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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gerald Levert

Collection of Gerald Levert

A contemporary soul singer whose smooth yet robust vocals brought energy and emotion to even his most serene recordings, Gerald LeVert grew up in the shadows of his father, Eddie LeVert, Sr., of the O'Jays. As a child, his father's status in the music industry nurtured and helped prepare Gerald for his prosperous music career as a writer, arranger, producer, and performer. As Gerald was entering his adulthood, he, good friend Marc Gordon, and his brother Sean formed the trio LeVert. They recorded their first single, entitled "I'm Still," on the independent Tempre label. Even though Gerald was still maturing as a vocalist, his powerful, stirring delivery on the single is worthy of praise. Peaking on the Billboard R&B charts at number 70, it survived for eight weeks.

Nonetheless, that single set up a deal with Atlantic Records the following year, and it could not have been a better move. Initially, Gerald recorded with the group, scoring five number one singles, seven Top Ten singles, and four Top 20 singles on the Billboard R&B charts, including the Reggie and Vincent Calloway-written and produced number one single "Casanova," which also peaked at number four on the Billboard pop charts. He also managed to make room for a duet with labelmate Miki Howard, recording the number four single "That's What Love Is." In 1991, Gerald released his solo debut album, Private Line. The title track spawned his first number one single as a solo artist on the Billboard R&B charts. The following year, Gerald came back with a duet with his father and scored another number one single with "Baby Hold on to Me" and the number three single "School Me," reminiscent of Babyface's "Whip Appeal." However, in the midst of all his success, Gerald's only major pop appeal remained the "Casanova" single.

Pop producer David Foster presented a pop tune to Gerald, and "I Swear" became a number one and Top 20 hit on the pop and R&B charts, respectively. Subsequently, Gerald returned to Foster's stable to record "I'd Give Anything," also produced by Foster. Formerly a number four country hit for Boy Howdy under the title "She'd Give Anything," Gerald's version managed a pop Top 30 hit. Intended for crossover appeal, the single was actually a bigger hit on the R&B charts, peaking at number four and reinforcing Gerald's major following among R&B music lovers.

In addition to his impressive string of hits, the Cleveland, OH, native rendered his services as songwriter, vocalist, and producer to many artists, such as the O'Jays, Barry White, Stephanie Mills, Troop, Teddy Pendergrass, the Winans, Patti Labelle, Rude Boys, and on and on. In 1997, Gerald added another dimension to his prosperous career; he joined forces with R&B vocalists Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill under the acronym LSG, spawning the hit single "My Body." As a solo act, he released Love & Consequences the year following, returning in 1999 with G. He continued to be extremely productive throughout the early 2000s, releasing the albums Gerald's World, G Spot, Stroke of Genius, and Do I Speak for the World before 2005. Shortly after completing a personal memoir with his father, as well as another album, Levert died on November 10, 2006, at the age of 40. By mistake, he had taken a lethal combination of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The album he had just completed, In My Songs, was released a day before Valentine's Day 2007. Something to Talk About, recorded with his father, followed that June. Allmusic by Craig Lytle

Album: Private Line (1991)

01. Private Line
02. School Me
03. Baby Hold on to Me
04. Can You Handle It
05. Shootin' the Breeze
06. I Wanna Be Bad
07. Just a Little Something - Gerald LeVert, Gordon, Marc
08. Hurting for You
09. Just Because I'm Wrong
10. Hugs & Kisses
11. You Oughta Be with Me - Gerald LeVert, Gordon, Marc
12. Private Line

Album: Groove On (1994)

1. Groove On
2. Rock Me (All Nite Long)
3. Let the Juices Flow
4. I'd Give Anything
5. Answering Service
6. Someone
7. How Many Times
8. Can't Help Myself
9. Have Mercy
10. Same Place, Same Time
11. Nice & Wet
12. Love Street

Album: Love & Consequences (1998)

01. No Sense
02. Thinkin' Bout It
03. Point the Finger
04. Breaking My Heart
05. That's the Way I Feel About You
06. It's Your Turn
07. I'm Not to Blame
08. No Man's Land
09. Men Like Us
10. Taking Everything
11. What About Me
12. Definition of a Man
13. Humble Me

