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Saturday, August 23, 2014

B.B. & Q. Band

Collection of The B.B. & Q. Band

The B.B. & Q. Band (which stands for the Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band) came together accidentally on purpose when guitarist Doc Powell turned bassist Paris "Pee Wee" Ford on to producer Jacques Fred Petrus, who had already started Change and High Fashion from session musicians and vocalists. Petrus asked Ford to get some musicians together to record some tracks he'd written; after the tracks were finished, he shopped for a deal, got one, and brought the impromptu musicians (who came from Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens) together as the B.B. & Q. Band.

The original lineup consisted of Ford (bass), Mauro Malavasi (piano and synthesizers), Paolo Gianolio (guitar), Terry Silverlight (drums), Kevin Nance (keyboards), and Ike Floyd (lead singer). The deal was with Capitol Records and the band was up and running. They debuted with The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band, produced by Petrus and Malavasi, which spawned the hypnotic, wallflower remover "On the Beat," a number three club hit the fall of 1981. Critically acclaimed by disco freaks -- Luther Vandross sang background -- their first slab of vinyl never exploded in the States.

A second LP, All Night Long, dropped in 1982; Floyd was gone, replaced by Kevin Robinson, and so was Luther. Tawatha Agee and Timmy Allen (Change) handled backup. It was a good follow-up with some good joints: the title track, "Electrofunkish," "Imagination," and a smooth rendition of Thom Bell/Linda Creed's "Children of the Night," from the Stylistics' Round 2 album. Rick Brenna served as guest vocalist. Yet they were still far from a runaway hit, their following was strictly club, and their sound wasn't spreading west, but primarily east, to the U.K. and Italy.

After two good albums, they coughed up a third -- their worst -- in 1983. Six Million Times lacked good songs, which Petrus seems to have relegated to Change and High Fashion. Robinson sang lead and co-produced the LP that boasted only two decent tracks: "Keep It Hot" and "Stay." Capital soured on the group, but they persevered, signed with Elektra in 1985, and released singles written and produced by Kae Williams, Jr., of Breakwater, "Genie" and "I'm a Dreamer" featuring Hairston on vocals.

The cuts failed to shake and bake, and their next single, "Ricochet," fell on Chrysalis Records in 1987 and eked into the U.K.'s Top 75. But that was all she wrote; shortly thereafter, Petrus, their mentor, met a gruesome end: he was found shot to death and submerged in water in Mexico City, held down by a heavy object around his legs. Allmusic by Andrew Hamilton

Album: The Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens Band (1981)

01. On The Beat
02. Time For Love
03. Don't Say Goodbye
04. Starlette
05. Mistakes
07. Lovin Is What We Should Do
08. I'll Cut You Loose
09. On The Beat (Extended)

Album: All Night Long (1982)

01. All Night Long (She's Got The Moves I Like)
02. Imagination
03. The Things We Do In Love
04. Desire
05. Hanging Out
06. Hard To Get Around
07. (I Could Never Say) It's Over
08. Children Of The Night

Album: Six Million Times (1983)

01. Keep It Hot
02. Stay
03. She's A Passionate Lover
04. We've Got To Do It
05. Six Million Times
06. She's A Woman
07. Downtown
08. Missing You Missing Me

Album: Genie (1985)

01. Genie
02. Main Attraction
03. Won't You Be With Me Tonight
04. Don't Force It
05. Minutes Away
06. On the Shelf
07. Dreamer
08. Riccochet

Album: Greatest Hits & Essential Tracks (2009)


01. On The Beat
02. Imagination
03. Stay
04. On The Shelf
05. Starlette
06. Children Of The Night
07. Six Million Times
08. Won't You Be With Me Tonight
09. I'll Cut You Loose
10. She's A Woman
11. Genie (Dance Mix)
12. Time For Love
13. (I Could Never Say) It's Over
14. Missing You, Missing Me
15. Don't Say Goodbye


01. Dreamer (Shep Pettibone - Long Vocal Version)
02. On The Beat ('87 Bronx Mix)
03. All Night Long She's Got The Moves I lLke (Extended)
04. Riccochet (Ben Liebrand Mix)
05. Dreamer (No.1 Remix)
06. Keep It Hot (Extended Version)
07. Mistakes (Extended Version)
08. Main Attraction (The Finest Remix)
09. 88 Break Out Mega Mix
10. Minutes Away (Long Version)
11. Dreamer (Shep's Dream Version)


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