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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Collection of Hardcastle

Album: Hardcastle 1 (1994)


01. Can't Stop Now
02. Driftin' Away
03. Never Let You Go
04. Forever Dreamin'
05. You May Be Gone
06. Feel The Breeze
07. The Only One
08. Lazy Days
09. Do It Again
10. Don't Be Shy
11. Cruisin' To Midnight
12. It Must Be Love
13 .Rainforest (original version)

Album: Hardcastle 2 (1996)


01. Money
02. Livin' In The Shadows
03. Bird Island
04. Got Ti Be Love
05. Peace On Earth
06. Star Of The Story
07. Jokers Wild
08. Look To The Future
09. Warm Glow
10. You Are The One
11. Destination Atlantis
12. Acoustic Dreams

Album: Hardcastle 3 (2002)


01. Rainforest
02. Runnin' Back
03. Golden Gate
04. Sunshine
05. The D Train
06. Walkin'
07. Zen Warrior
08. Desire
09. The Smokin' Gun
10. First Light
11. I Believe In You
12. Forest Echoes
13. Maxine

Album: Hardcastle 4 (2005)


01. Serene
02. Freefall
03. Smooth Jazz Is Bumpin
04. Keeping It Real
05. Moments In Time
06. Was It Love
07. Midnight Moon
08. Eastern Winds
09. Where Are You Now
10. Straight Ahead
11. Time To Reflect
12. Journey Of The Lost Tribes
13. Bonus

Album: Hardcastle 5 (2008)


01. In The Beginning
02. Lucky Star
03. Don't You Know
04. Marimba
05. Closer
06. Return Of The Rainman
07. Blew My Mind
08. Constellation Of Dreams
09. Don't You Know Pt 2
10. Keep Movin On
11. Revival
12. Till The Next Time
13. Take 1

Album: Hardcastle 6 (2011)


01. Rainforest/What's Going On
02. Night Time Hustle
03. 1000 Miles From Nowhere
04. Neon Adventure
05. Lost For Words
06. Dc Boogie
07. Rainforest/What's Going On (Chill Mix)
08. Easy Come Easy Go
09. Let This Love Begin
10. Blew My Mind Ibiza Mix
11. Into The Blue
12. 1000 Miles From Nowhere (Instrumental)
13. Forest Echoes (The Conclusion)

Album: Hardcastle 7 (2013)


01. The Truth (Shall Set You Free)
02. Summer Love
03. No Stress (At All)
04. Love Is a Power
05. Apache Warrior
06. Easy Street
07. Crystal Whisper
08. Dance of the Wind
09. Stepping On Shadows
10. The Truth Part 2


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Alexander O'Neal

Collection of Alexander O'Neal

This Minneapolis soul man cut his teeth in the Time but was bounced (for looking "too black") before they signed with Warner Brothers. His tough, ballsy voice has the same grain and range as Otis Redding's. Like that master, Alexander O'Neal is comfortable with pumping dancefloor burners and slinky couch-cuddlers. He's certainly the best singer Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have ever produced, and the strength of his material and his robust voice can be heard on releases including 1986's Hearsay, 1991's All True Man, and 1997's Lovers Again. He relocated to Britain, where his efforts had always been better received, and began to set up permanent shop there. His first British-only release, 2002's Saga of a Married Man, showed him developing into a smoother and more mature singer compared to his previous output. Allmusic by John Floyd

Album: Alexander O'Neal (1985)


01. A Broken Heart Can Mend
02. If You Were Here Tonight
03. Do You Wanna Like I Do
04. Look at Us Now
05. Medley: Innocent/Alex 900/Innocent II
06. What's Missing
07. You Were Meant to Be My Lady (Not My Girl)

Album: Hearsay (1986)


01. Intro
02. (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me
03. Hearsay
04. The Lovers
05. Fake
06. Criticize
07. Never Knew Love Like This
08. Sunshine
09. Crying Overtime
10. When the Party's Over

Album: All Mixed Up (1988)


