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Friday, August 15, 2014

Minnie Riperton

Collection of Minnie Riperton

The tragic 1979 death of 31-year-old Minnie Riperton silenced one of soul music's most unique and unforgettable voices -- blessed with an angelic five-octave vocal range, she scored her greatest commercial success with the chart-topping pop ballad "Lovin' You." Riperton was born in Chicago on November 8, 1947; as a youth she studied music, drama, and dance at the city's Lincoln Center and later contemplated a career in opera. Her pop career began in 1961 when she joined the local girl group called the Gems, signing to the famed Chess label to release a handful of singles as well as lend backing vocals to acts including Fontella Bass, the Dells, and Etta James. After graduating high school, Riperton went to work at Chess as a receptionist; following the Gems' dissolution, she also signed with the label as a solo act, releasing a single, "Lonely Girl," under the alias Andrea Davis. In 1968, Riperton was installed as the lead vocalist of the psychedelic soul band the Rotary Connection, which debuted that year with a self-titled LP on Cadet Concepts; the singles "Amen" and "Lady Jane" found a home on underground FM radio, but the group failed to make much of an impression on mainstream outlets. While still a member of the Connection, Riperton mounted a solo career; teaming with producer/arranger Charles Stepney and her husband/composer Richard Rudolph, she issued her brilliant debut, Come to My Garden, in 1970, but again commercial success eluded her grasp. After the Rotary Connection dissolved in the wake of 1971's Hey Love, she and Rudolph took a two-year sabbatical in Florida before relocating to Los Angeles, where she sang on Stevie Wonder's Fulfillingness' First Finale and toured as a member of his backing unit Wonderlove. Wonder agreed to co-produce Riperton's 1974 album Perfect Angel, which contained the international blockbuster "Lovin' You"; the record made her a household name, although subsequent LPs like 1975's Adventures in Paradise and 1977's Stay in Love failed to repeat its success. By this time, however, commercial woes were the least of Riperton's concerns -- diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent a mastectomy in 1976, later becoming a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and earning a Society Courage Award from then-President Jimmy Carter. Riperton continued performing despite her declining condition, with 1979's Minnie the final record completed during her lifetime -- she died in L.A. on July 12 of that year. Unreleased vocal tracks with new instrumental backing comprised 1980's posthumous collection Love Lives Forever. Allmusic by Jason Ankeny

Album: Come To My Garden (1969)

01. Les Fleur
02. Completeness
03. Come To My Garden
04. Memory Band
05. Rainy Day In Centerville
06. Close Your Eyes And Remember
07. Oh, By The Way
08. Expecting
09. Only When I'm Dreaming
10. Whenever, Wherever

Album: Perfect Angel (1974)

01. Reasons
02. It's So Nice (To See Old Friends)
03. Take A Little Trip
04. Seeing You This Way
05. The Edge Of A Dream
06. Perfect Angel
07. Every Time He Comes Around
08. Lovin' You
09. Our Lives

Album: Adventures In Paradise (1975)

01. Baby, This Love I Have
02. Feelin' That The Feeling's Good
03. When It Comes Down To It
04. Minnie's Lament
05. Love And Its Glory
06. Adventures In Paradise
07. Inside My Love
08. Alone In Brewster Bay
09. Simple Things
10. Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down

Album: Stay In Love (1977)

01. Young, Willing and Able
02. Could it Be I'm in Love
03. Oh Darlin'...Life Goes On
04. Can You Feel What I'm Saying
05. Gettin' Ready for Your Love
06. Stick Together
07. Wouldn't Matter Where You Are
08. How Could I Love You More
09. Stay in Love

Album: Minnie (1979)

01. Memory Lane
02. Lover and Friend
03. Return to Forever
04. Dancin' and Actin' Crazy
05. Love Hurts
06. Never Existed Before
07. I'm A Woman
08. Light My Fire

Album: Love Lives Forever (1980)

01. Here We Go (with Peabo Bryson)
02. I'm In Love Again (with Michael Jackson)
03. Strange Affair
04. Island In The Sun
05. Give Me Time (with Stevie Wonder)
06. You Take My Breath Away (with George Benson)
07. The Song Of Life (La-La-La) (with Patrice Rushen)

Album: The Best of Minnie Riperton (1981)

