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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miles Jaye

Collection of Miles Jaye

A former member of the Village People, Miles Jaye became a popular male vocalist in urban circles during the late '80s. Jaye studied violin in New York and also learned keyboards and bass in the Air Force. He played with guitarist Eric Gale and also worked with Phyllis Hyman prior to his two year stint with the Village People. Teddy Pendergrass signed him to his production company after hearing a demo tape. Island released the LP Miles in 1987, and the song "Let's Start Love Over" was a sizable hit. Jaye also wrote "Good to Yo2u" and "I'm Ready" for Pendergrass' Joy LP. His next release, Irresistible, had two more successful singles in "Objective" and "Heaven," while the third, Strong, included "Sensuous."

Album: Miles (1987)

01. Let's Start Love Over
02. Lazy Love
03. Special Thing
04. I've Been A Fool For You
05. I Cry For You
06. Come Home
07. Happy 2 Have U
08. Desiree

Album: Irresistible (1989)

01. Irresistible
02. Objective
03. Next Time
04. Slo Dance
05. Message
06. Neither One Of Us
07. Interlude
08. I'll Be There
09. Heaven
10. Love In The Night

Album: Strong (1991)

01. Sensuous
02. Touch
03. Just Be Good To Me
04. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
05. Capice
06. Strong Fro You
07. Is It Time For A Kiss
08. Make It Last
09. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
10. Write You A Letter

Album: The Odyssey (1998)

01. I'll Never Go
02. Can I Come Over
03. Love Story
04. Step by Step
05. Wildflower
06. Marry Me
07. Irresistible [Instrumental]
08. Free Me
09. I've Been a Fool for You [Instrumental]
10. Man on a Corner
11. Can I Come Over (The Call)
12. I'll Never Go [Remix]
13. Love Story (The Story)
14. Superstar [Instrumental]

Album: Divine Ascension (2000)

01. Divine Ascension
02. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
03. Superstar
04. I've Been a Fool for You
05. Donna Lee
06. Dewey
07. Irresistible
08. Objective
09. Amazing Grace

Album: Humanity (2003)

01. Humanity
02. No More Mr. Nice Guy
03. Sweet Honey, Sweet Cream
04. Promise Me
05. Should Have Been Strong
06. Love Affair
07. Objective
08. Irresistible
09. Kiss the Bed
10. Forget About the Other Night
11. I Cry For You
12. The Kissing Song
13. New York

Album: Romantic Storm (2004)

01. How Do You Keep the Music Playing;Everything Must Change
02. My Funny Valentine;When Sunny Gets Blue
03. Beautiful Love;Nature Boy
04. Romantic Storm
05. Round Midnight

Album: Time To Get My Mind Right (2008)

01. Time To Get My Mind Right
02. Tell Her
03. I Laugh
04. When You Love Somebody
05. When You Love Somebody (Instrumental)
06. Marry Me
07. What A Lie
08. Special
09. Can This Be Love
10. Marry Me (Instrumental)
11. Life's An Odyssey

Album: The Truth About Love (2009)

01. The Truth About Love
02. It's The Feeling
03. Only Your Love
04. Night Drive
05. Full Moon
06. Hot
07. Run
08. Go
09. Street Life
10. People Make The World Go Round
11. Super Dome
12. Mystery Of Love
13. My Funny Valentine
14. Eternity
15. We Need Love

Album: Gods Creation (2010)

01. All to Myself
02. Angel
03. Another You
04. Are You Gonna Be Ready
05. Close The Door
06. God's Creation
07. Island Love
08. Latest Greatest Inspiration
09. Magic Carpet
10. My Place (Come Go With Me)
11. Only You
12. Precious Moment
13. Take This Rose
14. You're The Reason I Smile

Album: Attenergy (2010)

01. Attenergy
02. Aperture
03. Brazil, Brazil
04. Butterfly
05. Capice
06. Come Together
07. Divine Ascension
09. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
10. Lenora
11. La Rosa Negra
12. Lillian's Song
13. On Broadway
14. Concerto De Aranjuez
15. Spain
16. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life



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