01. Fake 88 (House Mix)
02. (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me (Hateful Club Remix)
03. Never Knew Love Like This (Extended Version)
04. Criticize (Ben Liebrand Remix)
05. The Lovers (Extended Version)
06. Criticize (Remix)
07. What Can I Say To Make You Love Me (Ben Liebrand Remix)
08. Fake (Extended Version)
09. You Were Meant To Be My Lady (88 Keith Cohen Extended Remix)
10. Innocent (Keith Cohen House Mix)

Album: All True Man (1991)


01. Time Is Running Out
02. Yoke (G.U.O.T.R.)
03. Every Time I Get Up
04. Somebody (Changed Your Mind)
05. Midnight Run
06. Used
07. All True Man
08. Sentimental
09. What Is This Thing Called Love?
10. Morning After
11. Hang On
12. Shame

Album: Love Makes No Sense (1993)


01. In the Middle
02. If U Let It
03. Aphrodisia
04. Love Makes No Sense
05. Home Is Where the Heart Is
06. Change of Heart
07. Lady
08. All That Matters to Me
09. Since I've Been Loving You
10. Your Precious Love

Album: The Best Of (1995)


01. Fake
02. A Broken Heart Can Mend
03. Sunshine
04. Criticize
05. You Were Meant To Be My Lady (Not My Girl)
06. Never Knew Love Like This (feat. Cherrelle)
07. All True Man
08. If You Were Here Tonight
09. Crying Overtime
10. Innocent Alex 9000 Innocent II

Album: Lovers Again (1997)


01. Do You Right
02. Let's Get Together
03. Lovers Again
04. Can You Stand The Rain
05. Baby Come To Me
06. No One But You
07. Body Talking
08. More Than My Heart
09. Sleepin'
10. Carry On
11. Sneakin'
12. Our Love
13. Grind

Album: Saga of a Married Man (2002)


01. He Said She Said
02. You're Gonna Miss Me
03. I'm There
04. My Baby's Gone
05. It Don't Matter
06. It's OK
07. What You See Is What You Get
08. Married Man
09. What Is a Man?
10. Last Night
11. Happy Home

Album: Greatest Hits (2004)


01. Never Knew Love Like This
02. Innocent/Alex 9000/Innocent II
03. Fake
04. All True Man
05. Criticize
06. Saturday Love
07. If You Were Here Tonight
08. Hearsay '89
09. (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me
10. The Lovers
11. What's Missing
12. A Broken Heart Can Mend
13. What Is This Thing Called Love?
14. You Were Meant to Be My Lady (Not My Girl)
15. Love Makes No Sense

Album: Alex Loves (2008)


01. Secret Lovers (Featuring Mica Paris)
02. A Million Love Songs
03. Right Here Waiting
04. Unbreak My Heart
05. Your Song
06. Saturday Love
07. If You Were Here Tonight
08. What You Won't Do For Love
09. When A Man Loves A Woman
10. Babe
11. Always & Forever
12. You're The First, The Last, My Everything
13. Cherish
14. I'll Make Love To You
15. We're On Our Way

Album: Five Questions - The New Journey (2010)


01. My House
02. I'm Back
03. Minnesota Shuffle
04. I Found True Love
05. I Can't Wait
06. You Make Me Smile
07. Love Don't Love Nobody
08. It's Your Night Tonight
09. Love Won't Let Me Wait
10. 5 Questions
11. First Time

Album: Icon (2011)


01. What's Missing (Remix)
02. If You Were Here Tonight
03. Innocent (Single Remix)
04. (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me
05. Fake (Extended Version)
06. Criticize (Remix)
07. Never Knew Love Like This (Feat. Cherrelle)
08. Sunshine
09. The Morning After
10. All True Man
11. What Is This Thing Called Love
12. Love Makes No Sense

Album: Live In Minneapolis (2011)

01. My House
02. Aphrodisia
03. All True Man
04. What Can I Say to Make You Love Me
05. Sunshine
06. Criticize
07. If You Were Here Tonight
08. My Gift to You
09. Sleigh Ride (feat. Bobby Z)
10. Love Makes No Sense



