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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rose Royce

Collection of Rose Royce

Rose Royce -- the Los Angeles-based group comprised of Henry Garner (drums); Terral "Terry" Santiel (congas); Lequeint "Duke" Jobe (bass); Michael Moore (saxophone); Gwen Dickey, performing with the group using the stage name Rose Norwalt (lead vocals); Kenny Copeland (trumpet, lead vocals); Kenji Brown (guitar, lead vocals); Freddie Dunn (trumpet); and Michael Nash (keyboards) -- were actually formed by Copeland and Garner. Both were preparing for graduation from high school, and contemplating their careers. Joined by Dunn and Moore, the two decided to go the route of the music business under the name Total Concept Unlimited (and later as Magic Wand). They auditioned for Edwin Starr, and he hired them as his backup band.

The group's association with Starr enabled them to interact with numerous music industry personalities. One in particular was Motown producer Norman Whitfield. Whitfield gradually became associated with the group by hiring it for recording sessions; the group also worked with Yvonne Fair, the Undisputed Truth, and the Temptations through Whitfield's influence. After a couple of years of seasoning, the group began production on its debut album under Whitfield's supervision. Also during this time, MCA Records was seeking an artist for the soundtrack to the movie Car Wash. Whitfield convinced executives that the band was more than competent for the job. So the material that Whitfield had assembled for the group's debut album became the soundtrack's material.

The movie Car Wash and the soundtrack were big hits, and they also propelled the group, now known as Rose Royce, into national recognition. Released in late 1976, the soundtrack featured three Billboard R&B Top Ten singles: "Car Wash," "I Wanna Get Next to You," and "I'm Going Down." The former was also a number one single on the Billboard pop charts. To offset any negative rhetoric regarding its legitimacy, the group released its follow-up album, Rose Royce II: In Full Bloom, and bloom it did. The group returned to the Top Ten with "Do Your Dance" and "Ooh Boy," silencing all critics. In 1978, they released their third album, entitled Rose Royce III: Strikes Again!, and it featured "I'm in Love (And I Love the Feeling)" and "Love Don't Live Here Anymore." Both singles cracked the Billboard R&B Top Five.

Rose Royce followed with a string of hits that roamed the charts, but never gained the chart status that their previous songs did. They became very popular in England and have remained a marquee attraction there. Allmusic by Craig Lytle

Album: Car Wash (1976)

01. Car Wash
02. 6 O'Clock DJ
03. I Wanna Get Next to You
04. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
05. Zig Zag
06. You're on My Mind
07. Mid Day DJ Theme
08. Born to Love You
09. Daddy Rich
10. Richard Pryor Dialogue
11. You Gotta Believe
12. I'm Going Down
13. Yo Yo
14. Sunrise
15. Righteous Rhythm
16. Water
17. Crying
18. Doin' What Comes Naturally
19. Keep on Keepin' On

Album: In Full Bloom (1977)

01. Wishing on a Star
02. You Can't Please Everybody
03. Ooh Boy
04. Do Your Dance
05. You're My World Girl
06. Love, More Love
07. Funk Factory

Album: Strikes Again (1978)

01. Get Up Off Your Fat
02. Do It, Do It
03. I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling)
04. First Come, First Serve
05. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
06. Angel In The Sky
07. Help
08. Let Me Be The First To Know
09. That's What's Wrong With Me

Album: Rainbow Connection (1979)

01. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
02. Is It Love You're After
03. Shine Your Light
04. What You Waitin' For
05. Bad Mother Funker
06. You Can't Run From Yourself
07. Lock It Down
08. Pazazz

Album: Greatest Hits (1980)

01. Pop Your Fingers
02. It Makes You Feel Like Dancin'
03. First Come First Serve
04. Car Wash
05. Is It Love You're After
06. Do Your Dance
07. You're A Winner
08. Ooh Boy
09. I Wanna Get Next To You
10. Wishing On A Star
11. I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling)
12. I'm Going Down
13. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
14. Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Album: Golden Touch (1981)

01. And You Wish for Yesterday
02. I Wanna Make It with You
03. Funkin' Around
04. Golden Touch
05. Love Is in the Air
06. You're a Winner
07. Would You Please Be Mine
08. Help Yourself

Album: Jump Street (1981)

01. Jump Street
02. Illusions
03. R.R. Express
04. Famous Last Words
05. Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
06. Please Return Your Love to Me
07. Fight It

Album: Stronger Than Ever (1982)

