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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ashford & Simpson

Collection of Ashford & Simpson

Nickolas Ashford (b. May 4, 1942, Fairfield, SC) and Valerie Simpson (b. Aug 26, 1946, New York City) have two careers, as songwriters and as performers, with the former seemingly more important than the latter until the mid-'80s. The two met in 1964 and scored their first songwriting hit in 1966 with Ray Charles' recording of their "Let's Go Get Stoned." After a period at Scepter Records, they moved to Motown, where they wrote hits for the duo of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell ("Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing," "You're All I Need to Get By"). When Diana Ross left the Supremes for a solo career, Ashford & Simpson wrote "Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand" for her.

Their own performing career was launched in 1973 with Keep It Comin' on Motown and Gimme Something Real on Warner Bros. Their first success came in 1977 with the gold-selling Send It, which contained the Top Ten R&B hit "Don't Cost You Nothing." Is It Still Good to Ya, a second gold album, contained the number two R&B hit "It Seems to Hang On" in 1978. Stay Free, their third straight gold album, contained "Found a Cure," another R&B smash that also made the Top 40 on the pop chart. A Musical Affair, in 1980, featured the hit "Love Don't Make It Right," but was not as successful as previous efforts.

Meanwhile, Ashford & Simpson continued to work with other artists, scoring successes with Ross, Chaka Khan ("I'm Every Woman"), and Gladys Knight. Their own career saw a resurgence in 1984 with Solid, which went gold and produced the R&B number one "Solid" (number 12 on the pop charts), "Outta the World," and "Babies." During the late '80s and two following decades, Ashford & Simpson continued to tour and record sporadically. Allmusic by William Ruhlmann

Album: Gimme Something Real (1973)

01. Bend Me
02. Time
03. Have You Ever Tried It
04. Gimme Something Real
05. Can You Make It Brother
06. I'm Determined
07. Ain't That Good Enough
08. I Need Your Light
09. Anywhere

Album: I Wanna Be Selfish (1974)

01. Spoiled
02. Everybody's Got To Give It Up
03. I Wanna Be Selfish
04. I Had A Love
05. Main Line
06. Ain't That Something
07. Don't Fight It
08. Ain't Nothin' But A Maybe
09. Over To Where You Are
10. Take All The Time You Need

Album: Come As You Are (1976)

01. It'll Come, It'll Come, It'll Come
02. One More Try
03. Believe In Me
04. Caretake
05. Somebody Told A Lie
06. Tell It Al
07. Sell The House
08. It Came To Me

Album: So So Satisfied (1977)

01. Tried, Tested & Found Time
02. Couldn't Get Enough
03. Maybe I Can Find It
04. Destiny
05. So So Satisfied
06. Over & Over
07. It's You
08. If You're Lying

Album: Send It (1977)

01. By Way Of Love's Express
02. Let Love Use Me
03. Don't Cost You Nothing
04. Send It
05. Top Of The Stairs
06. Too Bad
07. Bourgie Bourgie
08. Waited Too Long

Album: Is It Still Good To Ya (1978)

01. It Seems To Hang On
02. Is It Still Good To Ya
03. The Debt Is Settled
04. Ain't It A Shame
05. Get Up And Do Something
06. You Always Could
07. Flashback
08. As Long As It Holds You

Album: Stay Free (1979)

01. I Found A Cure
02. Stay Free
03. Dance Forever
04. Nobody Knows
05. Crazy
06. Finally Got To Me
07. Follow Your Heart

Album: A Musical Affair (1980)

01. Love Don't Make It Right
02. Rushing To
03. I Ain't Asking For Your Love
04. Make It To The Sky
05. We'll Meet Again
06. You Never Left Me Alone
07. Get Out Your Handkerchief
08. Happy Endings

Album: Performance (1981)

01. Bourgié Bourgié
02. Nobody Knows
03. You're All I Need
04. It Seems to Hang On
05. Don't Cost You Nothing
06. Medley Landlord, Clouds, the Boss
07. Is It Still Good to Ya
08. I Need Your Light
09. Love Don't Make It Right
10. Found a Cure
11. It Shows in the Eyes
12. It's the Long Run
13. Come On Pretty Baby

