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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meli'sa Morgan

Collection of Meli'sa Morgan

Meli'sa Morgan's solo career got off to a great start in 1985, as her cover of Prince's "Do Me Baby" topped the R&B charts. She recorded for Capitol from 1985 to 1987, and enjoyed two more Top Ten R&B singles with "Do You Still Love Me?" and "If You Can Do It: I Can Too!" before moving to Arista. Her duet with Kashif, "Love Changes," earned her another R&B hit that year, reaching number two. Morgan moved to Pendulum in 1992; her last release was Still in Love With You. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Do Me Baby (1986)

01. Fool's Paradise
02. Heart Breaking Decision
03. Do You Still Love Me
04. I'll Give It When I Want It
05. Do Me Baby
06. Getting To Know You Better
07. Now Or Never
08. Lies

Album: Good Love (1987)

01. If You Can Do It, I Can Too!
02. Here Comes The Night
03. Just For Your Touch
04. Good Love
05. Love Changes
06. Think It Over
07. I'll Love No More
08. I Still Think About You
09. You're All I Got

Album: The Lady In Me (1990)

01. Pump It
02. Can You Give Me What I Want
03. Stop Love And Listen
04. Possession
05. You Belong To Me
06. Girlfriend
07. Situations
08. Dancing Into Love
09. Don't You Know
10. Wrong Lane
11. The Lady In Me
12. I'm Better Now
13. The Rising Of Love
14. So Long, Goodbye

Album: Still In Love With You (1992)

01. Still In Love With You
02. Bring You Joy
03. Never Had A Love Like This
04. Can't Wait
05. Through The Tears
06. I'm Gonna Be Your Lover (Tonight)
07. Let's Be Real
08. Release Me
09. Now I Have Someone
10. What Change Have You Made Lately

Album: Do You Still Love Me - The Best Of (1996)

01. Czar-Cons Theme
02. Can You Give Me What I Want
03. Fool's Paradise
04. Do Me Baby
05. Heart Breaking Decision
06. Do You Still Love Me
07. If You Can Do It I Can Do It Too
08. Here Comes The Night
09. Good Love
10. Love Changes
11. Think It Over
12. I'll Love No More
13. You're All I Got
14. Wrong Lane
15. Lady In Me

Album: I Remember (2005)

01. Intro the Voice (Ft. Vaughn Harper)
02. Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (Interlude)
03. Back Together Again
04. I Remember...
05. Will You
06. Feel You
07. High Maintenance
08. Ain't No Way (Interlude)
09. Alright, Alright
10. Let You Go
11. There'll Never Be
12. Pack'd My Bags (Interlude)
13. I'm Your Sistah
14. Same Ole, Same Old
15. Do You, Do You Want It
16. I'm So into You (Interlude)
17. He's the One


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jody Watley

Collection of Jody Watley

Grammy Award-winning vocalist/producer/songwriter Jody Watley made a name for herself with the dance-soul trio Shalamar before embarking on a solo career that would bring her numerous Top Ten hits and a reputation as "The Queen of Cool." Watley was born in Chicago, IL, on January 30, 1959, but grew up in Los Angeles. Jody's teenage gig as a dancer on Soul Train would lead to a meeting with the hit TV show's booking agent, Dick Griffey. Along with fellow singers Jeffrey Daniels and Gerald Brown, Watley was recruited by Griffey to join Shalamar in 1977. A string of poppy dance-soul hits that would chart in America and the U.K. began in 1979 with "Take That to the Bank." Watley would leave the group in 1982 and eventually move to London, where she recorded some demos with the Art of Noise. It was during this time that she was invited by Bob Geldof to appear on the 1986 charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid. She returned to the U.S. late in the year and began working on her solo debut.

Recorded with hit producers Bernard Edwards, David Z., Patrick Leonard, and André Cymone -- who eventually become her husband until 1995, when the two divorced -- Watley's 1987 self-titled debut became an instant smash courtesy of its lead single, "Looking for a New Love," and its catch phrase, "hasta la vista, baby." Stylish videos accompanied the future hits "Don't You Want Me" and "Still a Thrill" and would help earn her the award for Best New Artist at the 30th annual Grammy Awards. Two years later she would return with the ambitious album Larger Than Life and the number one hit "Real Love." The album's second single, "Friends," was an early R&B/hip-hop blend with Eric B. & Rakim making an appearance. The remix album You Wanna Dance with Me? surfaced a year later as did the million-selling exercise video Dance to Fitness. Fashion spreads and an appearance in a Gap ad campaign were other non-musical activities, all helping to earn her a spot on People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People list.