01. Dance with Me
02. Sometimes Lady
03. Best Love
04. Still in Love
05. You Blew It
06. Somehow We Made It Through the Rain
07. Fire in the Funk
08. Talk to Me

Album: Music Magic (1984)

01. Magic Touch
02. Holding On To Love
03. New Love
04. Safe And Warm
05. Work It
06. Long Distance Love Affair
07. Youre So Fine
08. Show Me

Album: Fresh Cut (1986)

01. Doesn't Have To Be This Way
02. Lonely Road
03. Magic Doll
04. I Found Someone
05. Listen Up
06. If Walls Could Talk
07. Just My Imagination
08. You're My Peace Of Mind
09. Fighting Chance
10. I Know I'm In The Mood

Album: Perfect Lover (1989)

01. Perfect Lover
02. Living In Your World
03. Wish I Could Love You Back
04. All I Want To Do
05. I Want You
06. Green Light
07. You Turn Me On
08. When You Get Right Down To It

Album: The Very Best Of (2001)

01. Car Wash
02. I Wanna Get Next To You
03. Born To Love You
04. I'm Going Down
05. Do Your Dance - Part 1 (Single Version)
06. Ooh Boy
07. Wishing On A Star
08. You're My World Girl
09. I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling)
10. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
11. Is It Love You're After
12. Pop Your Fingers
13. Golden Touch
14. And You Wish For Yesterday
15. Would You Please Be Mine
16. Lonely Road

Album: Greatest Hits - Live (2010)

01. Is It Love You're After
02. I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling)
03. Wishing On A Star
04. The Magic Touch
05. Band Introduction
06. Do Your Dance
07. I Wanna Get Next To You
08. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
09. Car Wash


Saturday, February 16, 2013


Collection of Dayton

Dayton was a post-disco funk band, formed in Dayton, Ohio, United States by Chris Jones (trumpet, keyboards, vocals) from the band Sun and Shawn Sandridge (guitar, vocals) from Over Night Low. Derrick Armstrong (vocals), Kevin Hurt (drums, percussion), Jennifer Matthews (vocals) and Rachel Beavers (vocals) completed the line up. Former Sun member Dean Hummons played the keyboards on the first two Dayton albums.The group signed to Liberty Records in 1980 and released their self-titled debut album which included the track "Eyes On You". Dayton toured with Ashford & Simpson, Quincy Jones and Stephanie Mills. They recorded a second Liberty album, Cutie Pie, in 1981. Guest musicians included James "Diamond" Williams, Keith Harrison, Clarence "Chet" Willis, Billy Beck, Wes Boatman and Vincent Andrews.
Dayton introduced Rahni Harris as vocalist/keyboard player on their third album, Feel The Music in 1983, which included "The Sound Of Music". "The Sound of Music" was their best known track in the UK, where it reached #75 in the UK Singles Chart for one week in late 1983.[1] The song "Love You Anyway" was produced by Zapp’s Roger Troutman. Harris did most of the songwriting and production. The group switched to Capitol Records in 1982 and delivered the successful album Hot Fun. This record included "Krackity-Krack" with a guest appearance by Bootsy Collins and their hit cover version of Sly Stone's "Hot Fun in the Summertime." They released their last album This Time in 1985, also produced by Harris. It did not match their previous efforts and marked the end of Dayton.

Album: Dayton (1980)

01. Dank
02. Eyes on You
03. Let Go
04. Tonight
05. Dayton (Jam)
06. Livin' for Today
07. So Glad
08. Daytime Friend

Album: Cutie Pie (1981)

01. Cutie Pie
02. One Day Or Another
03. You Lift Me
04. Wanna Be Your Man
05. Body Shaker
06. Fool Was He
07. Let Me Know
08. Piece Of The Rock
09. The Sound Of Music (Extended Remix) Bonus Track

Album: Hot Fun (1982)

01. Hot Fun In The Summertime
02. We Can't Miss
03. Patiently
04. Krackity-Krack
05. Meet The Man
06. Gunch
07. Never Repay Your Love
08. Movin' Up

Album: Feel The Music (1983)

01. Sound of Music
02. It Must Be Love
03. Out Tonight
04. So What
05. Love You Anyway
06. Caught in the Middle
07. Eyes
08. Promise Me
09. Lookin' Up

Album: This Time (1985)

01. Ordinary Girl
02. I've Got Me (Somebody To Love)
03. This Love Will Last
04. Nobody Else
05. Hang Out
06. This Time
07. Comin' To Get My Love
08. You Should Be Dancin'


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