Album: G (1999)

01. Application (I'm Lookin 4 a New Love)
02. Callin' Me
03. Nothin' to Somethin'
04. Strings, Strings
05. It Hurts Too Much to Stay
06. Mr. Too Damn Good
07. She Done Been
08. Heart Don't
09. Don't Take It Away
10. Second Time Around
11. Misery
12. Baby U Are
13. These

Album: Gerald's World (2001)

01. Soul Mate
02. DJ Played Our Song
03. What Makes It Good to You (No Premature Lovin')
04. You're a Keeper
05. #1
06. Smile for Me
07. Can't Win
08. Same Ol'
09. Just Us
10. Got Love
11. Make My Day
12. Made to Love Ya
13. What You Cryin' About
14. Forever You & Me
15. Dream With No Love

Album: The G Spot (2002)

01. Too Much Room
02. Since You Ain't Around
03. Wilding Me Out
04. Funny
05. The Top of My Head
06. The G Spot
07. Oh What a Night
08. Closure
09. Raindrops
10. Your Smile - Gerald LeVert, Johnson, Tommy
11. Backbone
12. Catchin' Feelings
13. All That Matters

Album: Stroke Of Genius (2003)

01. 1st Stroke (Intro)
02. Knock Knock Knock
03. Long Hot Summer
04. Awesome
05. Stroke of Genius
06. (They Long to Be) Close to You
07. I Got a Girl
08. U Got That Love (Call It a Night)
09. Wear It Out
10. Good Morning
11. Keep It Warm
12. Didn't We
13. To My Grave
14. Let It Be
15. The Visit (Interlude)
16. Eyes and Ears
17. Rest of Your Life
18. You Got That Love Again
19. Won't Get Up
20. Last Stroke (Outro)

Album: Do I Speak for the World (2004)

01. Intro/Speak For the World
02. Cornel West/Tavis Smiley Interlude
03. Crucify Me
04. Greater Later
05. Show You How to Love (Interlude)
06. Lay You Down
07. Everyday
08. Better to Talk It Out
09. It Was What It Was
10. Duty Calls
11. One Million Times
12. What Happened to the Lovin`
13. So What (If You Got a Baby)
14. Where Do We Go
15. Click a Glass
16. Do I Speak For the World (Outro)

Album: Voices (2005)

01. That's the Way I Feel About You -- Levert and Mary J. Blige
02. Hurts Too Much to Stay -- Levert and Kelly Price
03. All The Times -- LSG, Faith Evans, Coko, & Missy Elliott
04. Wind Beneath My Wings -- Levert and Eddie Levert, Sr.
05. Written All Over Your Face -- Rude Boys & Levert
06. So Alone -- Men At Large & Levert
07. That's What Love Is -- Miki Howard & Levert
08. A Rose By Any Other Name -- Teena Marie and Levert
09. I Believe I Can Fly -- Yolanda Adams and Levert
10. My Side of the Bed -- LSG

Album: In My Songs (2007)

01. In My Songs
02. I Don't Get Down Like That
03. DJ Don't
04. Wanna Get Up with You
05. Fall Back
06. Deep as It Goes
07. Hang in There
08. Sweeter
09. What Cha Think About That
10. To My Head
11. M'Lady
12. Is This the Way to Heaven?

Album: The Best Of Gerald Levert (2010)

01. Casanova (Single Version)
02. Private Line (Single Version)
03. Baby Hold On To Me (Feat. Eddie Levert)
04. School Me
05. I'd Give Anything
06. Answering Service
07. Already Missing You
08. My Body
09. Thinkin' Bout It
10. Taking Everything
11. Made To Love You
12. Funny
13. U Got That Love (Call It A Night)
14. In My Songs
15. DJ Don't
16. Can It Stay