Friday, January 20, 2017

The Jazzmasters

Collection of The Jazzmasters

Album: The Jazzmasters (1993)


01. Sound of Summer
02. Blue Days
03. Northern Lights
04. Really Miss Your Love
05. Heaven
06. Lost Summer
07. Without Love
08. Body Heat
09. Strollin'
10. Hearts of Space
11. Blowin' Free
12. See You In July

Album: The Jazzmasters II (1995)


01. Do You Remember
02. Wonderland
03. Walkin' to Freedom
04. Summer Rain
05. Smooth Groove
06. Good Lovin'
07. Slomotion
08. Just Can't Understand
09. Time to Move On
10. So Much in Love
11. Inner Changes
12.. Can You Hear Me?

Album: The Jazzmasters III (1999)


01. London In Springtime
02. Lost In Space
03. Ventura Highway
04. Nightcrawler
05. Don't Let It Get You Down
06. Starchild
07. Dreams
08. Trippin' Rhythm
09. New Dawn
10. Down So Low
11. Red Zone
12. Still Thinking
13. London Chimes

Album: Jazzmasters - The Greatest Hits (2000)


01. Shine
02. Lost Summer
03. Feel The Breeze
04. Peace On Earth
05. Walkin' To Freedom
06. Bird Island
07. Jokers Wild (Smooth Jazz Mix)
08. Lost In Space
09. Paradise Cove
10. Forever Dreamin'
11. Shelbi
12. Nothern Lights
13. Wonderland
14. London Chimes

Album: The Jazzmasters 4 (2003)


01. Valley of the Harps
02. Feeling Blue
03. Visions of Illusion
04 .Lifetime
05. Puerto Banus
06. Time 4 Living
07. Signs of Life (Still Searching)
08. Emerald Stardust
09. Voice of the Angels
10. Quiet Groove
11. Valley of the Harps Reprise
12. How Long (Before We Get it Right)
13. If You Knew

Album: Jazzmasters - The Smooth Cuts (2004)


01 .London In Springtime
02. Can You Hear Me
03. Do You Remember
04. Lifetime
05. You May Be Gone
06. Ventura Highway
07. Wonderland
08. Runnin Back
09. It Must Be Love
10. Dreams
11. Down So Low
12. Bodyheat
13. Emerald Stardust
14. Summer Rain
15. Heaven

Album: The Jazzmasters V (2006)


01. Never Far Away
02. Chime
03. Children Of The Ghetto
04. Free As The Wind
05. The Sun Says Goodbye
06. Garden Of Eden
07. Moon Trekin
08. Untold Story
09. Live For The Dream
10. World In Action
11. Fade Into The Night

Album: The Jazzmasters VI (2010)


01. Touch and Go
02. One Chance
03. Cloud Watching
04. I Really Like
05. Solar Sky
06. Can't Get By
07. In The Key of Time
08. One Chance Extended
09. The Vision
10. Dimensions of Light
11. So Into You
12. Return of the Rainman (Reprise)

Album: The Jazzmasters VII (2014)


01. Unlimited Love, Pt. 1 (feat. Cindy Bradley)
02. Rhythm of Life
03. Free to Fly
04. Starlight Express
05. Soft Rain
06. Domino Effect
07. Pulse of the Universe
08. Unlimited Love The Strings, Pt. 2
09. Come On
10. Breathe
11. Echoes of Eternity
12. Rhythm of Life Chill Reprise


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Collection of Next

Album: Rated Next (1997)


01. Intro
02. Too Close
03. Butta Love
04. My Place (Interlude)
05. Cozy
06. Penetration [Next & Naughty by Nature]
07. You Are My High (Interlude)
08. I Still Love You
09. Stop, Drop & Roll
10. Represent Me
11. Next Experience
12. Problems
13. Do You Think About Me
14 .Admit the Rat (Interlude)
15. Sexitude
16. Taste So Good
17. Phone Sex
18. Rock On

Welcome To Nextasy (2000)


