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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Whispers

Collection of The Whispers

The Whispers are a veteran R&B quintet with an impressive 23-year legacy of R&B hits. Formed in Los Angeles by twins Walter and Wallace Scott, Nicholas Caldwell, Marcus Hutson, and Gordy Harmon (who left in 1973), the Whispers turned up on the Dore label in 1964 with "I Was Born When You Kissed Me." In 1969, the quintet climbed the soul charts for the first time with "The Time Has Come" on Soul Clock, and they cracked the R&B Top Ten the next year with "Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong." They've remained hitmakers ever since for the labels Janus, Soul Train, and Solar, with smashes like the solid gold chart-topper "And the Beat Goes On" in 1980 and another number one urban contemporary hit, "Rock Steady," in 1987. After being their backbone and selling point since the group's inception, twin lead vocalists Walter and Wallace Scott took time out for solo careers in 1993, but remain with the Whispers.

Album: Love Story (1972)

01. Your Love Is So Good
02. Can't Help But Love You
03. You've Chosen Me
04. There's A Love For Everyone
05. You Fill My Life With Music
06. You're What's Been Missin' From My Life
07. Can't Stop Talkin
08. Hey, Who Really Cares
09. If You
10. A Hopeless Situation
11. Only Meant To Wet My Feet

Album: Life & Breath (1972)

01. Here Comes Tomorrow
02. Somebody Loves You
03. I Love The Way You Make Me Feel
04. Life & Breath
05. Set This Happiness Inside Me Free
06. Can We Love Forever
07. Does She Care
08. Speak Softly Love (The Godfather)
09. Give Me A Little Love
10. My Illusions

Album: Planets of Life (1973)

01. You Must Be Doing All Right
02. Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
03. Planets of Life
04. They're Gonna Hear from Me
05. A Singer of Songs
06. I Can Remember
07. Needle in a Haystack
08. Creation of Love
09. I'm the One
10. You Made Me So Very Happy

Album: Bingo (1974)

01. A Mother For My Children
02. Someone's Waiting
03. Will You Be Mine
04. Little Red Riding Hood
05. Bingo
06. Once More With Feeling
07. God Gave Me Everything
08. Where There Is Love
09. Don't Take Your Love
10. Broken Home

Album: One For The Money (1976)

01. One For The Money
02. Living Together (In Sin)
03. Put Me In The News
04. You're Only As Good As You Think You Are
05. Sounds Like A Love Song
06. I've Got A Feeling
07. In My Heart

Album: Open Up Your Love (1977)

01. Make It With You
02. Chocolate Girl
03. Love Is A Dream
04. Open Up Your Love
05. I Fell In Love Last Night (At The Disco)
06. You Are Number One
07. You Never Miss Your Water (Til Your Well Runs Dry)
08. I'm Gonna Make You My Wife

Album: Headlights (1978)

01. Headlights
02. (Olivia) Lost And Turned Out
03. (Let¦s Go) All The Way
04. (You¦re A) Special Part Of My Life
05. Planets Of Life
06. Try And Make It Better
07. Disco Medley
08. Children Of Tomorrow

Album: Whisper In Your Ear (1979)

01. Homemade Lovin
02. Jump For Joy
03. If I Don't Get Your Love
04. Whisper In Your Ear
05. Love At Its Best
06. Can't Do Without Love
07. Pretty Lady
08. You'll Never Get Away

Album: The Whispers (1979)

01. Song For Donny
02. My Girl
03. Lady
04. Can You Do The Boogie
05. And The Beat Goes On
06. I Love
07. Out The Box
08. Welcome Into My Dream

Album: Imagination (1980)

01. Imagination
02. It's A Love Thing
03. Say You (Would Love For Me Too)
04. Continental Shuffle
05. I Can Make It Better
06. Girl I Need You
07. Up On Soul Train
08. Fantasy

Album: This Kind Of Lovin (1981)

01. This Kind Of Lovin'
02. World Of A Thousand Dreams
03. I'm The One For You
04. Got To Get Away
05. I'm Gonna Love You More
06. Can't Stop Loving You Baby
07. What Will I Do
08. The Bright Lights And You Girl