More mature music appeared on both 1991's Affairs of the Heart and 1993's Intimacy, and while they weren't the major hits her earlier efforts were, they were well received by critics and helped strengthen her loyal fan base. She also worked with legendary composer Henry Mancini on the soundtrack to the Blake Edwards film Switch during this time and accepted an offer to sing at the White House in 1992. The 1995 album Affection found the singer off her longtime label, MCA, and on her own independent label, Avitone. Her 1998 effort Flower found her on Atlantic worldwide, but the label didn't release the album in the States. A year later Destiny's Child put the Watley-penned "Sweet Sixteen" on their multi-platinum album The Writing's on the Wall while Watley herself was working on a new dance sound that was slightly more left-field but still stylish and tasteful. The Japanese-only The Saturday Night Experience, Vol. 1 landed in 1999 while 2000 saw her return to the dance charts with the Masters at Work-produced "I Love to Love" featuring Roy Ayers. Tastemaker DJs Ron Trent and Blaze would remix the single "Saturday Night Experience" for the U.K. label Giant Steps in 2001, and a new, sophisticated album, Midnight Lounge, would appear on Shanachie the same year. In 2005, she appeared on King Britt's album This Is and climbed back on top of the dance charts with a new remix of her classic "Looking for a New Love." The following year, Watley released a new album The Makeover featuring a cover of Madonna's "Boderline" which made it to #2 on the dance charts. Further singles from the album also climbed the dance charts with "A Beautiful Life" making it to #5 while "I Want Your Love" went to #1. In 2008 she appeared in a fashion spread alongside Iman, Naomi Campbell, and Tina Turner in Vogue Italia. Featuring black models almost exclusively, the issue was the first to sell out in the magazine's history. That same year, the 1998 album Flower was issued for the first time in the States.

Album: Jody Watley (1987)

01. Looking for a New Love
02. Still a Thrill
03. Some Kind of Lover
04. For the Girls
05. Love Injection
06. Don't You Want Me
07. Do It to the Beat
08. Most of All
09. Learn to Say No
10. Looking for a New Love [Extended Club Version]

Album: Larger Than Life (1989)

01. Real Love
02. Friends
03. Everything
04. What Cha' Gonna Do For Me
05. L.O.V.E.R.
06. For Love's Sake
07. Lifestyle
08. Precious Love
09. Something New
10. Once You Leave
11. Come Into My Life
12. Only You
13. Real Love (Extended Version)

Album: You Wanna Dance With Me? (1989)

01. Still a Thrill
02. Friends
03. Looking for a New Love
04. Real Love
05. L.O.V.E.R.
06. What'cha Gonna Do for Me
07. Don't You Want Me
08. Most of All
09. Some Kind of Lover

Album: Affairs Of The Heart (1991)

01. I Want You
02. Call On Me
03. I'm The One You Need
04. Affairs Of The Heart
05. Commitment Of Love
06. It All Begins With You
07. Dance To The Music
08. Strange Way
09. Always And Forever
10. Until The Last Goodbye
11. Stolen Moments

Album: Intimacy (1993)

01. Workin' on a Groove
02. When a Man Loves a Woman
03. Are You the One
04. Too Shy to Say
05. Your Love Keeps Working on Me
06. Ecstasy
07. To Be With You
08. Together
09. Take Me in Your Arms
10. Best of Me

Album: Affection (1995)

01. The Beat Don't Stop
02. Affection
03. (We Gotta Be) Together
04. Way, Pts. 1 & 2
05. Pride And Joy
06. All Night Love Affair
07. Stay
08. Faithful
09. I Care For You
10. Lookin' For A New Love

Album: Greatest Hits (1996)

01. Looking For A New Love
02. I Want You
03. Some Kind Of Lover
04. Friends
05. Still A Thrill
06. Everything
07. Don't You Want Me (Dance Remix)
08. Your Love Keeps Working On Me
09. Most Of All
10. I'm The One You Need
11. Ecstasy (Extended Dance Remix)
12. When A Man Loves A Woman (P.M. Dawn Remix)
13. Real Love

Album: Flower (1998)

