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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Stylistics

Collection of The Stylistics

After the Spinners and the O'Jays, the Stylistics were the leading Philly soul group produced by Thom Bell. During the early '70s, the band had 12 straight Top Ten hits, including "You Are Everything," "Betcha by Golly, Wow," "I'm Stone in Love With You," "Break Up to Make Up," and "You Make Me Feel Brand New." Of all their peers, the Stylistics were one of the smoothest and sweetest soul groups of their era. All of their hits were ballads, graced by the soaring falsetto of Russell Thompkins, Jr. and the lush yet graceful productions of Bell, which helped make the Stylistics one of the most successful soul groups of the first half of the '70s.

The Stylistics formed in 1968, when members of the Philadelphia soul groups the Monarchs and the Percussions joined forces after their respective band dissolved. Thompkins, James Smith, and Airrion Love hailed from the Monarchs; James Dunn and Herbie Murrell were from the Percussions. In 1970, the group recorded "You're a Big Girl Now," a song their road manager Marty Bryant co-wrote with Robert Douglas, a member of their backing band Slim and the Boys, and the single became a regional hit for Sebring Records. The larger Avco Records soon signed the Stylistics, and single eventually climbed to number seven in early 1971.

Once they were on Avco, the Stylistics began working with producer/songwriter Thom Bell, who had previously worked with the Delfonics. The Stylistics became Bell's pet project and with lyricist Linda Creed, he crafted a series of hit singles that relied as much on the intricately arranged and lush production as they did on Thompkins' falsetto. Every single that Bell produced for the Stylistics was a Top Ten R&B hit, and several -- "You Are Everything," "Betcha by Golly, Wow," "I'm Stone in Love With You," "Break Up to Make Up," and "You Make Me Feel Brand New" -- were also Top Ten pop hits.

Following "You Make Me Feel Brand New" in the spring of 1974, the Stylistics broke away from Bell and began working with Van McCoy, who helped move the group towards a softer, easy listening style. In 1976, they left Avco and signed with H&L. The group's American record sales declined, yet they remained popular in Europe, particularly in Great Britain, where "Sing Baby Sing" (1975), "Na Na Is the Saddest Word" (1975), "Can't Give You Anything" (1975), and "Can't Help Falling in Love" (1976) were all Top Five hits. The Stylistics continued to tour and record throughout the latter half of the '70s, as their popularity steadily declined. In 1980, Dunn left the group because of poor health, and he was followed later that year by Smith. The remaining Stylistics continued performing as a trio on oldies shows into the '90s.

Album: The Stylistics (1971)

01. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
02. Point Of No Return
03. Betcha By Golly, Wow
04. Country Living
05. You're A Big Girl Now
06. You Are Everything
07. People Make The World Go Round
08. Ebony Eyes
09. If I Love You

Album: Round 2 (1972)

01. I'm Stone In Love With You
02. If You Don't Watch Out
03. You And Me
04. It's Too Late
05. Children Of The Night
06. You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)
07. Break Up To Make Up
08. Peek-A-Boo
09. You're As Right As Rain
10. Pieces

Album: Rockin' Roll Baby (1973)

01. Only For The Children
02. Could This Be The End
03. Let Them Work It Out
04. Make It Last
05. Pay Back Is A Dog
06. Love Comes Easy
07. There's No Reason
08. Rockin' Roll Baby
09. You Make Me Feel Brand New
10. I Won't Give You Up

Album: Let's Put It All Together (1974)

01. Let's Put It All Together
02. I Got A Letter
03. We Can Make It Happen Again
04. Keepin My Fingers Crossed
05. You Make Me Feel Brand New
06. I Got Time On My Hands
07. Doin' The Streets
08. I Take It Out On You
09. Love Is The Answer (Vocal)
10. Love Is The Answer (Instrumental)

Album: Heavy (1974)

01. The Miracle
02. She Did A Number On Me
03. Star On A Tv Show
04. Heavy Fallin' Out
05. Whats Happenin Baby
06. Go Now
07. Dont Put It Down Till You Been There
08. Hey Girl Come And Get It
09. From The Mountain

Album: Thank You Baby (1975)