01. A Moment With Minnie
02. Perfect Angel
03. Memory Lane
04. Lovin' You
05. Can You Feel What I'm Saying (Live Version)
06. Here We Go
07. Inside My Love
08. Lover And Friend (Live Version)
09. Woman Of Heart And Mind
10. Young Willing And Able (Live Version)
11. You Take My Breath Away
12. Another Moment With Minnie
13. Adventures In Paradise

Album: Capitol Gold- The Best Of (1993)

01. Perfect Angel
02. Lover And Friend
03. Memory Lane
04. Woman Of Heart And Mind
05. Lovin' You
06. Young Willing And Able
07. Can You Feel What I'm Saying
08. Stick Together
09. Wouldn't Matter Where You Are
10. Stay In Love
11. Inside My Love
12. Here We Go
13. Give Me Time
14. You Take My Breath Away
15. Adventures In Paradise
16. Simple Things
17. Light My Fire

Album: Her Chess Years (1997)

01. All Of It (with The Gems)
02. Lonely Girl (as Andrea Davis)
03. Happy New Love (with The Gems)
04. Magical World (with Rotary Connection)
05. Christmas Love (with Rotary Connection)
06. Silent Night (with Rotary Connection)
07. We're Going Wrong (with Rotary Connection)
08. Respect (with Rotary Connection)
09. Tales Of Brave Ulysses (with Rotary Connection)
10. The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (with Rotary Connection)
11. A-Muse (with Rotary Connection)
12. Love Me Now (with Rotary Connection)
13. Living Alone (with Rotary Connection)
14. They Call It Stormy Monday (with Rotary Connection)
15. Want You To Know (with Rotary Connection)
16. If I Sing My Song (with Rotary Connection)

Album: Super Now (1998)

01. Memory Lane
02. Perfect Angel
03. Lovin' You
04. Here We Go
05. Lover and Friend
06. Return to Forever
07. Dancin' and Actin' Crazy
08. I'm in Love Again
09. Strange Affair
10. Island in the Sun
11. Inside My Love
12. Woman of Heart and Mind
13. You Take My Breath Away
14. Love Hurts
15. Never Existed Before
16. I'm A Woman
17. Light My Fire

Album: Free Soul The Classic of Minnie Riperton (1999)

01. Simple Things
02. Could It Be I'm In Love
03. Never Existed Before
04. Our Lives
05. Seeing You This Way
06. Stay In Love
07. Perfect Angel
08. Stick Together
09. Love And It's Glory
10. Wouldn't Matter Where You Are
11. Young Willing And Able
12. Can You Feel What I'm Saying
13. Take A Little Trip
14. Inside My Love
15. Feelin' Your Feelin's Right
16. Baby This Love I Have
17. Lovin' You
18. The Edge Of A Dream
19. Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down

Album: Petals - The Minnie Riperton Collection (2001)


01. The Edge of a Dream
02. You Gave Me Soul
03. Lonely Girl
04. Respect
05. We're Going Wrong
06. I Took a Ride (Caravan)
07. Come to My Garden
08. Completeness
09. Expecting
10. Les Fleur
11. Studio Dialog
12. Seeing You This Way [Demo Version]
13. Reasons
14. Take a Little Trip
15. Lovin' You
16. Every Time He Comes Around
17. Love and Its Glory
18. Simple Things
19. Lovin' You [Live Reprise]


01. Perfect Angel
02. Adventures in Paradise
03. Young, Willing and Able
04. Gettin' Ready for Your Love
05. Baby, This Love I Have
06. Can You Feel What I'm Saying
07. Inside My Love
08. Light My Fire
09. Could It Be I'm in Love
10. Stay in Love
11. Here We Go
12. Memory Lane
13. Woman of Heart and Mind
14. Return to Forever
15. Lover and Friend
16. Give Me Time

Album: Les Fleurs - The Minnie Riperton Anthology (2001)

01. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
02. Reasons
03. Every Time He Comes Around
04. Young, Willing And Able
05. Inside My Love
06. Memory Lane
07. Love Hurts
08. Here We Go
09. You Take My Breath Away
10. Strange Affair
11. Take A Little Trip
12. I'm A Woman
13. Lovin' You
14. Les Fleur
15. Light My Fire



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