01. Welcome II Nextasy
02. What U Want
03. Wifey
04. Cybersex
05. Beauty Queen
06. When We Kiss
07. Jerk
08. Call on Me
09. Shorty
10. Minnesnowta (Interlude)
11. Let's Make a Movie
12. My Everything
13. Splash
14. Banned From TV
15. Oh No No

Album: The Next Episode (2002)


01. Intro
02. Your Love Is
03. Imagine That
04. Do Your Thing
05. I'm Tryin' to What
06. Just Like That
07. Feels Good
08. Lights Out
09. Hold Me Down
10. That's My Word
11. Girl, Lady, Woman
12. It's Okay
13. Brand New
14. All Because of You
15. Freaky Man
16. My Love

Album: Platinum & Gold Collection (2004)


01. Too Close
02. I Still Love You
03. Butta Love
04. Wifey
05. Splash
06. Beauty Queen
07. Imagine That
08. Your Love Is
09. Stop, Drop & Roll
10. My Everything
11. I'm Tryin' To What
12. Just Like That


Friday, January 6, 2017


Collection of SWV

Album: It's About Time (1992)


01. Anything
02. I'm So into You
03. Right Here
04. Weak
05. You're Always on My Mind
06. Downtown
07. Coming Home
08. Give It to Me
09. Blak Pudd'n
10. It's About Time
11. Think You're Gonna Like It
12. That's What I Need
13. SWV (In the House)
14. Weak (A Capella) [Acappella]
15. Right Here [Human Nature Remix]

Album: New Beginning (1996)


01. New Beginning (Interlude)
02. You're The One
03. Whatcha Need
04. On & On
05. It's All About U
06. Use Your Heart
07. Where Is The Love (Interlude)
08. Fine Time
09. Love Is So Amazin'
10. Use Your Heart (Interlude)
11. You Are My Love
12. I'm So In Love
13. When This Feeling
14. What's It Gonna Be
15. That's What I'm Here For
16. Don't Waste Your Time
17. Sould Intackt (Interlude)

Album: Release Some Tension (1997)


01. Someone
02. Release Some Tension
03. Lose My Cool
04. Love Like This
05. Can We
06. Rain
07. Give It Up
08. Come And Get Some
09. When U Cry
10. Lose Myself
11. Here For You
12. Gettin' Funky

Album: Best of SWV (2001)


01. Anything
02. Right Here [Human Nature Radio Mix]
03. Weak
04. What's It Gonna Be
05. It's All About U
06. When U Cry
07. I'm So into You
08. You're Always on My Mind
09. Someone
10. Downtown
11. Rain
12. Lose My Cool
13. Use Your Heart
14. You're the One
15. Here for You
16. Love Is So Amazin'

Album: Platinum & Gold Collection (2003)


01. Weak
02. You're the One
03. Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)
04. You're Always On My Mind
05. Anything
06. I'm so into You
07. Downtown
08. Fine Time
09. It's All About U
10. Where Is The Love
11. Surprise Me
12. Mystery

Album: S.O.U.L (2011)


01. Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)
02. Always on My Mind (Bam's Radio Remix)
03. Weak
04. Downtown (Street Radio Mix)
05. Anything
06. I'm So Into You
07. It's All About U
08. Rain
09. Use Your Heart
10. You're the One

I Missed Us (2012)


01. Co-Sign
02. All About You
03. Show Off (Feat. A.X.)
04. Everything I Love
05. Do Ya (Feat. Brianna Perry)
06. The Best Years
07. I Missed Us
08. Better Than I
09. Keep You Home
10. Time To Go
11. Use Me
12. Love Unconditionally
13. If Only You Knew

Album: Still (2016)


01. Still
02. MCE (Man Crush Everyday)
03. On Tonight
04. Let's Make Music
05. Ain't No Man
06. Love Song
07. When Love Didn't Hurt
08. Miss You
09. Leaving You Alone
10 .What We Gon' Do


Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Collection of Kashif

Singer/songwriter/keyboardist/producer Kashif wrote and played on Evelyn King's (aka Evelyn "Champagne" King) number one R&B hits "I'm in Love" and "Love Come Down," Whitney Houston's first hit "You Give Good Love" and one of its follow-ups, "Thinking About You" from her 17-million-selling debut album Whitney Houston. He also contributed to her 17-million selling Whitney LP. His own recording career yielded 17 R&B hit singles and four Top 40 albums. He recorded several duets: "Love Changes" with Mel'isa Morgan, "Love the One I'm With" with Melba Moore, and "Reservations for Two" with Dionne Warwick.