01. Thank You Baby
02. Cant Give You Anything (But My love)
03. What Goes Around Comes Around
04. I'd Rather Be Hurt By You
05. Disco Baby
06. Tears And Souvenirs
07. A Honky Tonk Cafe
08. Im Gonna Win
09. Stay
10. Sing Baby Sing

Album: You Are Beautiful (1975)

01. Funky Weekend
02. Jenny
03. That Dont Shake Me
04. Na Na Is The Sadest Word
05. Michael Or Me
06. The Day The Clown Came To Town
07. You Are Beautiful
08. To Save My Rock N Roll Soul
09. If You Are There
10. We Just Cant Help It

Album: The Best Of The Stylistics (1975)

01. You Make Me Feel Brand New
02. Betcha By Golly, Wow
03. Rockin' Roll Baby
04. Break Up to Make Up
05. You're a Big Girl Now
06. I'm Stone in Love With you
07. Heavy Fallin' Out
08. Let's Put it all Together
09. You Are Everything
10. People Make the World Go Round

Album: Fabulous (1976)

01. Because I Love You, Girl
02. Can't Help Falling In Love
03. Maybe It's Because You're Lonely
04. You Are
05. It's So Good
06. Sixteen Bars
07. Baby, Don't Change Your Mind
08. I Will Love You Always
09. Starvin' For Love
10. You Ought to Be With Me

Album: Once Upon a Juke Box (1977)

01. The Great Pretender
02. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
03. Only You (And You Alone)
04. Don't Get Around Much Anyone
05. My Funny Valentine
06. Don't Worry ' Bout Me
07. Unchained Melody
08. Satin Doll
09. After The Lights Go Down Low
10. Send For Me

Album: Sun & Soul (1977)

01. Shame And Scandal In The Family
02. I'm Coming Home
03. So What !
04. Put A Little Love Away
05. Our Love Will Never Die
06. I Plead Guilty
07. $ 7000, And You
08. My Love, Come Live With Me
09. I Run To You
10. I'm Sorry

Album: In Fashion (1978)

01. There'll Never Be Another You
02. First Impressions
03. You're The Best Thing In My
04. Looking At Love Again
05. I Can't Stop Livin'
06. I Just Cant Stop Loving You
07. Your Love's Too Good To Be Forgotten
08. Smooth
09. California Sun
10. Sail Away

Album: Wonder Woman (1978)

01. Give a Little Love
02. That Same Old Feeling
03. Fool of the Year
04. Green Grass, Shade Trees
05. Wonder Woman
06. A Good Thing Goin' On
07. I Think About You
08. Lucky Me
09. A Rock and a Hard Place
10. One Way Trip to Paradise

Album: Love Spell (1979)

01. Love Spell
02. You Make Me Feel So Doggone Good
03. One Night Affair
04. Broken Wing
05. Between Hello And Goodbye
06. Don't Know Where I'm Going
07. Love At First Sight
08. Fantasy
09. I Won't Forget To Tell You I Love You

Album: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1979)

01. The Lion Sleeps Tonight 1
02. Sunday In The Chapel
03. Make Believe
04. Where You Are
05. Fly
06. School For Lovers
07. We'll Live The Good Life Together
08. Music Is Another Word For Love

Album: Hurry Up This Way Again (1980)

01. Driving Me Wild
02. And I'll See You No More
03. Found A Love You Couldn't Handle
04. Maybe It's Love This Time
05. Hurry Up This Way Again
06. It Started Out
07. I Have You, You Have Me
08. Is There Something On Your Mind

Album: Closer Than Close (1981)

01. What's Your Name
02. I've Got This Feeling
03. Mine All Mine
04. Habit
05. Searchin'
06. It's Only Love
07. Closer than Close
08. Almost There

Album: 1982 (1982)

01. We Could Be Lovers
02. United
03. Call On You
04. My Heart
05. Always Something There To Remind Me
06. You're Leaving
07. Don't Come Telling Me Lies
08. Lighten Up

Album: Some Things Never Change (1984)