Album: Street Opera (1982)

01. Love It Away
02. Make It Work Again
03. Mighty Might Love
04. I'll Take the Whole World on
05. Street Opera

Album: High-Rise (1983)

01. High-Rise
02. Side Effect
03. Experience (Love Had No Face)
04. It's a Rush
05. My Kinda Pick Me Up
06. I'm Not That Tough
07. It's Much Deeper
08. Still Such as Thing

Album: Solid (1984)

01. Solid
02. Outta The World
03. The Jungle
04. Honey I Love You
05. Babies
06. The Closest To Love
07. Cherish Forever More
08. Tonight We Escape (We Make Love)
09. Solid - Special Club Mix
10. Street Corner
11. Babies - Extended Mix
12. Outta The World - 12 Dub Version

Album: Real Love (1986)

01. Count Your Blessings
02. Real Love
03. Nobody Walks In L.A.
04. How Does It Fit
05. Relations
06. What Becomes Of Love
07. Way Ahead
08. 10th Round

Album: Love Or Physical (1989)

01. Love or Physical
02. I'll Be There For You
03. Comes With The Package
04. Til We Get It Right
05. Something To You
06. In Your Arms
07. Cookies and Cake
08. Timing

Album: The Best Of (1993)

01. It Seems To Hang On
02. Found A Cure
03. Street Corner
04. Love It Away
05. I'll Take The Whole World On
06. High-Rise
07. Experience (Love Had No Face)
08. My Kinda Pick Me Up
09. Solid
10. Outta The World
11. Babies
12. Count Your Blessings
13. Nobody Walks In L.A.
14. Love Or Physical
15. Cookies And Cake
16. I'll Be There For You

Album: The Very Best Of Ashford & Simpson (2002)

01. Medley - You're All I Need To Get By-Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
02. I'd Know You Anywhere
03. Somebody Told A Lie
04. Send It
05. Don't Cost You Nothing
06. By Way Of Love's Express
07. Stuff Like That
08. It Seems To Hang On
09. Is It Still Good To Ya
10. Found A Cure
11. Nobody Knows
12. Love Don't Make It Right
13. Happy Endings
14. Street Corner
15. Solid

Album: Hits, Remixes and Rarities The Warner Brothers Years (2008)


01. Over & Over (12'' Disco Mix)
02. Have You Ever Tried It
03. Everybody's Got To Give It Up
04. One More Try (12'' Disco Mix)
05. Tried, Tested & Found True (12'' Disco Mix)
06. Send It
07. Top Of The Stairs
08. Don't Cost You Nothing (12'' Disco Mix)
09. It Seems To Hang On (12'' Disco Mix)
10. Found A Cure (12'' Disco Mix)
11. Nobody Knows (12'' Disco Mix)
12. Love Don't Make It Right (12'' Disco Mix)
13. Stay Free
14. Bourgie Bourgie


01. Found A Cure (A Tom Moulton Mix)
02. It Seems To Hang On (Tommy Musto Re-Edit)
03. One More Try (Dimitri Re-Edit)
04. Bourgie Bourgie (Joe Claussell's Classic Remix)
05. Over And Over (Simphouse M&M Mix)
06. Stay Free (Dim's The Missing Mix)
07. Love Don't Make It Right (Joey Negro Mix)
08. Tried, Tested & Found True (Simphouse-M&M Soulful Mix)
09. Stay Free (Dim's Club Mix)

Album: The Real Thing (2009)

01. It's Much Deeper
02. Your Precious Love
03. Stay Free
04. Found A Cure
05. Still Such A Thing
06. Solid
07. Gimme Something Real
08. I'm Every Woman
09. I'm Not That Tough
10. Let's Go Get Stoned
11. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
12. You're All I Need To Get By
13. Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)
14. Ain't No Mountain High Enough



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