Part of the vanguard that includes early pioneers Stevie Wonder and Ronnie McNeir and his '80s contemporaries the System, Kashif helped to revolutionized R&B music through the infusion of the then-emerging affordable, MIDI/synth technology of the '80s. Music synthesizers at one point could easily fill a room. With the advent of the microchip, synths became more portable and had tonal stability and pricing (though most professional-level synths cost a couple thousand dollars or more) during the '80s. Like McNeir, Kashif shares the distinction of having two self-titled albums in his catalog.

Born Michael Jones in Brooklyn, NY, in 1959, Kashif was orphaned at an early age, growing up in eight foster homes. His first experience with synthesized instruments came during his years with B.T. Express ("Express," "Do It 'Til You're Satisfied"). He appears on the group's early-'80s sides for Columbia Records (check out "Ride on It " from 1978's Shout! LP, among others). Kashif began playing synthesizer bass using the miniMoog while on the road with the group.

After leaving the group, Kashif began making demos with the group Stepping Stone. The demos led to his recording contract with Arista Records in 1983. Because of his burgeoning mastery with synthesizers, Kashif was invited to tour with hitmaker Stephanie Mills at a time when contemporary R&B acts were just beginning to use electronic instruments for live work.

Inspired by Gamble & Huff and Thom Bell's Mighty Three Music, he formed Mighty M Productions with Paul Laurence and Morrie Brown, infusing early-'80s R&B with a fresh synth-based sound. One of their first projects was Evelyn Champagne King who had a 1979 gold single, "Shame." Prompting her to sing in her higher register than in her previous records, the Mighty M was were attempting to give the singer a more youthful sound. At the same time, RCA Records suggested that she same drop the "Champagne" from her name, thus becoming Evelyn King. The result of their collaboration was "I'm in Love," whose style and bass sound was different from anything being done at the time. It went to number one R&B in summer 1981. The I'm in Love album, which also included the hit "Don't Hide Our Love," peaked at number six R&B. RCA asked Kashif, Brown, and Laurence to produce her follow-up album. Influenced by songwriter/producer Leon F. Sylvers III, Kashif came up with the sprightly "Love Come Down" on which he played all of the instruments except guitar, which was played by Ira Siegel. The single went all the way to number one R&B and didn't come down for five weeks. It was included on her gold Get Loose LP, which parked at number one R&B for two weeks and yielded the number two R&B smash "Betcha She Don't Love You."

Around this time, Kashif had begun working with the New England Digital Synclavier. Kashif invented uses for sampling, for example, replacing drum sounds, lead and background vocal placements, and even dialog editing. Howard Johnson's "So Fine" was the first record on which he used the technique of "flying in" vocals -- some vocal passages could be duplicated by the Synclavier. This created a whole new approach to production with vocalists that continues to be used extensively.

Signing with Arista Records in 1983, his self-tilted debut Kashif spawned the hits "I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)," "Stone Love," "Help Yourself to My Love," and "Say Something Love." His other albums are Send Me Your Love, "Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart," "Are You the Woman," Condition of the Heart, Love Changes and 1989's Kashif, with the charming cover of the Four Tops hit "Aint No Woman Like the One I Got." Becoming an in-demand writer/producer, Kashif can be heard on releases by Kenny G ("Keeping Love New"), George Benson, Johnny Kemp, Dionne Warwick, Giorge Pettus, Stacy Lattisaw, Expose, the Wootens, Freda Payne, and others. His Grammy nominations are for the instrumentals "The Mood," "Call Me Tonight," "Edgartown Groove" featuring Al Jarreau, and "The Movie Song."