Collection of LeVert

The son of O'Jays founder Eddie Levert, R&B vocalist Gerald Levert launched his own recording career in the mid-'80s as the leader of the group LeVert. Rounding out the group was another one of Eddie Levert's sons, Sean, in addition to member Marc Gordon, as the trio issued such popular recordings as 1985's I Get Hot, 1986's Bloodline (which spawned the number one hit single "Pop Pop Pop Goes My Mind"), 1987's The Big Throwdown, and 1988's Just Coolin', as the latter two releases earned gold certification. By the '90s, Gerald began to split his time between LeVert and a burgeoning solo career (including a collaboration with his father, titled Father and Son), as LeVert released such further hit albums as 1990's Rope a Dope Style, 1993's For Real Tho', and 1997's Whole Scenario. 2001 saw the release of a 14-track compilation of LeVert's hits, The Best Of, on Rhino Records. Allmusic by Greg Prato

Album: I Get Hot (1985)

01. Exciting Lady
02. I'm Still
03. I Get Hot
04. I Want Too
05. All in the Way You Dance
06. Dancing With You
07. Melt
08. Jam

Album: Bloodline (1986)

01. (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
02. Fascination
03. Pose
04. I Start You Up, You Turn Me On
05. Kiss and Make Up
06. Let's Go Out Tonight
07. Grip
08. Looking For Love

Album: The Big Throwdown (1987)

01. Casanova
02. Good Stuff
03. Don't U Think It's Time
04. My Forever Love
05. Love The Way U Love Me
06. Sweet Sensation
07. In N Out
08. Temptation
09. Throwdown

Album: Just Coolin' (1988)

01. Pull Over
02. Just Coolin'
03. Gotta Get The Money
04. Take Your Time
05. Join In The Fun
06. Let's Get Romantic
07. Feel Real
08. Smilin'
09. Start Me Up Again
10. Loveable
11. Addicted to You

Album: Rope A Dope Style (1990)

01. Now You Know
02. Rope A Dope Style
03. Absolutely Positive
04. All Season
05. Rain
06. Nobody Does It Better
07. I've Been Waiting
08. Baby I'm Ready
09. Hey Girl
10. Give a Little Love

Album: For Real Tho' (1993)

01. Me 'N' You
02. Clap Your Hands
03. Tribute Song
04. Good Ol' Days
05. She's All That (I've Been Looking For)
06. For Real Tho'
07. Quiet Storm
08. Do The Thangs
09. My Place (Your Place)
10. Say You Will
11. ABC-123

Album: The Whole Scenario (1997)

01. Whole Scenario
02. Do It Right Here
03. You Keep Me Comin'
04. Tru Dat
05. Sorry Is
06. Swing My Way
07. Like Water
08. Keys To My House
09. Playground
10. I'll Get It Done
11. Ain't No Thang
12. Mama's House
13. Tru Dat (Hip Hop Remix)

Album: (The Best Of LeVert (2001)

01. (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
02. Casanova
03. My Forever Love
04. Just Coolin' (Extended Hip Hop Remix) - Featuring Heavy D
05. Addicted To You
06. Smilin'
07. Pull Over
08. Start Me Up Again
09. Rope A Dope Style
10. All Season
11. Baby I'm Ready
12. I've Been Waiting
13. Good Ol' Days (Single Remix)
14. ABC-123


Saturday, July 28, 2012


Collection of Skyy

A New York City octet, one of three funk and/or disco bands in which producer/keyboardist Randy Muller was involved. The original lineup featured Denise, Delores, and Bonny Dunning as vocalists, with guitarists Solomon Roberts and Anibal Anthony Sierra, keyboardist Larry Greenberg, bassist Gerald Lebon, and drummer Tommy McConnell. Muller organized the group and they recorded for Salsoul from the late '70s until 1984. Their biggest hit was "Call Me" in 1981, an R&B chart-topper. They could do sweeping funk tracks, dance-oriented cuts, or light ballads, although they never enjoyed the crossover success of a group like Atlantic Starr. They moved to Capitol in 1986 and enjoyed their biggest hit in quite some time with "Givin' It (To You)," a Top Ten R&B single. They recorded Start of a Romance for Atlantic in 1989 and landed another hit with "Real Love." Their most recent release was Nearer to You in 1992. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Skyy (1979)

01. This Groove Is Bad
02. First Time Around
03. Let's Turn It Out
04. Fallin' in Love Again
05. Stand by Me
06. Disco Dancin'
07. Let's Get Up
08. First Time Around (Remix)
09. First Time Around (Disco Mix)
10. First Time Around (Special Remix)