01. Some Things Never Change
02. Give A Little Love For Love
03. Don't Change
04. The Girl In Yellow
05. Row Your Love
06. Love Is Not The Answer
07. Hooked On Your Lovin'
08. When Will I Learn
09. Just The Two Of Us

Album: The Best Of The Stylistics (1996)

01. Can't Give You Anything
02. You Make Me Feel Brand New
03. Let's Put It All Together
04. You'll Never Get To Heaven
05. Rockin' Roll Baby
06. Sing Baby Sing
07. Na Na Is The Saddest Word
08. 7000 Dollars And You
09. Star On A TV Show
10. I'm Stone In Love With You
11. Betcha By Golly, Wow
12. Funky Weekend
13. Peek-A-Boo
14. Can't Help Falling In Love
15. Stop, Look, Listen
16. Sixteen Bars
17. Break Up To Make Up
18. You Are Everything

Album: Greatest Hits (1999)

01. Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)
02. You Make Me Feel Brand New
03. Let's Put It All Together
04. You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)
05. Rockin' Roll Baby
06. Sing Baby Sing
07. Na Na Is The Saddest Word
08. 7000 Dollars And You
09. Star On A TV Show
10. I'm Stone In Love With You
11. Betcha By Golly, Wow
12. Funky Weekend
13. Peek-A-Boo
14. Can't Help Falling In Love
15. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
16. Sixteen Bars
17. Break Up To Make Up
18. You Are Everything

Album: The Very Best Of The Stylistics (2007)

01. Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)
02. You Make Me Feel Brand New
03. Sing Baby Sing
04. Betcha By Golly, Wow
05. Rockin' Roll Baby
06. I'm Stone In Love With You
07. Let's Put It All Together
08. Sixteen Bars
09. Na Na Is The Saddest Word
10. Peek-A-Boo
11. Break Up To Make Up
12. Funky Weekend
13. You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)
14. 7000 Dollars & You
15. You're A Big Girl Now
16. Hey Girl Come And Get It
17. Thank You Baby
18. You Are Everything
19. People Make The World Go Round
20. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
21. Heavy Fallin' Out


Lisa Stansfield

Collection of Lisa Stansfield

English vocalist Lisa Stansfield was the lead singer of the group the Blue Zone and featured on Coldcut's "People Hold On" in 1989. She zoomed into the spotlight with Affection in 1990. The album went platinum and earned her a number three pop and number one R&B single with "All Around the World." Affection and its follow-up, Real Love, were deeply influenced by the '70s disco sound of Barry White, from arrangements to mood and even Stansfield's own technique. After a long hiatus, she returned with a self-titled effort in 1997. The #1 Remixes EP followed a year later.

Album: Affection (1989)

01. This Is The Right Time
02. Mighty Love
03. Sincerity
04. The Love In Me
05. All Around The World
06. What Did I Do To You (7' Version)
07. Live Together
08. You Can't Deny It (US Version)
09. Poison
10. When Are You Coming Back
11. Affection
12. Wake Up Baby
13. The Way You Want It
14. People Hold On (Single Mix) feat. Coldcut
15. My Apple Heart
16. Lay Me Down
17. Something's Happenin'

Album: Real Love (1991)

01. Change
02. Real Love
03. Set Your Loving Free
04. I Will Be Waiting
05. All Woman
06. Soul Deep
07. Make Love To Ya
08. Time To Make You Mine
09. Symptoms Of Loneliness & Heartache
10. It's Got To Be Real
11. First Joy
12. Tenderly
13. A Little More Love
14. Whenever You're Gone
15. Everything Will Get Better
16. Change (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

Album: So Natural (1993)

01. So Natural
02. Never Set Me Free
03. I Give You Everything
04. Marvellous And Mine
05. Goodbye
06. Little Bit Of Heaven
07. Sweet Memories
08. She's Always There
09. Too Much Love Makin'
10. Turn Me On
11. Be Mine
12. In All The Right Places
13. Wish It Could Always Be This Way
14. Gonna Try It Anyway
15. Dream Away (w,BabyFace)
16. So Natural (No Preservatives Mix)

Album: Lisa Stansfield (1997)