01. Lovin' You So
02. Flower
03. Off The Hook
04. Everything You Do
05. Just One More Time
06. If I'm Not In Love
07. A Lifetime
08. No More Tears To Cry
09. You'll Never Find A Love
10. I Don't Want You Back
11. Baby Tonight
12. 16
13. Off The Hook (D-Dot Remix Featuring Rakim)

Album: The Saturday Night Experience Vol. 1 (1999)

01. Saturday Night Experience
02. Another Chapter
03. Timeless
04. The Love (Angel Remix)
05. Pure Joy
06. After Hours
07. The Lonely
08. The Love
09. Saturday Night Experience (Reprise)
10. Another Chapter (DJ Soma Grow Sound Mix)
11. Another Chapter (S&T Ball Room Mix)

Album: Midnight Lounge (2001)

01. Midnight Lounge
02. Whenever...
03. Photographs
04. I Love To Love
05. Skin Deep
06. More
07. Saturday Night Experience
08. Clouds
09. Don't Give Up
10. The Essence
11. Midnight Lounge (reprise)
12. Whenever (Afro Kozmic Soul Remix)
13. Photographs (Eastwest Connection Remix)

Album: The Makeover (2006)

01. Intro
02. Don't You Want Me
03. Waiting in Vain
04. A Beautiful Life
05. Bed of Roses
06. I Want Your Love
07. Love Hangover
08. Borderline
09. Carpenters Medley
10. Friendz
11. The Makeover Superstar
12. Midnight Lounge
13. A Beautiful Life (A Beautiful Dub)


Sunday, September 28, 2014


Collection of D-Train

D Train, an innovative duo that consisted of James "D-Train" Williams (vocals) and Hubert Eaves III (keyboards, bass, drums, arrangements, productions), recorded a clutch of electrified dance/R&B classics in the early '80s. From the release of their first single onward, Williams' voice was instantly recognizable for its power-packed, uplifting nature. Eaves' instrumental backing and production were extremely complementary to Williams' deliveries, punching out bold, intricate arrangements that were often livened up for the dancefloor by remixer extraordinaire Francois Kevorkian.

Williams and Eaves met while attending high school in Brooklyn, NY. Shortly after the '70s gave way to the '80s, they began recording together, using Williams' nickname -- earned from his prowess on the football field -- as their recording alias. They signed a contract with Prelude and released their first single, the brilliant "You're the One for Me," by the end of 1981. The song hit number one on the dance chart in early 1982 and kept that position for three weeks. Their somewhat spotty debut album followed later that year and included another spectacular track, the spirited "Keep On."

Music, D Train's second album, followed in 1983 and was supported with another batch of singles: "Keep Giving Me Love," "Are You Ready for Me," and Top 40 U.K. hit "Music" amongst them. Something's on Your Mind, the third and final album from the duo, spawned a Top Five R&B chart hit in the form of the title track. A couple of other singles from the album didn't do as well, but the group bowed out in fine fashion. They could've milked the sound of "You're the One for Me" for a long time, but they kept moving ahead and did the unexpected by incorporating elements inspired from other music forms. A list of covers they recorded -- Carole King's "So Far Away," Bacharach/David's "Walk on By," Mandel/Webster's "The Shadow of Your Smile" -- hardly indicate the scope.

Williams and Eaves quit recording as D Train in 1985. Eaves' accomplishments did not go unnoticed; he began a busy second life as a valued session hand, working on records by Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Luther Vandross. Williams continued as a solo artist and notched three R&B chart hits during the latter half of the '80s. He also leant background vocals to several records throughout the following decade. Allmusic by Andy Kellman

Album: You're The One For Me (1982)

01. You're The One For Me
02. Walk On By
03. Tryin' To Get Over
04. Lucky Day
05. D Train Theme
06. Keep On
07. Love Vibrations
08. You're The One For Me (Reprise)

Album: Music (1983)

01. Keep Giving Me Love (Album Mix)
02. The Shadow Of Your Smile
03. Are You Ready For Me
04. Music (Remix)
05. Children Of The World
06. Let Me Show You (A World Of Wonder)
07. Don't Wanna Ride (The D Train Theme)
08. Keep Giving Me Love
09. Keep Giving Me Love (Radio Edit)
10. Are You Ready For Me (Radio Edit)
11. Music (Radio Edit)
12. Music (Dub Version)

Album: Something's On Your Mind (1984)