Album: Skyway (1980)

01. High
02. Skyyzoo
03. Dance
04. Don't Stop
05. Love Plane
06. You Got Me Up
07. Who's Gonna Love Me
08. Music
09. Skyyzoo (Remix)

Album: Skyyport (1980)

01. Here's To You
02. I Can't Get Enough
03. Superlove
04. No Music
05. Easy
06. Sun Won't Shine
07. For The First Time
08. Arrival

Album: Skyy Line (1981)

01. Let's Celebrate
02. Call Me
03. Girl In blue
04. Jam The Box
05. When You Touch Me
06. Gonna Get It On
07. Get Into The Beat
08. Let's Celebrate

Album: Skyyjammer (1982)

01. Movin' Violation
02. Won't You Be Mine
03. This Song Is For You
04. Miracle
05. Skyyjammer
06. Let Love Shine
07. Together
08. Freak Outta

Album: Skyylight (1983)

01. Bad Boy
02. Married Man
03. Questions No Answers
04. Now That We've Found Love
05. Hey Girl
06. Show Me The Way
07. She's Gone
08. Swing It

Album: Inner City (1984)

01. Because of You
02. Two Hearts
03. Dancin' to be Bancin'
04. Pay Up
05.Ppassion in the Night
06. Love is Blind
07. Slow Motion
08. It's My Life

Album: From The Left Side (1986)

01. Givin' It to You
02. Love Attack
03. Non Stop
04. Song Song
05. Big Fun
06. Love Illogical
07. Tell Her You Care
08. Jealousitis
09. Rock It

Album: Start of a Romance (1989)

01. Start of a Romance
02. Love All the Way
03. Sendin' a Message
04. Sexy Minded
05. Feelin' in Now
06. Real Love
07. Let's Touch
08. Groove Me
09. Sunshine

Album: Nearer To You (1992)

01. Up And Over
02. Skyy Is The Limit
03. That´s The Way
04. Smooth And Slow
05. Nearer To You
06. Tear Down These Walls
07. Let Love Flow
08. Up and Away
09. Gonna Miss My Love

Album: Best of Skyy (1995)

01. Here's to You
02. Can't Get Enough
03. No Music
04. Easy
05. For the First Time
06. Let's Celebrate
07. Call Me
08. Girl in Blue
09. When You Touch Me
10. This Song Is for You
11. Let Love Shine
12. Freak Outta
13. Show Me the Way
14. High
15. Show Me the Way [After Hours Club Remix]

Album: The Anthology (2006)


01. First Time Around
02. Let's Turn It Out
03. Fallin' In Love Again
04. Disco Dancin'
05. High
06. Skyyzoo
07. Love Plane
08. Here's To You
09. I Can't Get Enough
10. Super Love
11. Easy
12. For The First Time
13. When You Touch Me
14. Girl In Blue
15. Get Into The Beat


01. Call Me
02. Let's Celebrate
03. Won't You Be Mine
04. Let Love Shine
05. Bad Boy
06. Married Man
07. Questions No Answers
08. Now That We Found Love
09. Hey Girl
10. Show Me The Way
11. Swing It
12. Because Of You
13. Dancin' To Be Dancin'
14. Love Is Blind
15. Slow Motion


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eugene Wilde

Collection of Eugene Wilde

Ron Broomfield, aka Eugene Wilde, seemed ready to become a megastar in the mid-'80s. The Miami-based vocalist, who had formerly been with Life, had a resonant, authoritative voice and very confident manner. He scored number one R&B hits in 1984 and 1985 recording for Philly W. Records. "Gotta Get You Home Tonight" and "Don't Say No Tonight" were lyrically predictable, but expertly produced and sang with plenty of suggestiveness and sentimental appeal. Wilde scored one more Top Ten hit with "Diana" in 1986, but switched to MCA and soon lost his momentum. Wilde later sang lead vocals for Cabo Frio on their Zebra/MCA LP before trying again in vain with I Choose You Tonight in 1989. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Eugene Wilde (1984)

01. Lately
02. Gotta Get You Home Tonight
03. Let Her Feel It
04. Chey Chey Kule
05. Rainbow
06. Just Be Good To Me
07. Personality
08. Gold