01. Never Gonna Fall
02. The Real Thing
03. I'm Leavin'
04. Suzanne
05. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
06. Don't Cry For Me
07. The Line
08. The Very Thought Of You
09. You Know How To Love Me
10. I Cried My Last Tear Last Night
11. Honest
12. Somewhere In Time
13. Go Me Missing You
14. Footsteps
15. People Hold On (Bootleg Mix)
16. Breathtaking
17. Baby Come Back

Album: Swing (1999)

01. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
02. The Best Is Yet To Come
03. I Thought That's What You Liked About Me
04. Two Years Too Blue
05. Why Do We Call It Love
06. Ain't What You Do
07. Gotta Get On This Train
08. Martin's Theme
09. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
10. Our Love Is Here To Stay
11. Love Theme
12. Watch The Birdie
13. Martin's Theme (Reprise)
14. Blitzkrieg Baby
15. Mack The Knife

Album: Face Up (2001)

01. I've Got Something Better
02. Let's Just Call It Love
03. You Can Do That
04. How Could You
05. Candy
06. I'm Coming To Get You
07. 8-3-1
08. Wish On Me
09. Boyfriend
10. Don't Leave Me Now I'm In Love
11. Didn't I
12. Face Up
13. When The Last Sun Goes Down
14. All Over Me
15. Can't Wait To
16. You Get Me

Album: Live Rare Mixed (2003)

01. There Was I
02. Dirty Talk
03. The Answer
04. Sing It
05. Big Thing
06. Tenderly (Live)
07. Live Together,Young Hearts (Live)
08. People Hold On (Full Disco Mix)
09. Change (Driza Bone Remix)
10. Live Together (Massive Attack Mix)

Album: Biography The Greatest Hits (2003)


01. Change
02. Someday (I'm Coming Back)
03. This Is The Right Time
04. The Real Thing
05. People Hold On (featuring Coldcut)
06. In All The Right Places
07. So Natural
08. Time To Make You Mine
09. Live Together
10. Little Bit Of Heaven
11. Set Your Loving Free
12. Let's Just Call It Love
13. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
14. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (with Queen & George Michael)
15. Down In The Depths
16. All Woman
17. All Around The World


01. Change (Knuckles Mix)
02. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Knuckles Mix)
03. People Hold On (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Mix)
04. The Line (Black Science Orchestra Mix)
05. 8-3-1 (David Morales Club Mix Long Intro)
06. Never Gonna Fall (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Album: The Moment (2004)

01. Easier
02. Treat Me Like A Woman
03. When Love Breaks Down
04. Say It To Me Now
05. He Touches Me
06. Lay Your Hands On Me
07. The Moment
08. If I Hadn't Got You
09. Take My Heart
10. Love Without A Name
11. Takes A Woman To Know



Collection of Change

European-American collaborations were not uncommon during the disco and post-disco eras. Donna Summer's work with Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte was most prominent and groundbreaking, while Change was among the most noteworthy -- yet somewhat overlooked -- international acts to spring up during the early ‘80s. Driven by Guadeloupian producer Jacques Fred Petrus and Italian partner Mario Malavasi, Change is most commonly associated with “The Glow of Love,” a 1980 single featuring Luther Vandross over a wistful Chic-like production. Through a series of minor transformations -- a shifting array of vocalists and behind-the-scenes associates -- the group released 11 other charting singles from 1980 through 1985, as well as six charting albums, two of which peaked in the Top Ten of Billboard’s R&B Albums chart.

When Petrus and Malavasi conceptualized Change, they had several projects under their belts, including Macho, Midnight Band, Revanche, and Peter Jacques Band. They brought in guitarist Paolo Gianolio and bassist Davide Romani, composed instrumentals, then looked to the U.S. for an impressive crop of lyricists and vocalists -- Wayne Garfield (Roy Ayers, Candi Staton), Tanyayette Willoughby (Twennynine), Jocelyn Brown (Musique, Inner Life), and Luther Vandross (Chic, Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie). The result, Glow of Love, reached number ten on the R&B chart, driven by “Glow of Love” and “Searching” (with Vandross as lead vocalist, just prior to his solo breakthrough), “Angel in My Pocket” (a fusion of electronic Italo disco and Chic-style elegance led by Brown), and “A Lover’s Holiday” (boasting the type of snappy, upbeat group vocal that became a Petrus trademark through productions for High Fashion, the B.B. & Q. Band, and the Ritchie Family).