01. Something's On Your Mind
02. I Treasure Your Pleasure
03. You're The Reason
04. Hustle And Bustle Of The City
05. Thank You
06. I'll Do Anything
07. So Far Away
08. Thank You (Remix)
09. Something's On Your Mind (Dub Version)
10. Thank You (Dub Remix)
11. Something's On Your Mind (Radio Edit)
12. Thank You (Radio Edit)

Album: Miracles Of The Heart (1986)

01. You Are Everything
02. Oh How I Love You (Girl)
03. Miracle Of The Heart
04. Misunderstanding
05. Let Me Love You
06. Ice Melts Into Rain
07. I Got Your Number
08. Stand Up And Fight

Album: In Your Eyes (1988)

01. In Your Eyes
02. Order in the House
03. With All My Heart
04. If You Know What I Know
05. Shadow of Another Love
06. Runner
07. Curious
08. Child of Love
09. Diamond in the Night
10. My Friend
11. Smile

Album: The Best Of - 12 Inch Mixes (1992)

01. You're the One for Me
02. Keep On
03. Walk on By
04. Keep Giving Me Love
05. Music
06. Something's on Your Mind
07. Just Another Night
08. D Train Theme
09. Trying to Get Over
10. D Train

Album: The Best Of (1994)

01. You're The One For Me (OriginalVersion)
02. Keep On
03. Walk On By
04. Keep Giving Me Love
05. D Train Theme
06. Music
07. Something's On Your Mind
08. Just Another Night (Without Your Love)
09. D Train (Dub Mixed by)
10. Trying To Get Over (Edited Version)
11. You're The One For Me (Labor Of Love Mix)

Album: 701 Franklin Ave. (2009)

01. Pleasure
02. Take the Road
03. D-Train Theme III
04. Ride With Me
05. Feel The Fire
06. Tell Me When The Madness Ends
07. 7 Seconds
08. I Wanna Be Free
09. When U Going To Wake Up
10. Lonely Hearts
11. Have You Really Been Faithful
12. The World Is At War
13. Devil Left Hell
14. Seven Rainbows
15. Keep On (Live)


Monday, September 15, 2014

Vanessa Williams

Collection of Vanessa Williams

When Vanessa Williams began her singing career, she was known chiefly as the Miss America pageant winner who'd been forced to renounce her title for posing in Penthouse magazine. Williams not only put the scandal behind her, she all but obliterated it, turning out a series of slick, sophisticated hits that made her one of the most popular adult contemporary R&B singers of her time. In addition to her broad crossover appeal, she established a parallel acting career in both film and television, ending the '90s as a highly successful all-around entertainer.

Vanessa Lynn Williams was born March 18, 1963, in the upstate New York town of Millwood to parents who were both music teachers. She loved performing musical theater as a teenager, and won a scholarship to study it at Syracuse University in 1981. In the meantime, she began entering beauty pageants, with considerable success; in 1983, she represented New York in the Miss America pageant and became the first African-American woman ever to be crowned the winner. Unfortunately, her triumph was short-lived. Williams had posed for a series of nude photos for Penthouse prior to her historic victory, and when the magazine published them in 1984, the ensuing scandal forced her to resign as Miss America. Undaunted, Williams began to pursue her first love, singing; she backed George Clinton on his 1986 album R&B Skeletons in the Closet, including the single "Do Fries Go With That Shake?" Williams also returned to acting, making her feature film debut with a small role in The Pickup Artist in 1987; the same year, she married her manager, Ramon Harvey. All the renewed exposure eventually helped land her a record deal with Mercury/Polygram subsidiary Wing.

Williams' debut album, The Right Stuff, was released in 1988, featuring a mix of urban dance-pop and adult contemporary balladry. The title track was a decent-sized hit, and the ballad "Dreamin'" became Williams' first Top Ten single, going all the way to number one on the R&B charts. The Right Stuff went gold, and Williams subsequently appeared in several TV movies. Her 1991 sophomore set The Comfort Zone was a star-maker; it spawned another R&B chart-topper in "Running Back to You," but the real story was the ballad "Save the Best for Last," a ubiquitous across-the-board smash that became Williams' first number one hit on the pop charts. The title track solidified Williams' growing reputation for smooth, sexy adult pop, and the album went on to sell over two million copies. In 1993, Williams' duet with Brian McKnight, "Love Is," became another huge hit when it was featured on the soundtrack of Beverly Hills 90210.

