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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Collection of L.T.D.

Long-running funk outfit L.T.D. -- Love, Togetherness and Devotion -- was formed in Greensboro, NC in 1968 by keyboardist Jimmie "J.D." Davis and bassist Abraham "Onion" Miller, both former backing musicians for the great Sam and Dave. Upon relocating to New York City, the twosome recruited guitarist Johnny McGhee, horn player Carle Vickers, saxophonists Arthur "Lorenzo" Carnegie, Toby Wynn and Abraham Miller, and trombonist Jake Riley, Jr. Vocalist/drummer Jeffrey Osborne also signed on before the group settled in Los Angeles, where Osborne's brother, keyboardist Billy Osborne joined the lineup as well. L.T.D. signed with the A&M label to issue their 1974 debut Love, Togetherness and Devotion. On their third LP, 1976's Love to the World, the group scored their first Top 20 pop hit, "Love Ballad." The follow-up, 1977's Something to Love, included the Top Five smash "(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again," and four years later L.T.D. returned to the Top 40 once again with "Shine On." However, Osborne then exited to pursue a solo career, and despite the additions of vocalists Leslie Wilson and Andre Ray, the band's commercial fortunes dimmed. In the wake of 1981's Love Magic, L.T.D. disbanded, but during the early '90s McGhee reformed the group, with 1999's Marry You featuring vocalists Greg Henneghan, Nakeisha Turner and Ronnie Henson, bassist Terry Gamble, keyboardist Ryan Cooper, drummer Jay Nichols and percussionist Mamadi Nyasuma. Allmusic by Jason Ankeny

Album: Love, Togetherness & Devotion (1974)

01. To The Bone
02. Elegant Love
03. Not On Your Life
04. Gestures Unfulfilled
05. What Goes Around
06. Success
07. Thank You Mother
08. How Could You Be So Cold
09. Watcha Wanna Do
10. I Told You I'd Be Back
11. Lucky Day

Album: Gittin' Down (1975)

01. Don't Lose Your Cool
02. Groove For A Little While
03. Your Love Is The Answer
04. Eldorado Joe
05. Tryin' To Find A Way
06. Ain't No Way
07. It's You
08. Look In My Eyes
09. Churn Baby Churn
10. Sweet Thang
11. You Can Be Free

Album: Love To The World (1976)

01. Love To The World
02. Time For Pleasure
03. Love Ballad
04. Get Your It Together
05. Let The Music Keep Playing
06. The Word
07. Love To The World

Album: Something To Love (1977)

01. Age Of The Showdown
02. (Won't Cha) Stay With Me
03. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again
04. You Come First At Last
05. We Party Hearty
06. If You're In Need
07. Never Get Enough Of Your Love
08. Make Someone Smile, Today!
09. Material Things

Album: Togetherness (1978)

01. Holding On
02. We Both Deserve Each Other's Love
03. Jam
04. You Must Have Known I Needed Love
05. Don't Stop Loving Me Now
06. It's Time To Be Real
07. Concentrate On You
08. You Fooled Me
09. Together Forever
10. Let's All Live and Give Together

Album: Devotion (1979)

01. One On One
02. Share My Love
03. Stand Up
04. Say That You'll Be Mine
05. Danc 'N' Sing 'N'
06. Sometimes
07. Promise You'll Stay
08. Stranger
09. Feel It

Album: Shine On (1980)

01. You Gave Me Love
02. Where Did We Go Wrong
03. Getaway
04. Will Love Grow
05. Love Is What You Need
06. Shine On
07. Lovers Everywhere
08. Lady Love
09. Don't Cha Know

Album: Love Magic (1981)

01. Kickin' Back
02. Burnin' Hot
03. Cuttin' It Up
04. Stay On The One
05. Love Magic
06. April Love
07. It Must End
08. Now

Album: For You (1983)

01. For You
02. Stop On By
03. Is It Over
04. Steppin' Out
05. Slick
06. Caught In The Middle Of Goodbye
07. Watcha Gonna Do
08. Party With You All Night

Album: Greatest Hits (1996)

01. Where Did We Go Wrong
02. (Won't Cha) Stay With Me
03. Share My Love
04. Love Ballad
05. Stranger
06. Make Someone Smile, Today!
07. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again
08. Dance N' Sing N'
09. Kickin' Back
10. We Party Hearty
11. Love To The World
12. Holding On (When Love Is Gone)
13. Lady Love
14. Shine On
15. April Love