Some of the material for the group’s second album was written with Vandross in mind, but the singer and Petrus could not agree on contract issues, allowing James “Crab” Robinson -- who had recorded with Lonnie Liston Smith, Norman Connors, and Michal Urbaniak -- to enter the fold as a lead vocalist. While Vandross was still present in the background, Robinson was showcased, as was an assortment of females that included Brown (then credited as Jocelyn Shaw), Diva Gray, and Ullanda McCullough. That album, Miracles, was released in 1981 and repeated Glow of Love's feat, managing to top out at number nine with a relatively unique sound -- remarkably sleek, yet rhythmically robust -- highlighted by the number one club-chart triad “Paradise,” “Hold Tight,” and “Heaven of My Life.”

Compared to the group’s first two albums, Sharing Your Love (1982) and This Is Your Time (1983) were holding-pattern releases without a great deal of progression, though minor hits were spun off from both sets. Malavasi, Romani, and Robinson departed. Petrus responded in a shrewd way by hiring ex-Time members Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who were just starting to hit their stride with the S.O.S. Band and Cheryl Lynn, to produce 1984’s Change of Heart. The title song, featuring Deborah Cooper, reached number seven on the R&B chart, while newer fellow member Rick Brennan was used to best effect on “You Are My Melody,” a midtempo song that didn’t chart in the U.S. but stands among the group’s best output.

Timmy Allen, who also had a hand in the writing and production of Change of Heart, wrote three-fourths of 1985’s Turn on Your Radio and co-produced the album with Petrus. Its singles did not perform well, though there was some solid material, such as “Mutual Attraction” -- a song that could have held its own beside some of the year’s most advanced R&B, from Maze’s “Twilight” to Loose Ends' “Magic Touch.” Other songs, like the ballad “You’ll Always Be Part of Me,” resembled Jam and Lewis/S.O.S. Band outtakes. It would be the group’s last recording under the guidance of Petrus; the producer was murdered in 1987 at his Guadeloupe villa by a disgruntled tourist who, earlier that evening, had been denied entrance into Petrus’ night club. A few years later, Romani and a handful of fellow producers and musicians made another Change album -- a set of adequate, sophisticated, turn-of-the-‘90s R&B with some club grooves -- but it was shelved and didn’t see release until 2009 as Change Your Mind. The group’s 1980-1985 releases were reissued in a number of forms throughout the ‘90s and 2000s via labels like Rhino, Wounded Bird, and BBR. Allmusic by Andy Kellman

Album: The Glow Of Love (1980)

01. A Lover's Holiday
02. It's A Girl's Affair
03. Angel In My Pocket
04. Glow Of Love
05. Searching
06. The End
07. Searching (Parkside Remix)

Album: Miracles (1981)

01. Paradise
02. Hold Tight
03. Your Move
04. Stop for Love
05. On Top
06. Heaven of My Life
07. Miracles

Album: Sharing Your Love (1982)

01. Very Best in You
02. Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)
03. Oh What a Night
04. Promise Your Love
05. Everything and More
06. Sharing Your Love
07. Take You to Heaven
08. Keep on It
09. You're My Number 1
10. You're My Girl

Album: This Is Your Time (1983)

01. Got to Get Up
02. This Is Your Time
03. Angel
04. Magical Night
05. Stay'n Fit
06. Tell Me Why
07. You'll Never Realize
08. Don't Wait Another Night

Album: Change of Heart (1984)

01. Say You Love Me Again
02. Change of Heart
03. Warm
04. True Love
05. You Are My Melody
06. Lovely Lady
07. Got My Eyes on You
08. It Burns Me Up

Album: Turn On Your Radio (1985)

01. Turn on Your Radio
02. Let's Go Together
03. Examination
04. You'll Always Be Part of Me
05. Oh What a Feeling
06. Mutual Attraction
07. Love the Way You Love Me
08. If You Want My Love

Album: The Very Best Of Change (1998)