In 1994, Williams returned to her roots by accepting her first starring role on Broadway, taking over the lead in Kiss of the Spider Woman; she also appeared on a re-recorded version of the cast album. Late that year, she also released her third album, The Sweetest Days, which found her branching out into jazzy pop and torch songs in addition to her usual urban and adult contemporary fare. It also featured material by Babyface and Sting, and its upscale, sophisticated ambience gave Williams her second platinum album. In 1995, Williams was tabbed to sing the commercial version of "Colors of the Wind," the theme to the Disney film Pocahontas; not only was it a huge hit, it also won an Academy Award. 1996 brought a divorce from manager Harvey and the holiday album Star Bright; most notably, Williams landed her biggest feature film role to date when she starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in that year's Eraser, and she followed it with an appearance in the ensemble drama Soul Food in 1997. 1997 also brought her fourth proper album, Next, which didn't attract quite as much attention as its predecessors. After the release of Greatest Hits: The First Ten Years in late 1998, Williams remained relatively quiet on the musical front, save for the occasional live performance event; she concentrated more on her acting career, and was prominently featured in Dance With Me (1998), Light It Up (1999), and the remake of Shaft (2000). In 1999, Williams remarried to L.A. Lakers basketball player Rick Fox. Allmusic by Steve Huey

Album: The Right Stuff (1988)

01. The Right Stuff
02. Be A Man
03. Dreamin'
04. If You Really Love Him
05. (He's Got) The Look
06. I'll Be The One
07. Security
08. Darlin' I
09. Am I Too Much
10. Can This Be Real
11. Whatever Happens

Album: The Comfort Zone (1991)

01. The Comfort Zone
02. Running Back to You
03. Work to Do
04. You Gotta Go
05. Still in Love
06. Save The Best For Last
07. What Will I Tell My Heart
08. Strangers Eyes
09. 2 of a Kind
10. Freedom Dance [Get Free!]
11. Just For Tonight
12. One Reason
13. Better Off Now
14. Goodbye

Album: The Sweetest Days (1994)

01. Intro-lude
02. The Way That You Love
03. Betcha Never
04. The Sweetest Day
05. Higher Ground
06. You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry
07. Ellamental
08. Sister Moon
09. You Can't Run
10. Moonlight Over Paris
11. Constantly
12. Long Way Home

Album: Next (1997)

01. Who Were You Thinkin' 'Bout
02. Happiness
03. And My Heart Goes
04. First Thing On Your Mind
05. Crazy 'Bout You
06. Lost Without You
07. Someone Like You
08. The Easiest Thing
09. Surrender
10. Start Again
11. And If I Ever
12. Oh How The Years Go By

Album: Greatest Hits The First Ten Years (1998)

01. The Right Stuff
02. Dreamin'
03. Running Back To You
04. The Comfort Zone
05. Save The Best For Last
06. The Sweetest Days
07. Betcha Never
08. Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
09. Oh How The Years Go By
10. Love Is (Duet With Brian McKnight)
11. Colors Of The Wind
12. Where Do We Go From Here
13. My Flame

Album: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection (2003)

01. Save The Best For Last
02. Dreamin'
03. Running Back To You
04. Work To Do
05. The Comfort Zone
06. The Right Stuff
07. Darlin' I
08. The Sweetest Days
09. Oh How The Years Go By
10. Happiness

Album: Love Songs (2004)

01. The Way That You Love (Late Night Mix)
02. Dreamin'
03. Alfie
04. Love Like This
05. And My Heart Goes
06. Still In Love
07. Just For Tonight
08. Someone Like You
09. And If I Ever
10. Can This Be Real
11. April Fools
12. Save The Best For Last

Album: Everlasting Love (2005)

01. Everlasting Love
02. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
03. Harvest for the World
04. I'll Be Good To You (Feat. James 'D-Train' Williams)
05. Let's Love
06. Midnight Blue
07. Never Can Say Goodbye (Feat. George Benson)
08. One Less Bell to Answer
09. Send One Your Love
10. Show and Tell
11. Today and Everyday
12. Tuning
13. With You I'm Born Again
14. You Are Everything

Album: The Real Thing (2009)

01. Breathless
02. Hello Like Before
03. Loving You
04. Just Friends
05. The Real Thing
06. Lazy Afternoon
07. Close To You
08. I Fell In
09. October Sky
10. Come On Strong
11. If There Were No Song


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Roberta Flack

Collection of Roberta Flack

Classy, urbane, reserved, smooth, and sophisticated -- all of these terms have been used to describe the music of Roberta Flack, particularly her string of romantic, light jazz ballad hits in the 1970s, which continue to enjoy popularity on MOR-oriented adult contemporary stations. Flack was the daughter of a church organist and started playing piano early enough to get a music scholarship and eventual degree from Howard University. After a period of student teaching, Flack was discovered singing at a club by jazz musician Les McCann and signed to Atlantic.

