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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stacy Lattisaw

Collection of Stacy Lattisaw

When she was a teenager in the early '80s, urban soul singer Stacy Lattisaw had a string of Top 40 R&B hits, with three songs -- "Let Me Be Your Angel," "Love on a Two Way Street," "Miracles" -- crossing over to the pop mainstream. Lattisaw recorded her first album for Cotillion Records at the age of 12 in 1979, under the direction of producer Van McCoy. However it wasn't until she hooked up with Narada Michael Walden, a former drummer with the Mahavishnu Orchestra who was just beginning a career as a producer, that she became a star. Under Walden's direction, she had five hit albums between 1981 and 1986. She continued recording into the late '80s, signing to Motown in 1986, but her audience slowly disappeared. By the early '90s, she decided to retire from a music career and concentrate on raising her family. Allmusic by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Album: Young And In Love (1979)

01. When You're Young And In Love (Ballad Version)
02. Love Is Here Beside Us
03. Rock With Me
04. Three Wishes
05. Spinning Top
06. Dedicated To The One I Love
07. Downtown
08. When You're Young And In Love (Disco Version)

Album: Let Me Be Your Angel (1980)

01. Jump To The Beat
02. Dynamite
03. You Don't Love Me Anymore
04. Dreaming
05. Let Me Be Your Angel
06. Don't You Want To Feel It (For Yourself)
07. You Know I Like It
08. My Love

Album: With You (1981)

01. Feel My Love Tonight
02. Screamin' Off The Top
03. It Was So Easy
04. Baby I Love You
05. Love On A Two Way Street
06. With You
07. Young Girl
08. Spotlight
09. You Take Me To Heaven

Album: Sneakin' Out (1982)

01. Sneakin' Out
02. Guys Like You (Give Love A Bad Name)
03. Memories
04. Tonight I'm Gonna Make You Mine
05. Hey There Lonely Boy
06. Don't Throw It All Away
07. Attack Of The Name Game
08. I'm Down For You
09. I Could Love You So Divine

Album: Sixteen (1983)

01. 16
02. Black Pumps And Pink Lipstick
03. I've Loved You Somewhere Before
04. Million Dollar Babe
05. What's So Hot 'Bout Bad Boys
06. Johey!
07. The Way's Of Love
08. Miracles

Album: Perfect Combination (1984)

01. Block Party
02. Fun 'N' Games
03. Falling in Love Again
04. 50-50 Love
05. Perfect Combination
06. Heartbreak Look
07. Baby It's You
08. Come Out of the Shadows

Album: I'm Not The Same Girl (1985)

01. Can't Stop Thinking About You
02. Coming Alive
03. Now We're Starting Over Again
04. He's Just Not You
05. I'm Not The Same Girl
06. Toughen Up
07. Together
08. I Thought It Took A Little Time

Album: Take Me All The Way (1986)

01. Jump Into My Life
02. The Hard Way
03. Take Me All The Way
04. A Little Bit Of Heaven
05. Longshot
06. Nail It To The Wall
07. Love Me Like The First Time
08. You Aint Leavin'
09. Over The Top
10. One More Night

Album: Personal Attention (1988)

01. Personal Attention
02. Love Town
03. Let Me Take You Down
04. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (With Howard Hewett)
05. He's Got a Hold on Me
06. Find Another Lover
07. Changes
08. Every Drop Or Your Love
09. Call Me
10. Electronic Eyes

Album: What You Need (1989)

01. What You Need
02. Dance For You
03. You Touched the Woman in Me
04. R U Man Enuff
05. Guilty (Lock Me Up)
06. Falling (In Love Again)
07. I Don't Have the Heart
08. Where Do We Go From Here
09. Tender Love
10. That's the Reason Why I Love

Album: The Very Best Of Stacy Lattisaw (1998)

01. When You're Young And In Love
02. Dynamite!
03. Let Me Be Your Angel
04. My Love
05. Love On A Two Way Street
06. Don't Throw It All Away
07. Attack Of The Name Game
08. Hey There Lonely Boy
09. Miracles
10. Million Dollar Babe
11. Perfect Combination
12. Baby It's You
13. Nail It To The Wall
14. Jump Into My Life
15. Every Drop Of Your Love
16. Let Me Take You Down


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