Album: The Millennium Collection The Best of L.T.D. (2000)

01. We Party Hearty
02. Love Ballad
03. Back In Love Again, (Every Time I Turn Around)
04. Never Get Enough Of Your Love
05. Holding On (When Love Is Gone)
06. We Both Deserve Each Other's Love
07. Dance 'N' Sing 'N'
08. Stranger
09. Where Did We Go Wrong
10. Shine On
11. Kickin' Back
12. April Love


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Morris Day and The Time

Collection of Morris Day and The Time

From their origins as Prince's first pet project to their self-produced funk-rock oeuvre, the Time has been a fascinating and outrageous congregation. Vocalist Morris Day infused his cocky, swaggering personality into dance hits that would make Rufus Thomas envious, and, unlike most of the competition, the band managed to do something unique with Prince's genre-busting innovations. The Time broke up in the late '80s, with Day going on to a somewhat disastrous solo career, Jesse Johnson crafting two dazzling solo albums, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis becoming one of the most successful production teams this side of Gamble & Huff, working with everyone from Full Force and Janet Jackson to the S.O.S. Band and Human League. The group re-formed in 1990 and released the excellent Pandemonium. Allmusic by John Floyd

Album: The Time (1981)

01. Get It Up
02. Girl
03. After Hi School
04. Cool
05. Oh Baby
06. The Stick

Album: What Time Is It? (1982)

01. Wild and Loose
02. 777-9311
03. Onedayi'mgonnabesomebody
04. The Walk
05. Gigolos Get Lonely Too
06. I Don't Wanna Leave You

Album: Ice Cream Castle (1984)

01. Ice Cream Castles
02. My Drawers
03. Chili Sauce
04. Jungle Love
05. If the Kid Can't Make You Come
06. The Bird

Album: The Color of Success (1985)

01. Color of Success
02. The Character
03. The Oak Tree
04. Love Sign
05. Don't Wait for Me
06. Love Addiction

Album: Daydreaming (1987)

01. Daydreaming
02. Yo Love
03. Fishnet
04. Mans Pride
05. Standing on the Line
06. Are You Ready
07. Love Is a Game
08. Moonlite (Passionlite)
09. Sally

Album: Pandemonium (1990)

01. Dreamland
02. Pandemonium
03. Sexy Socialites
04. Jerk Out
05. Yount
06. Blondie
07. Donald Trump
08. Chocolate
09. Cooking Class
10. Skillet
11. It's Your World
12. Sometimes I Get Lonely
13. Data Bank
14. My Summertime Thang
15. Pretty Little Women

Album: Guaranteed (1992)

01. Gimme What'cha Got
02. Circle of Love
03. Deeper
04. My Special
05. Everlasting
06. Guaranteed
07. Angel Don't
08. Changes
09. Meant to Be Together
10. Who's That Girl

Album: The Best Of (1997)

01. Cool
02. Get It Up
03. Girl
04. 777-9311
05. Gigolos Get Lonely Too
06. The Walk
07. Wild And Loose
08. Chili Sauce
09. Jungle Love
10. The Bird
11. The Oak Tree

Album: It's About Time (2004)

01. The Bird
02. Jungle Love
03. Gigolos Get Lonely Too
04. Cool
05. Ice Cream Castles
06. Get It Up 777
07. Girl
08. Fishnet
09. Ain't A Damn Thing Changed
10. In My Ride (Feat. E-40)
11. Two Drink Minimum
12. Last Night

Album: Condensate (2011)

01. O7ven intro
02. Strawberry Lake
03. O7ven Press Conference
04. Condensate
05. #Trendin
06. If I Was Yo Man
07. Role Play
08. Sick
09. Lifestyle
10. Faithful
11. Cadillac
13. One Step
14. Toast To The Party Girl
15. Hey Yo
16. GoHomeToYoMan


Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Collection of Whodini

Coming out of the fertile early-'80s New York rap scene, Whodini were one of the first rap groups to add a straight R&B twist to their music, thus laying the groundwork for the new jack swing movement. The group consisted of rappers Jalil Hutchins and John "Ecstasy" Fletcher, adding legendary DJ Drew "Grandmaster Dee" Carter, known for being able to scratch records with nearly every part of his body, in 1983. Whodini made its name with good-humored songs like "Magic's Wand" (the first rap song to feature an accompanying video), "The Haunted House of Rock" (a rewrite of "Monster Mash"), and "Freaks Come Out at Night," and their live shows were the first rap concerts to feature official dancers (U.T.F.O. members Doctor Ice and Kangol Kid). Following 1987's Open Sesame, Whodini went on hiatus due to problems with their record company, as well as to concentrate on new families. The group attempted a comeback in 1991 with Bag-a-Trix without much success, despite receiving their due as rap innovators. Five years later, Whodini returned with their sixth album, appropriately titled Six. The album disappeared shortly after its release. Allmusic by Steve Huey

Album: Whodini (1983)

01. The Haunted House Of Rock
02. Nasty Lady
03. Underground
04. It's All In Mr Magic's Wand
05. Magic's Wand
06. Yours For A Night
07. Rap Machine
08. The Haunted House Of Rock (Vocoder Version)

Album: Escape (1984)

01. Five Minutes Of Funk
02. Freaks Come Out At Night
03. Featuring Grandmaster Dee
04. Big Mouth
05. Escape (I Need A Break)
06. Friends
07. Out Of Control
08. We Are Whodini

Album: Back In Black (1986)

01. Funky Beat
02. One Love
03. Growing Up
04. I'm A Ho
05. How Dare You
06. Fugitive
07. Echo Scratch
08. Last Night (I had a Long Talk with Myself)
09. The Good Part
10. The Whodini Mega Mix

Album: Open Sesame (1987)

01. Rock You Again(Again & Again)
02. Be Yourself(Featuring Millie Jackson)
03. Cash Money
04. Hoked On You
05. Early Mother's Day Card
06. Now That Whodini's Inside The Joint
07. Life Is Like A Dance
08. You Brought It On Yourself
09. I'm Def(Jump Back And Kiss Myself)
10. Remember Where You Came From
11. For The Body
12. You Take My Breath Away

Album: Bag A Trix (1991)

01. The Intro
02. Judy
03. Freaks
04. Smilin' Faces Sometimes
05. Bag A Trix
06. Taste Of Love
07. Inside The Joint
08. Lovers Or Friends
09. The Party Don't Start
10. Day To Day
11. Milk My Cow
12. Nite For Jammin'
13. That's Life
14. Bad Case Of Love

Album: Six (1996)

01. Brooklyn(Intro)
02. Runnin' Em
03. Be My Lady
04. Here He Comes(Interlude)
05. Can't Get Enough
06. Keep Running Back
07. If You Want It
08. Turn The Whole World Around(Interlude)
09. Let Me Get Some
10. VIP
11. Still Want More
12. NBA(Interlude)
13. Keep Running Back(Remix)

Album: Funky Beat - The Best Of Whodini (2006)

01. Magic's Wand
02. Haunted House of Rock
03. Five Minutes of Funk
04. Freaks Come Out at Night
05. Big Mouth
06. Escape (I Need a Break)
07. Friends
08. Funky Beat
09. One Love
10. I'm a Ho
11. Be Yourself
12. Rock You Again (Again & Again)
13. Judy
14. Keep Running Back
15. The Whodini Mega Mix


Sunday, March 29, 2015


Collection of Kleeer

Kleeer was a New York-based disco/funk group headed by drummer, arranger, songwriter, and vocalist Woody Cunningham. The group -- fleshed out by vocalist/percussionist Paul Crutchfield, guitarist Richard Lee, and bassist Norman Durham -- formed in 1972 as the backing group for the Choice 4. Two years later, they broke off on their own and changed their name to the Jam Band. For a brief period, the Jam Band backed up Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes for touring purposes and even appeared with the group on the TV program The Midnight Special.

Another change came in 1975, when the Jam Band changed names again to Pipeline. The switch reflected the quartet's decision to become a hard rock band. A number of major labels balked on signing the group, but Columbia picked them up and released a single ("Gypsy Rider") that didn't fare well commercially.

Pipeline was confronted with the bizarre opportunity to become the Universal Robot Band in 1976. Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael, underground disco legends with skills in all departments of record-making, had released a single under that name -- but there really was no proper band. Pipeline decided to become the Universal Robot Band and recorded and toured under that name until 1978. The quartet's desire to become self-sufficient again resulted in their defection.