Her first two albums were well received but produced no hit singles; however, that all changed when a version of Ewan MacColl's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," from her first LP, was included in the soundtrack of Play Misty for Me. The single zoomed to number one in 1972 and remained there for six weeks, becoming that year's biggest hit. Flack followed it with the first of several duets with Howard classmate Donny Hathaway, "Where Is the Love." "Killing Me Softly With His Song" became Flack's second number one hit (five weeks) in 1973, and after topping the charts again in 1974 with "Feel Like Makin' Love," Flack took a break from performing to concentrate on recording and charitable causes.

She charted several more times over the next few years, but a major blow struck in 1979 when Hathaway committed suicide. Devastated, Flack was forced to find another partner and eventually did in Peabo Bryson, with whom she toured in 1980. The two recorded together in 1983, scoring a hit duet with "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love." Flack spent the remainder of the '80s touring and performing, often with orchestras, and also several times with Miles Davis. She returned to the Top Ten once more in 1991 with "Set the Night to Music," a duet with Maxi Priest that appeared that year on the album of the same name. Her Roberta full-length, featuring interpretations of jazz and popular standards, followed in 1995.

Album: First Take (1969)

01. Compared To What
02. Angelitos Negros
03. Our Ages or Our Hearts
04. I Told Jesus
05. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
06. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Fa
07. Tryin' Times
08. Ballad Of The Sad Young Men

Album: Chapter Two (1970)

01. Reverend Lee
02. Do What You Gotta Do
03. Just Like a Woman
04. Let It Be Me
05. Gone Away
06. Until It's Time for You to Go
07. Impossible Dream
08. Business Goes on as Usual

Album: Quiet Fire (1971)

01. Go up Moses
02. Bridge over Troubled Water
03. Sunday and Sister Jones
04. See You Then
05. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
06. To Love Somebody
07. Let Them Talk
08. Sweet Bitter Love

Album: Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (1972)

01. I (Who Have Nothing)
02. You've Got A Friend
03. Baby I Love You
04. Be Real Black For Me
05. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
06. For All We Know
07. Where Is The Love
08. When Love Has Grown
09. Come Ye Disconsolate
10. Mood

Album: Killing Me Softly (1973)

01. Killing Me Softly With His Song
02. Jesse
03. No Tears (In the End)
04. I'm the Girl
05. River
06. Conversation Love
07. When You Smile
08. Suzanne

Album: Feel Like Makin' Love (1975)

01. Feelin' That Glow
02. I Wanted It Too
03. I Can See The Sun In Late
04. Some Gospel According To
05. Feel Like Makin' Love
06. Mr. Magic
07. Early Ev'ry Midnite
08. Old Heartbreak Top Ten
09. She's Not Blind

Album: Blue Lights In The Basement (1977)

01. Why Don't You Move In With Me
02. The Closer I Get To You
03. Fine, Fine Day
04. This Time I'll Be Sweeter
05. 25Th Of Last December
06. After You
07. I'd Like To Be Baby To You
08. Soul Deep
09. Love Is The Healing
10. Where I'll Find You

Album: Roberta Flack (1978)

01. What a Woman Really Means
02. You Are Everything
03. Independent Man
04. If Ever I See You Again
05. And the Feeling's Good
06. Knowing That We're Made for Each Other
07. Come Share My Love
08. Baby I Love You So
09. When It's Over

Album: Roberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway (1980)

01. Only Heaven Can Wait (For Love)
02. God Don't Like Ugly
03. You Are My Heaven
04. Disguises
05. Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
06. Back Together Again
07. Stay with Me

Album: Bustin' Loose (1981)

01. Lovin' You (Is Such An Easy Thang To Do)
02. Rollin' On
03. You Stopped Loving Me
04. Just When I Needed You
05. Qual E Malindrinho (Why Are You So Bad)
06. Love (Always Commands)
07. Children's Song
08. Ballad For D
09. Hittin' Me Where It Hurts

Album: The Best Of (1981)