Album: Love Is Where You Find It (1981)

01. In the Raw
02. Turn Me Out
03. Cruisin' In
04. Emergency
05. Say Yes
06. Love Is Where You Find It
07. Only You
08. Small Talkin'

Album: Love For Love (1983)

01. Tonight
02. Keep on Lovin' Me
03. Love For Love
04. This Time
05. Had It Not Been For You
06. Try It Again
07. Do They Turn You on
08. Keep Your Love Around
09. Lay It on Me

Album: So Good (1984)

01. Some Kinda Lover
02. Contagious
03. Sweet Sensation
04. On Impact
05. Suddenly
06. Don't Keep Me Waiting
07. Are You Going My Way
08. Never Too Late
09. So Good
10. Some Kinda Lover (Radio Version)

Album: Just Gets Better With Time (1987)

01. I Want You
02. Special FX
03. Rock Steady
04. No Pain, No Gain
05. In The Mood
06. Just Gets Better With Time
07. Love's Calling
08. Give It To Me
09. And The Beat Goes On (Extended Version)

Album: More Of The Night (1990)

01. More Of The Night
02. My Heart Your Heart
03. Mind Blowing
04. Don't Be Late For Love
05. You Are The One
06. Is It Good To You
07. Innocent
08. Girl Don't Make Me Wait
09. Misunderstanding
10. Forever Lover
11. Babes
12. I Want 2B The 1 4U
13. Help Them See The Light
14. Innocent (Heat Of The Heat Edit)

Album: Toast To The Ladies (1995)

01. Make Sweet Love To Me
02. Every Little Thing You Do
03. Heaven
04. Crowd Of 1
05. Whisperin
06. Come On Home
07. Better Watch Your Heart
08. Toast To The Ladies
09. You're Driving Me Crazy
10. Pissed Off (Baby Come Back)
11. You're So Good To Me
12. My Funny Valentine

Album: 30th Anniversary Anthology (1999)


01. Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
02. There's A Love For Everyone
03. Can't Help But Love You
04. I Only Meant To Wet My Feet
05. Somebody Loves You
06. A Mother For My Children
07. Bingo
08. One For The Money
09. Living Together (In Sin)
10. Make It With You
11. (Let's Go) All The Way
12. (Olivia) Lost And Turned Out
13. Can't Do Without My Love
14. A Song For Donny
15. And The Beat Goes On
16. Lady
17. My Girl
18. It's A Love Thing


01. I'm The One For You
02. I Can Mke It Better
03. This Kind Of Lovin'
04. In The Raw
05. Emergency
06. Tonight
07. Keep On Loving Me
08. Contagious
09. Some Kinda Lover
10. Rock Steady
11. Just Gets Better With Time
12. In The Mood
13. No Pain No Gain
14. Say Yes
15. Special FX

Album: It's A Love Thing (2006)

01. It's A Love Thing
02. And The Beat Goes On
03. One For The Money
04. My Girl
05. Contagious
06. Some Kinda Lover
07. I Can Make It Better
08. (Let's Go) All The Way
09. (Olivia) Lost And Turned Out
10. This Kind Of Loving
11. In The Raw
12. Tonight
13. Keep On Lovin' Me
14. Rock Steady
15. Special FX
16. Lady

Album: Live From Las Vegas(2007)

01. Intro -The Mighty Whispers' Band
02. It's A Love Thing
03. All The Way - In The Raw (Medley)
04. Chocolate Girl
05. I Only Meant To Wet My Feet
06. Olivia
07. Butta
08. And The Beat Goes On
09. Welcome Into My Dream
10. Are You Going My Way - Lady (Medley)
11. A Song For Donny
12. Theme - Introductions
13. Keep On Loving Me
14. In The Mood
15. My Heart, Your Heart
16. It Just Gets Better With Time
17. Say Yes
18. Rock Steady

Album: Thankful (2009)

01. Walk With Me
02. Did You Know
03. Praise His Holy Name
04. One More Chance
05. For Thou Art With Me
06. Who Could It Be
07. We Need You
08. This Is How I Feel
09. In The Name Of Jesus
10. Living Without You


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