01. A Lover's Holiday
02. Searching
03. The Glow of Love
04. Paradise
05. Hold Tight
06. The Very Best in You
07. Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)
08. This Is Your Time
09. Don't Wait Another Night
10. Change of Heart
11. You Are My Melody
12. Say You Love Me Again
13. Turn on Your Radio
14. Let's Go Together

Album: The Final Collection (2007)


01. A Lover's Holiday
02. Paradise
03. The Very Best In You
04. Magical Night
05. You Are My Melody
06. Let's Go Together
07. The Glow Of Love
08. Hold Tight
09. Oh What A Night
10. Tell Me Why
11. Change Of Heart
12. It's A Girl Affair
13. Your Move
14. Lovely Lady


01. This Is Your Time
02. Oh What A Feeling (The Paul Hardcastle Re-Mix)
03. Searching
04. On Top
05. Got To Get Up
06. Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)
07. Angel In My Pocket
08. Don't Wait Another Night
09. Heaven Of My Life
10. Mutual Attraction
11. Say You Love Me Again
12. Angel
13. Promise Your Love
14. Miracles


Friday, May 25, 2012


Collection of Jodeci

If Boyz II Men are portrayed as a clean-cut, wholesome R&B vocal group, then Jodeci's wild, sexual, bad-boy image represents the other side of the coin. Made up of two sets of brothers, the group's name is a consolidation of three members' aliases: "JoJo" Hailey, Donald "DeVante Swing" DeGrate, and Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey; the group also includes Dalvin DeGrate. Natives of Charlotte, NC, all four members toured the South as young boys singing gospel music, even recording albums; both families belonged to the Pentecostal church, and the DeGrates' father was a minister. The boys were able to hear each other's gospel songs played on the radio, and eventually were introduced through girlfriends as teenagers. However, when they did meet, K-Ci was with a girl Dalvin had been dating, and a fight nearly broke out. The Hailey brothers and DeVante started hanging out together, partying and talking about making R&B records together, coming up with the name Jodeci at this time.

At age 16, DeVante ran away to Minneapolis to get a job in Prince's organization, but was refused. He returned to Charlotte, where he wrote a song and recorded JoJo singing it. The two planned on going to New York to shop the demo around by themselves, but both K-Ci and Dalvin decided to tag along at the last minute. By the time they got to New York, they had demo recordings of 29 songs, which they brought to the offices of Uptown Entertainment. They were almost rejected, but rapper Heavy D overheard the tape and talked Uptown president Andre Harrell into hearing the group. Harrell was impressed, and just like that, Jodeci signed a recording contract. In 1991, they recorded Forever My Lady, which featured the gold single "Come and Talk to Me" and went on to sell over three million copies. A minor feud resulted over the band's follow-up album, Diary of a Mad Band; Jodeci, unhappy with their treatment by Uptown, flirted with the idea of leaving for Dr. Dre's Death Row Records, which resulted in almost zero promotion for their new album. It didn't matter much, as Diary went platinum. The group's troubles got worse in 1993; DeVante and K-Ci were involved in an incident with a woman K-Ci met at a club and brought back to DeVante's apartment. The woman filed charges against the two, saying that K-Ci had threatened her and fondled her breast, while DeVante pointed a gun at her. Both pleaded guilty, but that wasn't all; shortly afterwards, DeVante's house was robbed of over 160,000 dollars in jewelry and clothes as the singer was held with guns in his mouth and at the back of his head.

Jodeci's third album, The Show, the After Party, the Hotel, was released in the summer of 1995. DeVante also was afforded the opportunity to work with Al Green, one of his idols, writing and producing the song "Could This Be the Love." Allmusic by Steve Huey

Album: Forever My Lady (1991)

01. Stay
02. Come & Talk To Me
03. Forever My Lady
04. I'm Still Waiting
05. U & I
06. Interlude
07. My Phone
08. Gotta Love
09. Play Thang
10. It's Alright
11. Treat U
12. Xs We Share

Album: Diary Of A Mad Band (1993)

01. My Heart Belongs To U
02. Cry For You
03. Feenin'
04. What About Us
05. Ride & Slide
06. Alone
07. Lately
08. You Got It
09. Won't Waste You
10. In The Meanwhile
11. Gimme All You Got
12. Sweaty
13. Let's Go Through The Motions
14. Jodecidal Hotline
15. Success

