looking In
09. Emotions
10. Babydoll
11. I Am Free
12. Fantasy (Feat. O.D.B.)
13. Underneath The Stars
14. Rainbow (Interlude)

Album: The Essential Mariah Carey (2011)


01. Vision Of Love
02. Love Takes Time
03. Someday
04. I Don't Wanna Cry
05.. Emotions
06. Can't Let Go
07. Make It Happen
08. I'll Be There
09. Dreamlover
10. Hero
11. Without You
12. Anytime You Need A Friend
13. Endless Love
14. Fantasy


01. One Sweet Day
02. Always Be My Baby
03. Forever
04. Underneath The Stars
05. Honey
06. Butterfly
07. My All
08. Sweetheart
09. When You Believe (from The Prince of Egypt)
10. I Still Believe
11. Heartbreak (featuring Jay-Z)
12. Thank God I Found You (with Joe & 98 Degrees)
13. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
14. Against All Odd (Take A Look At Me Now)
15. All I Want For Christmas Is You


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