Album: Serenade (1985)

01. Serenade
02. Good And Plenty
03. Thirty Minutes To Talk
04. There's No Way
05. Diana
06. Don't Say No
07. Are You Coming Over
08. I Want You
09. Here I Go Again

Album: I Choose You {Tonight} (1989)

01. I Can't Stop (This Feeling)
02. Show Me The Way (To Your Heart)
03. I Choose You (Tonight)
04. Who's That Girl
05. Ain't Nobody's Business
06. I'll Keep Calling
07. The Last Night
08. I Can't Take It

Album: How About Tonight (1992)

01. How About Tonight
02. If Only You Knew
03. Angel
04. Special Feelings
05. Whenever You're Ready
06. You Are So Beautiful
07. So In Love
08. Paradise
09. Loyal To You
10. Lost And Lonely
11. How About Tonight (Quiet Storm Version)

Album: Best Of - Got To Get You Home Tonight (1996)

01. Gotta Get You Home Tonight
02. Rainbow
03. Just Be Good To Me
04. Lately
05. Let Her Feel It
06. Gold
07. Good & Plenty
08. First Love Never Dies
09. Diana
10. Don't Say No (Tonight)
11. Are You Coming Over
12. I Want You
13. Here I Go Again
14. I Never Thought

Album: Get Comfortable (2011)

01. Comfortable
02. How Would I Know
03. Don't Stop
04. Catch Me (I'm Fallin)
05. Wonderful
06. I Swear
07. Gimme Sum Suga
08. Ridiculous
09. Hear Me Tonight
10. I'll Go With You
11. Beautiful
12. Tell Me


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Caron Wheeler

Collection of Caron Wheeler

An excellent vocalist in either dance or urban contemporary settings, Caron Wheeler first gained fame singing with Soul II Soul. She initially sang in such reggae bands as Brown Sugar and Afrodiziak before doing sessions with Phil Collins, Erasure, and Elvis Costello. Her leads on the songs "Keep on Movin'" and "Back to Life" were featured on Soul II Soul's smash LP Keep on Movin' in 1989. The album sold two million copies and "Back to Life" was a Top Ten pop and R&B hit. Wheeler left in 1990, and her solo debut was UK Blak on EMI. Her most recent release was Beach of the War Goddess in 1993. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Uk Blak (1990)

01. Uk Blak
02. Livin' in the Light (The Remix)
03. Blue (Is the Colour of Pain)
04. No Regrets
05. This Is Mine
06. Don't Quit
07. Enchanted
08. Never Lonely
09. Song For You
10. Somewhere
11. Proud
12. Kama Yo
13. Jamaica
14. Livin' in the Light (The Original Story)

Album: Beach Of The War Goddess (1993)

01. Respect To The Motherland
02. In Our Love
03. I Adore You
04. Wonder
05. Gotta Give It Up
06. Beach Of The War Goddess
07. Soul Street
08. Lite As A Feather
09. Need A Man
10. Father
11. Naughy Eyes
12. Wind Cries Mary
13. Do You Care
14. Land Of Life


Sounds Of Blackness

Collection of Sounds Of Blackness

Sounds of Blackness, a 40-person choir and ten-piece orchestra led by Gary Hines, combined traditional African music with urban soul to become one of the most distinctive and popular contemporary gospel groups. Over the course of their career, the group won many awards, from organizations as diverse as the Grammies and the NAACP.

Russel Knight formed the group that would prove to be the origins of Sounds of Blackness in 1969 at St. Paul, Minnesota's Macalester College in 1971. It wasn't until 1971, when Gary Hines was hired as their musical director, that the group developed its own identity. Hines opened the group up to the entire community and expanded their musical scope to concentrate on all aspects of black music. He designed the group as a way to embrace all manners of African-American music and create rich, diverse music to celebrate God and the human spirit, as well as make social statements. With their new direction in mind, the group renamed themselves Sounds of Blackness.

For the first decade and a half of the group's existence, Sounds of Blackness primarily played around Minneapolis, often opening for acts as diverse as the Jackson 5 and Hampton Hawes. They frequently released their own records, which helped them strengthen their local following.