Re-named Kleeer, Cunningham, Crutchfield, Lee, and Durham became a funk band with dance floor leanings. The first song they cut as Kleeer, "Keeep Your Body Workin'," was liked by Atlantic enough to be included on a compilation. The response from DJs was overwhelmingly positive and resulted in a recording contract. (Ironically, Atlantic had rejected the group when they were Pipeline.) Between 1979 and 1985, the group released seven albums for the label and frequented the R&B charts with a series of minor hits. Three songs cracked the Top 40 -- 1979's "Tonight's the Night (Good Time)" (#33), 1980's "Winners" (#23), and 1981's "Get Tough" (#15). Nine others entered the R&B chart. Despite never becoming major players in the U.S., they were able to cultivate a rabid cult following in the U.K.

Kleeer disappeeered after the 1985 album Seeekret; Atlantic capped off the group's prolific run the following year with Kleeer Winners: The Best of Kleeer. The group re-appeared briefly in the ‘90s; most members remained active session musicians long after the group's dissolution, and Cunningham went on to record into the 2000s as a solo artist. Kleeer's recordings have long since become a source for several rap hits, including 2Pac's "California Love," and DJ Quik's "Tonight."

Album: I Love To Dance (1979)

01. Tonight's The Night (Good Time)
02. Keeep Your Body Workin'
03. Happy Me
04. I Love To Dance
05. It's Magic
06. To Groove You
07. Amour
08. Kleeer Sailin'

Album: Winners (1979)

01. Winners
02. I Still Love You
03. Your Way
04. Close To You
05. Rollin' On
06. Nothin' Said
07. Hunger For Your Love
08. Open Your Mind

Album: License to Dream (1981)

01. De Kleeer Ting
02. Running Back To You
03. Sippin' & Kissin'
04. Hypnotized
05. License to Dream
06. Get Tough
07. Say You Love Me
08. Where Would I Be

Album: Get Ready (1982)

01. Get Ready
02. Pritty Things
03. Slidin' & Glidin'
04. Stonseee
05. She Said She Loves Me
06. Say You'll Stay
07. Your Love Is What I Need

Album: Taste The Music (1982)

01. Taste The Music
02. I've Had Enough
03. De Ting Continues
04. Wall To Wall
05. I Shall Get Over
06. Fella
07. Swann
08. Affirmative Mood

Album: Intimate Connection (1984)

01. Ride It
02. You Did It Again
03. Go For It
04. Intimate Connection
05. Next Time It's For Real
06. Break
07. Tonight
08. Do You Want To

Album: Seeekret (1985)

01. Take Your Heart Away
02. You Got Me Rockin'
03. Lay Ya Down Ez
04. Seeekret
05. Do Not Lie To Me
06. Never Cry Again
07. Call My Name
08. Groove With You

Album: The Very Best Of Kleeer (1998)

01. Tonight's The Night(Good Time)
02. Keeep Your Body Workin'
03. Winners
04. Open Your Mind
05. Get Tough
06. Running Back To You
07. Taste The Music
08. De Ting Continues
09. She Said She Loves Me(single version)
10. Next Time It's For Real(single version)
11. Intimate Connection
12. Tonight
13. Take Your Heart Away(new edit)


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Soul II Soul

Collection of Soul II Soul

Led by producer/vocalist/songwriter Jazzie B., Soul II Soul were one of the most innovative dance/R&B outfits of the late '80s, creating a seductive, deep R&B that borrowed from Philly soul, disco, reggae, and '80s hip-hop. Originally featuring Jazzie B., producer/arranger Nellee Hooper, and instrumentalist Philip "Daddae" Harvey, the musical collective came together in the late '80s. The group had a residency at the Africa Centre in London's Covent Garden, which led to a record contract with 10, a subsidiary of Virgin. Two singles, "Fairplay" and "Feel Free," began to attract attention both in clubs and in the press.

Featuring the vocals of Caron Wheeler, Soul II Soul's third single, "Keep on Movin'," reached the U.K. Top Ten in March of 1989. Released in the summer of 1989, "Back to Life" also featured Wheeler and became another Top Ten hit. Soul II Soul released their debut album, Club Classics, Vol. 1, shortly afterward. The album was released in America under the title Keep on Movin'; both "Keep on Movin'" and "Get a Life" became substantial hits, propelling the album to double platinum status.

