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Friday, August 15, 2014


Collection of Cherrelle

Cherrelle hit number one R&B with "Everything I Miss at Home" written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Her other hits with the duo include "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On," "When I Look in Your Eyes," and a couple of debuts with Alexander O' Neal -- "Saturday Love" and "Never Knew Love Like This."

Born Cheryl Week Norton in 1958 in Los Angeles, CA, her cousin is singer Pebbles. When her family moved to Detroit, MI, she met bassist/singer Michael Henderson who had hits with Norman Conners ("Valentine Love," a number ten hit duet with Jean Carn and "You Are My Starship," a number four summer 1976 hit). In 1977, Henderson was recording his gold album In the Night-Time ("Take Me I'm Yours," "In the Night-Time") and invited Cheryl to the studio. She come there in the evenings after she'd finished working at the bank. She became Cherrelle because her boss would be stressed because she was always late for work. She'd yell, "Cher---relle, you're late!"

Cherrelle went on tour with Michael Henderson and Luther Vandross. Later, she recorded a demo that came to the attention of Tabu Records owner Clarence Avant. Her attorney father negotiated the recording contract with Avant's label that was distributed by A&M Records. Teamed with producers/songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who had hits with Tabu recording act the S.O.S. Band, Cherrelle began to have a steady stream of hits: Fragile from summer 1984 produced the singles "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On" and the popular radio-aired "When I Look in Your Eyes"; High Priority had the number two R&B hit "Saturday Love," a duet with labelmate Alexander O' Neal.

Jam & Lewis decided to apply a concept LP format for Cherrelle's third album like they'd used for O'Neal's Hearsay album, Affair. The concept was the songs would be based around a romantic relationship that went bad. The LP's first single was another Cherrelle/O'Neal duet, "Never Knew Love Like This," which parked at number two R&B for two weeks on Billboard's charts in early 1988. The duo decided that "Everything I Miss at Home" should have a jazz piano lounge feel to it. It went to number one R&B in late 1988. Affair, which went to number 15 R&B in late 1988, also yielded "Affair," a number four R&B hit, in early 1989.

Her last charting LP, The Woman That I Am, with production by Narada Michael Walden, boasted "Never in My Life," "Tears of Joy," "Still in Love With You," and a cover of Carla Thomas' "Gee Whiz."

Cherrelle appears on LPs by Alexander O' Neal ("In the Middle"/"Your Precious Love" from his 1993 LPLove Makes No Sense and "Baby Come to Me" from 1997's Lovers Again) and Pebbles ("Always" from her gold Always album and on her 1995 Straight From My Heart album). Cherrelle resurfaced in 1999 with her The Right Time CD.

Album: Fragile (1984)

01. Fragile... Handle With Care
02. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
03. Like I Will
04. I Will Wait For You
05. Who's It Gonna Be
06. Stay With Me
07. When You Look Into My Eyes
08. I Need You Now

Album: High Priority (1985)

01.The Opening
02. You Look Good To Me
03. Artificial Heart
04. New Love
05. Oh No It's U Again
06. Saturday Love
07. Will You Satisfy
08. Where Do I Run To
09. High Priority
10. New Love Reprise

Album: Affair (1988)

01. Looks Aren't Everything
02. Pick Me Up
03. Discreet
04. Happy That You're Happy With Me
05. Affair
06. What More Can I Do For You
07. Foolin' Around
08. Everything I Miss At Home
09. Keep It Inside
10. My Friend
11. Crazy (For Lovin' You)
12. Lucky
13. Home

Album: The Woman I Am (1991)

01. Never In My Life
02. 7 Days A Week
03. Baby, It's You
04. Still In Love With You
05. Love Me Tonight
06. Woman I Am
07. Tears Of Joy
08. Gee Whiz
09. Nothing's Ever Gonna Stop (The Way I Feel)
10. Where Do We Go From Here

Album: The Best Of Cherrelle (1995)

01. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
02. Saturday Love
03. Affair
04. Everything I Miss At Home
05. Keep It Inside
06. You Look Good To Me
07. Fragile... Handle With Care
08. Will You Satisfy
09. High Priority
10. Artificial Heart

Album: The Right Time (1999)

01. Intro
02. The Right Time (featuring Keith Murray)
03. Stop Loving You
04. Just Tell Me
05. Don't
06. Sleepin' With The Enemy
07. Interlude
08. Next To You
09. Baby Come To Me (featuring Alexander O'Neal)
10. Never Leave You Lonely
11. Into My Eyes
12. Pillow Talk
13. Let It Go
14. Saturday Love (featuring Alexander O'Neal)
15. Outro

Album: Greatest Hits (2005)

01. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
02. Affair
03. Everything I Miss At Home
04. Where Do I Run To
05. Will You Satisfy?
06. Never Knew Love Like This (with Alexander O'Neal)
07. Saturday Love (with Alexander O'Neal)
08. When You Look In My Eyes
09. What More Can I Do For You
10. You Look Good To Me
11. Fragile... Handle With Care
12. Artificial Heart
13. Like I Will



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