Album: The Show, The After Party, The Hotel (1995)

01. The Show
02. Bring On Da' Funk
03. Room 723
04. Fun 2 Nite
05. Room 577
06. S- More
07. The After-Party
08. Get On Up
09. Room 499
10. Can We Flo
11. Zipper
12. Let's Do It All
13. P.I.B. 4Play
14. Pump It Back
15. D.J. Don Jeremy
16 Freek 'n You
17. Room 454 De Vante's Inhermission
18. Time & Place
19. Fallin'
20. Love U 4 Life
21. 4 U
22. Good Luv

Album: Back To The Future (The Very Best Of Jodeci (2005)

01. Forever My Lady
02. Stay
03. Come & Talk To Me
04. I'm Still Waiting
05. Lately
06. Cry For You
07. Feenin'
08. My Heart Belongs To U
09. What About Us
10. Love U 4 Life
11. Freek 'N' You
12. Alone (Remix)
13. Success (Remix)
14. Get On Up
15. S-More (Remix)
16. Good Luv

Album: 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection (2007)

01. Get On Up
02. Love U 4 Life
03. Come & Talk To Me
04. Stay
05. My Heart Belongs To U
06. Feenin`
07. Forever My Lady
08. Freek `n You
09. What About Us
10. I'm Still Waiting
11. Lately
12. Cry For You


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Collection of O'Bryan

Multi-instrumentalist O'Bryan got into the business after a friend (who was in the choir he sang in as a young adult in Southern California) married Ron Kersey, who had worked in Philadelphia with groups like the Trammps in the 1970s. Upon her recommendation, Kersey got O'Bryan into a group he was forming. That quickly fell apart, but Kersey helped the singer connect with Soul Train impresario Don Cornelius, who helped O'Bryan land a deal with Capitol. During the '80s, he cut four albums and nine singles that made the R&B charts. His up-tempo tracks could sound something like a more mainstream Prince, though he tread far closer to the urban contemporary mainstream on his ballads. "The Gigolo" made number five in 1982, and over the next few years he had some up-tempo and ballad follow-ups. "I'm Freaky," which was reminiscent of "Gigolo," was the best of these; "Lovelite" was the most successful. In 2007, he returned with the ballad-heavy F1RST, issued digitally through the Headstorm label with plans for a CD version. Allmusic by Richie Unterberger

Album: Doin' Alright (1982)

01. Right From The Start
02. Love Has Found It's Way
03. The Gigolo
04. It's Over
05. Doin' Alright
06. Can't Live Without Your Love
07. Mother Nature's Callin'
08. Still Water (Love)

Album: You And I (1983)

01. I'm Freaky
02. Dazzlin Lady
03. I'm In Love Again
04. Together Always
05. You And I
06. Shake
07. Soft Touch
08. Soul Trains Are Comin'

Album: Be My Lover (1984)

01. Lovelite
02. Be My Lover
03. You Gotta Use It
04. Go On And Cry
05. Breakin' Together
06. You're Always On My Mind
07. Too Hot
08. Lady I Love You

Album: Surrender (1986)

01. Tenderoni
02. You Have Got To Come To Me
03. Driving Force
04. Maria
05. What Goes Around
06. Is This For Real
07. Dreamin' About You
08. Surrender

Album: The Best Of O'Bryan (1996)

01 The Gigolo
02 Still Water (Love)
03 You and I
04 I'm Freaky
05 Lovelite
06 Breakin' Together
07 Go on and Cry
08 Lady I Love You
09 You're Always on My Mind
10 Be My Lover
11 Tenderoni
12 Driving Force
13 You Have Got to Come to Me
14 Maria

Album: F1rst (2007)

01. Yearning (Intro)
02. Just Like Doin' It
03. Can I Kiss Your Lips
04. Man Overboard
05. Gotta Let You Go
06. Reflection
07. Caught In the Middle
08. Let Me Be the One
09. Virtual Reality
10. Gratitude
11. Hot Summer Night (End)


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