Wheeler left the group before the recording of the group's second album, Vol. II: 1990 - A New Decade. The album debuted at number one in the U.K., yet it caught the group in a holding pattern. Hooper soon left the collective, leaving Jazzie B. to soldier on alone. Hooper went on to work with several of the most influential and popular acts of the early '90s, including Massive Attack (Blue Lines), Björk (Debut and Post), Madonna (Bedtime Stories), and U2 ("Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me"). In 1992, Soul II Soul released Vol. III: Just Right, to both lukewarm reviews and sales. After the compilation Vol. IV: The Classic Singles, the group's next studio album, Vol. V: Believe, appeared in 1995.

Album: Vol.1 Club Classics (1989)

01. Keep On Movin' (feat. Caron Wheeler)
02. Fairplay (feat. Rose Windross)
03. Holdin' On (Bambelela)
04. Feeling Free (Live Rap)
05. African Dance
06. Dance
07. Feel Free (feat. Do 'Reen)
08. Happiness (Dub)
09. Back To Life (Accapella)
10. Jazzie's Groove
11. Back To Life (Single Edit) (Bonus Track)

Album: Vol.2 A New Decade (1990)

01. Get A Life
02. Love Come Through
03. People
04. Missing You
05. Courtney Blows
06. 1990 A New Decade
07. A Dream's A Dream
08. Time
09. In The Heat Of The Night
10. Our Time Has Now Come

Album: Vol.3 Just Right (1992)

01. Joy
02. Take Me Higher
03. Storm
04. Direction
05. Just Right
06. Move Me No Mountain
07. Intelligence
08. Future
09. Mood
10. Everywhere

Album: Vol.4 The Classic Singles 1988-1993 (1993)

01. Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)
02. Keep on Movin'
03. Get a Life
04. A Dream's a Dream
05. Missing You
06. Just Right
07. Move Me No Mountain
08. People
09. Fairplay
10. Jazzie's Groove
11. Wish
12. Joy
13. Keep on Movin' [Mafia and Fluxy Mix]
14. Fairplay [Ethnic Boys Mix]
15. Back to Life [Bonus Beats]

Album: Vol.5 Believe (1995)

01. Love Enuff
02. Ride On
03. How Long
04. Feeling
05. Universal Love
06. Be A Man
07. Zion
08. Don't You Dream
09. Game Dunn
10. Sunday
11. Pride
12. I Care (Soul II Soul)
13. B Groove

Album: Vol.6 Time For A Change (1997)

01. Camdino Soul
02. Pleasure Dome
03. Thank You
04. Dare to Differ
05. Get Away
06. I Feel Love
07 Trains
08. Time for Change
09. Party on the Cliffs
10. Limit Is the Sky

Album: The Club Mix Hits (1998)

01. A Dreams A Dream (Club Dub)
02. Fairplay (Freestyle Horns)
03. Get A Life (Club Mix)
04. Jazzie's Groove (New Version)
05. I Care (Soul II Soul) (12' Master)
06. Joy (Club Mix - 7' Edit)
07. Just Right (Club Mix)
08. Love Enuff (Todd Terry House Mix Edit)
09. Move Me No Mountain (Club Mix)
10. Wish (Juni Mix)
11. Missing You (The Healer Mix)
12. Feel Free (12')
13. Back To Life (Accapella)

Album: Club Classics Vol. 1 - 10th Anniversary Edition (1999)

01. Keep On Movin' [Featuring Caron Wheeler]
02. Fairplay [Featuring Rose Windross]
03. Holdin' On [Bambelela]
04. Feeling Free [Live Rap]
05. African Dance
06. Dance
07. Feel Free [Featuring Do'reen]
08. Happiness [Dub]
09. Back To Life [Acapella]
10. Jazzie's Groove
11. Ambition Rap
12. Keep On Movin' [Big Beat A Capella]
13. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)
14. Jazzie's Groove [Piano Version] [M Beat Bonus Mix]
15. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) [One World Remix]
16. Keep On Movin' [M Beat Bonus Mix]


Lillo Thomas

Collection of Lillo Thomas

Lillo Thomas was a world-class sprinter at 16, setting the world record for the 200 meters at 20.8 seconds. But an automobile accident in Brazil prevented him from appearing in the 1984 Olympics, for which he had qualified. Thomas left athletics behind for music, and toured with comedian Eddie Murphy in 1985. He became a successful session vocalist, doing vocals on releases by Evelyn "Champagne" King, Kashif, James Ingram, George Benson, and Melba Moore, among others, while also writing "Mind Up Tonight" for Moore. He landed his own solo deal with Capitol, and began getting singles on the charts. "Your Love's Got a Hold on Me" was his first Top 20 R&B single in 1984, and Thomas enjoyed his biggest year in 1987 with three Top Ten R&B hits. "I'm in Love" reached number two and remains his most successful single. Thomas collaborated with Paul Laurence on songs recorded by Freddie Jackson and Moore. He has also successfully acted and painted.