Partially by choice, Sounds of Blackness remained a regional attraction until 1989, when Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the hot Minneapolis-based production team, brought Janet Jackson to one of their concerts. Jackson's enthusiastic response inspired Jam & Lewis, who were already in negotiations with Sounds of Blackness, to sign the group to Perspective/A&M immediately. Before the Perspective deal, any major label interested in the Sounds of Blackness asked the group to streamline their sound to include only gospel or R&B, or asked them to change their name to Sounds of Music; it wasn't until Perspective that they were allowed to keep their style and sound intact.

The group's national debut album, The Evolution of Gospel, was largely produced by Jam & Lewis and received strong reviews. The pair produced the group's next two records, 1992's The Night Before Christmas (A Musical Fantasy) and 1994's Africa to America: The Journey of the Drum, as well.

All of the Sounds of Blackness' first three records were successful, earning strong reviews and sales, plus several awards. Their success meant that the group could branch out on Time for Healing, which was released in May 1997. Time for Healing was the first self-produced Sounds of Blackness album, featuring heavy contributions from assistant director Billy Steele and bandleader Levi Seacer. The group followed it with Reconciliation in 1999, and landed a gig at the White House that New Year's Eve.

Album: The Evolution of Gospel (1991)

01. Chains
02. Optimistic
03. Ah Been Workin'
04. Pressure, Pt. 1
05. Testify
06. Gonna Be Free One Day
07. Stand!
08. Pressure, Pt. 2
09. Your Wish Is My Command
10. Hallelujah Lord!
11. We Give You Thanks
12. He Holds the Future
13. What Shall I Call Him
14. Better Watch Your Behavior
15. Please Take My Hand
16. I'll Fly Away
17. Harambee (Swahili for Let Us All Pull Together)

Album: Africa to America The Journey of the Drum (1994)

01. Hold On, Pt. 1
02. I'm Going All the Way
03. Ah Been Buked, Part 1
04. I Believe
05. Hold On, Pt. 2
06. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
07. Sun-Up to Sundown
08. The Lord Will Make a Way
09. He Took Away All My Pain
10. A Place in My Heart
11. The Harder They Are the Bigger Th
12. The Drum (Africa to America)
13. African Medley Royal Kingdom Ris
14. A Very Special Love
15. Strange Fruit
16. Black Butterfly
17. You've Taken My Blues and Gone
18. Livin' the Blues
19. Ah Been Buked, Part 2

Album: Time for Healing (1997)

01. Africana
02. Spirit
03. We Are Gonna Make It Through, Pt. 1
04. Hold On (Change Is Comin')
05. Love Will Never Change
06. Love Train
07. God Cares
08. Hold On (Don't Let Go)
09. Crisis
10. We Are Gonna Make It Through, Pt. 2
11. You Can Make It If You Try
12. The Blackness Blues
13. I'll Open My Mouth to the Lord-Better Be Ready-Rockin' Jerusalem-E
14. So Far Away
15. Familiar Waters
16. Time for Healing
17. We Are Gonna Make It Through, Pt. 3
18. Hold On (Change Is Comin') [Roger Troutman Remix]
19. Kwanzaa-Uomja-Uhuru

Album: Soul Symphony (2002)

01. (Prelude) Sounds of Blackness, Pt. 2
02. Heaven on Earth
03. Don't You Ever Give Up
04. Sweet Spiritual Suite in Eb, Pt. 1
05. Tears in Heaven (Ft. Ron Winans)
06. Another Day
07. Movin' On
08. Brighter Day
09. Yes We Can Can
10. Real True Love
11. Children of God
12. Sweet Spiritual Suite in Eb, Pt. 2
13. Trouble Is My Home
14. Sweet Spiritual Suite in Eb, Pt. 3
15. Obafemi
16. As Long as You're With Me
17. Life Has Meaning

Album: Unity (2005)

01. Unity
02. Heaven
03. Put the Finger On Me
04. Prelude
05. Trouble
06. Try
07. A Second Chance
08. They That Wait
09. Over My Head
10. All God's Children
11. I'm Movin'
12. Be Encouraged
13. Life

Album: 20th Century Masters-The Best Of Sounds Of Blackness (2007)

