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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Collection of Jaheim

R&B balladeer Jaheim Hoagland hails from New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he grew up in the 176 Memorial Parkway Homes public housing project. Misfortune hit early: his father died in 1981, when he was only two years old. Coming from a musical family helped him overcome the tragedy and the many pitfalls of his environment. His grandfather, Victor Hoagland, sang with many top groups, including the Drifters, and their family reunions were big songfests. Singing at family reunions and local talent shows preceded a successful tryout at the Apollo Theater's famously tough talent show. The crooner, whose sound resembled an unlikely hybrid of Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross, won the contest three times when he was 15. Two years later, Jaheim experienced more tragedy when his mother died, but he kept the faith and became a sensation in New Jersey at talent shows. Four years after his mother's death, he recorded a demo that led to a deal with Divine Mill, a division of Warner Bros. Ghetto Love, his first album, featured an all-star crew that included Next's RL, Blackstreet, and Darren and Cliff Lighty. Driven by the number two R&B/Hip-Hop single "Could It Be," it reached number nine on the Billboard 200 chart. His second album, Still Ghetto, was released in November 2002. Another Top Ten hit, it placed two singles in the Top 40, "Fabulous" and "Anything." Ghetto Classics followed in early 2006 (Valentine's Day, to be exact), and became his first number one album. The Makings of a Man was released in December 2007, as drawn from classic R&B as his previous recordings, with references to Bobby Womack and Atlantic Starr. In late 2009, the single "Ain't Leavin' You" announced the coming of Another Round, which followed in February 2010. It was his fifth consecutive Top Ten R&B album. His sixth album, Appreciation Day, came in September 2013. Allmusic by Andrew Hamilton

Album: Ghetto Love (2001)

01. Intro
02. Du & Jah
03. Looking For Love
04. Interlude Answering Machine
05. Let It Go
06. Could It Be
07. Ghetto Love
08. Happiness
09. Interlude Jah's Seed
10. Lil' Nigga Ain't Mine
11. Finders Keepers
12. Just In Case
13. Heaven In My Eyes
14. Anything
15. Waitin' On You
16. Remarkable
17. Ready, Willing & Able
18. Love Is Still Here
19. Forever
20. For Moms
21. Could it Be (Anything You Want Remix)

Album: Still Ghetto (2002)

01. Intro Still Ghetto - (featuring Duganz)
02. Fabulous
03. Diamond In Da Ruff
04. Put That Woman First
05. Me And My Bitch
06. Let's Talk About It
07. Backtight
08. Tight Jeans
09. Long As I Live
10. Everywhere I Am
11. Beauty And A Thug
12. Special Day
13. What You Want
14. Interlude
15. Every Which Way
16. Still Ghetto - (featuring Taquane)

Album: Ghetto Classics (2006)

01. The Chosen One
02. Everytime I Think About Her
03. Daddy Thing
04. Forgetful
05. Like A DJ
06. Fiend
07. I Ain't Never
08. 125th
09. Masterpiece
10. Conversation
11. Come Over

Album: Making of a Man (2007)

01. Voice Of R&B
02. Hush
03. Have You Ever
04. Lonely
05. Life Of a Thug
06. Just Don't Have a Clue
07. She Ain't You
08. Never
09. I've Changed
10. What You Think Of That
11. Make a Wish
12. Back Together Again

Album: Classic Jaheim Vol. 1 (2008)

01. Anything
02. Put That Woman First
03. Just In Case
04. Fabulous
05. Everytime I Think About Her
06. The Chosen One
07. Could It Be
08. Diamond In Da Ruff
09. Looking For Love

Album: Another Round (2010)

01. Ain't Leavin Without You
02. Finding My Way Back
03. Whoa
04. Till It Happens To You
05. Bed Is Listening
06. Impossible
07. Another Round
08. Her
09. II Pink Lines
10. Otha Half
11. Closer
12. In My Hands
13. Ain't Leavin Without You (Remix feat. Jadakiss)

Album: Appreciation Day (2013)

01. Age Ain’t A Factor
02. He Don’t Exist
03. Morning
04. What She Really Means
05. Pussy Appreciation Day
06. Baby x3
07. Shower Scene
08. Sexting
09. I Found You
10. Florida
11. Sticks N Stones
12. First Time
13. Blame Me
14. Chase Forever


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