Album: Let Me Be Yours (1983)

01. I Love It
02. Trust Me
03. Who Do You Think You Are
04. Just My Imagination
05. Hot Love
06. (You're A) Good Girl
07. Joy Of Your Love
08. Let Me Be Yours

Album: All Of You (1984)

01. Your Love's Got A Hold On Me
02. Holding On
03. Show Me
04. Settle Down
05. All Of You
06. My Girl
07. Never Give You Up
08. I Like Your Style

Album: Lillo (1987)

01. I'm In Love
02. Her Love
03. Sweet Surrender
04. That Guy (Could Have Been Me)
05. Sexy Girl
06. Wanna Make Love
07. I've Been Loving You For Too Long (To Stop Now)
08. Down Town
09. Put your Foot Down

Album: The Very Best of Lillo Thomas (2001)

01. I'm in Love
02. My Girl
03. Sweet Surrender
04. (You're A) Good Girl
05. (Can't Take Half) All of You
06. Wanna Make Love (All Night Long)
07. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
08. That Guy (Could of Been Me)
09. Holding On
10. Am I to Blame
11. Sexy Girl
12. That's How Love Can Go
13. Downtown
14. I've Been Loving You Too Long


Karyn White

Collection of Karyn White

Contemporary pop/R&B singer Karyn White was born in Los Angeles, where her father played trumpet and her mother was a church choir director. White gained experience singing in choir and also in local talent shows and beauty pageants. She sang with local band Legacy and then toured with R&B vocalist O'Bryan in 1984. A lead vocal on instrumentalist Jeff Lorber's "Facts of Life" led to Warner Bros. signing her. The self-titled debut, released in 1988, featured "The Way You Love Me," "Love Saw It," and "Superwoman"; the album sold two million copies. Her gold follow-up, Ritual of Love (1991), featured production by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Karyn White later married Lewis and together they had a daughter, Ashley. Jam & Lewis also contributed production help on 1994's Make Him Do Right. Allmusic by John Bush

Album: Karyn White (1987)

01. The Way You Love Me
02. Secret Rendezvous
03. Slow Down
04. Superwoman
05. Family Man
06. Love Saw It
07. Don't Mess With Me
08. Tell Me Tomorrow
09. One Wish

Album: Ritual of Love (1991)

01. Romantic
02. Ritual Of Love
03. The Way I Feel About You
04. Hooked On You
05. Walkin' The Dog
06. Love That's Mine
07. How I Want You
08. One Heart
09. Tears Of Joy
10. Beside You
11. Do Unto Me
12. Hard To Say Goodbye

Album: Make Him Do Right (1994)

01. Hungah
02. Can I Stay With You
03. Weakness
04. Nobody But My Baby
05. Here Comes The Pain Again
06. I'd Rather Be Alone
07. Make Him Do Right
08. Simple Pleasures
09. I'm Your Woman
10. Thinkin' 'bout Love
11. One Minute

Album: Superwoman - The Best Of (2007)

01. The Way You Love Me
02. Romantic
03. Superwoman
04. The Way I Feel About You
05. Facts Of Life (Feat. Jeff Lorber)
06. Love Saw It (Feat. Babyface)
07. All I Do
08. Hungah
09. Secret Rendezvous
10. Tears Of Joy
11. Can I Stay With You
12. Here Comes The Pain Again
13. Disconnected
14. I'd Rather Be Alone

Album: Carpe Diem (2012)

01. Sista Sista
02. Dance Floor
03. This Hot
04. Sooo Weak
05. Unbreakable
06. Interlude (Costine & Lee)07. My Heart Cries
08. True Colors
09. Carpe Diem (Seize The Day)
10. Heaven
11. Sista Sista (Acoustic)


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