During 1994, Kashif received an invitation from the famed U.C.L.A. Extension program and created a course called Contemporary Record Production With Kashif. In August 1995, Kashif authored the music industry tome Everything You'd Better Know About the Record Industry as CEO of his Los Angeles-based Brooklyn Boy Books, Entertainment, and Information. In 1998, Kashif signed with U.K. label Expansion Records and his album Who Loves You was released that same year. Allmusicby Ed Hogan

Album: Kashif (1983)


01. Don't Stop My Love
02. Stone Love
03. Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)
04. Help Yourself To My Love
05. Rumors
06. Say Something Love
07. The Mood
08. All
09. Baby Don't Break Your Babys Heart (Bonus Track)
10. Send Me Your Love (Bonus Track)

Album: Send Me Your Love (1984)


01. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart
02. Ooh Love
03. Are You The Woman
04. Love Has No End
05. Call Me Tonight (Instrumental)
06. Send Me Your Love
07. I've Been Missin' You
08. Edgartown Groove
09. That's How It Goes

Album: Condition Of The Heart (1985)


01. I Wanna Have Love With You
02. Dancing In The Dark (Heart To Heart)
03. Condition Of The Heart
04. Say You Love Me
05. Movie Song (Instrumental)
06. Stay The Night
07. Weakness
08. Botha Botha (Anti-Apartheid Song)

Album: Love Changes (1987)


01. Love Changes (Duet With Meli'sa Morgan)
02. Loving You Only
03. It All Begins Again
04. Love Me All Over
05. Midnight Mood
06. Fifty Ways (To Fall In Love)
07. Somebody
08. Who's Getting Serious
09. Reservations For Two
10. Vacant Heart

Album: Kashif (1989)


01. Personality
02. Looking For A Lover
03. Love Letter Out Loud
04. Step Into My World
05. I'm Coming Home
06. Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
07. After You
08. My Door
09. Pop The Question

Album: The Best of Kashif (1994)


01. I You Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)
02. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart
03. Ooh Love
04. Stone Love
05. Condition of the Heart
06. Are You Woman
07. Reservations for Two
08. Love Changes
09. Fifty Ways (To Fall in Love)
10. Stay the Night
11. Love Me All Over
12. Help Yourself to My Love
13. Send Me Your Love
14. Dancing in the Dark (Heart to Heart)

Album: Who Loves You (1998)


01. Bed You Down
02. Good Ol' Days
03. Rhythm Of My Mind
04. Brooklyn Breezes
05. I Don't Give A Damn
06. Mingo Weya
07. Can We Just
08. Lay You Down
09. It's Alright
10. Who Loves You_ (It's Alright Pt.2)

Album: The Definitive Collection (1998)


01. I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)
02. Help Yourself To My Love
03. Are You The Woman
04. Stone Love
05. Dancing In The Dark (Heart To Heart)
06. Love The One I'm With (A Lot Of Love)
07. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart
08. Condition Of The Heart
09. Reservations For Two
10. Love Me All Over
11. Loving You Only
12. Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
13. Love Changes
14. Personality

Album: Best Of Kashif (2002)


01. Reservations for Two
02. Love Changes
03. Dancing in the Dark (Heart to Heart
04. Are You the Woman
05. Loving You Only
06. Love Has No End
07. The Mood
08. Botha Botha (Apartheid Song)
09. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart
10. Ooh Love

Album: Music From My Mind (2004)



01. Sexy Girls
02. Superfly
03. So Emotional
04. I'm Down
05. Tossin' Turnin'
06. Bout To Fall In Love
07. Mingo Wheya
08. Black Woman
09. He Don't Love You
10. I Don't Give A Damn
11. Beautiful Eyes
12. Crazy Love
13. Can We Just Get Along
14. Chill Chill Chill
15. Brooklyn Breezes


01. Don't Stop My Love
02. Lover Turn Me On
03. Stone Love
04. Help Yourself To My Love
05. Say Something Love
06. The Mood
07. Rumors
08. All
09. Sexy Girls (Instrumental)


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