01. Killing Me Softly With His Song
02. The Closer I Get To You
03. You've Got A Friend
04. Feel Like Makin' Love
05. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
06. Where Is The Love
07. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
08. Back Together Again
09. You Are My Heaven
10. If Ever I See You Again
11. Jesse

Album: I'm The One (1982)

01. I'm the One
02. 'Till The Morning Comes
03. Love And Let Love
04. Never Loved Before
05. In the Name of Love
06. Ordinary Man
07. Making Love
08. Happiness
09. My Love For You

Album: Born To Love Ft Peabo Bryson( 1983)

01. Tonight, I Celebrate My Love
02. Blame It On Me
03. Heaven Above Me
04. Born To Love
05. Maybe
06. I Just Came Here To Dance
07. Comin Alive
08. You're Looking Like Love To Me
09. Can We Find Love Again

Album: Oasis (1988)

01. Oasis
02. All Caught Up In Love
03. Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes)
04. Shock To My System
05. You Who Brought Me Love
06. Something Magic
07. And So It Goes
08. You Know What It's Like
09. And So It Goes (Reprise)
10. My Someone To Love
11. (His Name) Brazil

Album: Set The Night To Music (1991)

01. The Waiting Game
02. Friend
03. Always
04. Set The Night To Music [with Maxi Priest]
05. When Someone Tears Your Heart In Two
06. Something Your Heart Has Been Telling Me
07. You Make Me Feel Brand New
08. Unforgettable
09. Summertime
10. Natural Thing
11. My Foolish Heart

Album: Stop the World (1992)

01. Stop The World
02. Love That Was Lost
03. Chinatown
04. Love Will Make Me Stronger
05. I Love You
06. We Can Make It Right
07. The Moment Has Come
08. Got The Blues
09. Last Christmas Eve

Album: Softly With These Songs - The Best Of Roberta Flack (1993)

01. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
02. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
03. Where Is The Love
04. Killing Me Softly With His Song
05. Feel Like Makin' Love
06. The Closer I Get To You
07. More Than Everything
08. Only Heaven Can Wait (For Love)
09. Back Together Again
10. Making Love
11. Tonight, I Celebrate My Love
12. Oasis
13. And So It Goes
14. You Know What It's Like
15. Set The Night To Music
16. My Foolish Heart
17. Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes)

Album: Roberta (1995)

01. Let's Stay Together
02. Sweet Georgia Brown
03. The Thrill Is Gone
04. It Might Be You
05. In a Sentimental Mood
06. Looking for Another Pure Love
07. I Don't Care Who Knows (Baby, I'm Yours)
08. Prelude to a Kiss (Intro)
09. Prelude to a Kiss
10. Angel Eyes
11. Tenderly
12. Cottage for Sale
13. Isn't It Romantic
14. My Romance
15. You'll Never Know ('Til You Let Go)

Album: The Very Best Of (2006)

01. Killing Me Softly With His Son
02. Where Is The Love
03. Feel Like Makin' Love
04. The First Time Ever I Saw Your
05. And So It Goes
06. Tonight I Celebrate My Love
07. The Closer I Get To You
08. 'Til The Morming Comes
09. Back Together Again
10. Making Love
11. Only Heaven Can Wait
12. Set The Night To Music
13. You Are My Heaven
14. Oasis
15. Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
16. And So It Goes (Reprise)
17. Trade Winds

Album: Love Songs (2011)

01. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Remastered Version)
02. You've Got A Friend (With Donny Hathaway) (LP Version)
03. Killing Me Softly With His Song (Remastered Version)
04. Where Is The Love (With Donny Hathaway) (Remastered Version)
05. Feel Like Makin' Love (Remastered Version)
06. After You (LP Version)
07. The Closer I Get To You (With Donny Hathaway) (Remastered Version)
08. Back Together Again (LP Version)
09. More Than Everything (With Peabo Bryson)
10. Just When I Needed You
11. Maybe (With Peabo Bryson)
12. Tonight, I Celebrate My Love (With Peabo Bryson) (1983 Digital Remaster)
13. And So It Goes (LP Version)
14. When Someone Tears Your Heart In Two
15. Only Heaven Can Wait (For Love) - You Are My Heaven (With Peabo Bryson) (Live Album Version)
16. Can We Find Love Again (With Peabo Bryson)
17. All Caught Up In Love (LP Version)
18. Let's Stay Together (LP Version)


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