01. Chains
02. I Believe
03. Stand
04. Optimistic
05. Hold On (Change Is Comin')
06. Spirit - Craig Mack, Sounds of Blackness
07. Testify
08. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
09. Pressure, Pt. 1
10. I'm Going All the Way
11. Black Butterfly
12. We Give You Thanks

Album: Kings and Queens (2007)

01. Time For Love
02. Kings & Queens
03. She Is Love
04. The Message
05. Be Real Black for Me
06. Martin Luther King
07. We Shall Overcome
08. Free At Last
09. Precious Lord
10. March Song Medley Eyes on the Prize, Turn me 'Round, Oh Freedom
11. Children Of The Dream
12. My Soul Is Rested
13. Hold On Jus' a Li'l While Longer
14. I Got A Robe
15. Let My People Go
16. Rock My Soul King Jesus Is A Listenin'
17. Odunde'
18. Don't Stop 'Til You Reach the Top

Album: The 3rd Gift Story Song & Spirit (2009)

01. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
02. Optimistic
03. God Is Love
04. Audacity Of Hope
05. Healing
06. The Path Of Healing
07. God Bless The Child
08. Legacy
09. Certainly Lord
10. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel Joshua F'it The Battle Of Jerico (Medley)
11. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
12. Steal Away
13. Great Gettin' Up Mornin'
14. Harambee



Collection of Switch

Another Ohio funk band, they began as First Class in 1975. Jermaine Jackson discovered the group that included lead vocalist Phillip Ingram and Bobby DeBarge, Greg Williams, Tommy DeBarge, Eddie Fluellan, and Jody Sims. They had a huge hit in 1978 with "There'll Never Be," a Top Ten R&B single. They also had two others during their tenure on Gordy, "I Call Your Name" in 1979 and "Love Over and Over Again" in 1980. Phillip Ingram went on his own in 1980, and Bobby and Tommy also departed to join the family group DeBarge. Percussionist/vocalist Renard Gallo and Gonzales Ozen and keyboardist Attala Zane Giles were their replacements. They left Gordy for Total Experience in 1984, cutting the LP Am I Still Your Boyfriend? Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Switch (1978)

01. I Wanna Be with You
02. There'll Never Be
03. I Wanna Be Closer
04. We Like to Party...Come on
05. Fever
06. You Pulled a Switch
07. It's So Real
08. Somebody's Watchin' You

Album: Switch II (1979)

01. You're The One For Me
02. Next To You
03. Best Beat In Town
04. Calling On All Girls
05. Go On Doin' What You Feel
06. Fallin'
07. I Call Your Name

Album: This Is My Dream (1980)

01. Believe In Yourself
02. Love Over And Over Again
03. Just Imagine
04. All I Need Is You
05. You And I
06. What A Feeling
07. Without You In My Life
08. Why'd You Let Love Fall
09. We Can Make It Better
10. This Is My Dream

Album: Reaching For Tomorrow (1980)

01. Power To Dance
02. My Friend In The Sky
03. Don't Take My Love Away
04. Keep Movin On
05. A Brighter Tomorrow
06. Reaching For Tomorrow
07. I Finally Found Someone New
08. Honey, I Love You
09. Get Back With You

Album: Switch V (1981)

01. I Do Love You
02. Call On Me
03. You Keep Me High
04. I'll Always Keep
05. This is Just for You
06. The Best of Love
07. I Luv It
08. Two Wrong Don't Make a Right
09. Push the Switch (High Energy Switch)

Album: Am I Still Your Boyfriend (1984)

01. I'm So Satisfied
02. Switch It Baby
03. It's All Up to You
04. Lovers Don't Hold Back
05. Keeping Secrets
06. Treason
07. Am I Still Your Boyfriend
08. Just Can't Pull Away
09. I Won't Give Up
10. Spend My Life With You
11. Forever My Love

Album: The Best of Switch (1991)

01. There'll Never Be
02. I Wanna Be Closer
03. Best Beat in Town
04. I Call Your Name
05. Don't Take My Love Away
06. Love Over and Over Again
07. You and I
08. I Do Love You
09. Call on Me
10. (You Pulled A) Switch
11. My Friend in the Sky
12. Next to You


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