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Saturday, June 2, 2012

R.J.'s Latest Arrival

Collection of R.J.'s Latest Arrival

R. J.'s Latest Arrival was a R&B, dance, and soul music band from Detroit, Michigan who formed in the late 1970s and reached the peak of their popularity in the mid-1980s. They released their self-titled debut album in 1979 (this debut would be the first of three eponymous albums the group released throughout their career, with a second one following in 1982, and a third in 1985). Their biggest hit came with the 1984 single "Shackles," off their Harmony album from the same year, which fused R. J.'s raps and DeDe's soulful vocals. Rudy Famous left the band during The Shackles Tour 1984 and was featured in the follow up video "Harmony." The group would score another big hit in 1985 with the single "Heaven In Your Arms." They continued to score moderate hits on the R&B chart throughout the 1980s. The group later became more based in traditional R&B and Soul music and broke up in the late 1990s.

R. J. (Ralph J.) Rice went on to form Barak Records, an independent hip-hop label based in Detroit; the labels most notable act is Slum Village.

Paul "Fingers" Munro continued in the entertainment business creating Entertainment/Record company "Zycron Media","Zycron Records", creating/producing/hosting "HOTSPOTS" television show airing on NBC and CBS affiliates also producing international hit recording artist.

Album: R.J.'s Latest Arrival (1982)

01. Keep Dancin'
02. Stay With Me
03. Serenade
04. War
05. Fantasy

Album: Harmony (1984)

01. Harmony
02. Hot Roll
03. Let Me Love You
04. That's The Sound
05. Shackles
06. Get It Up
07. Feel Desire
08. Cry Like A Wolf

Album: R.J.'s Latest Arrival (1985)

01. Swing Low
02. Phase
03. Work
04. Get It Up
05. Love Is A Rhythm
06. Understanding
07. Baby I'm Sorry
08. Get Ahead

Album: Hold On (1986)

01. Rhythm Method
02. Shackles '87
03. Do You Wanna Be My Girl
04. Things We Like
05. Heaven In Your Arms
06. Past And Future
07. Hold On
08. Please Stay

Album: Truly Yours (1988)

01. Broken Heart
02. Off the Hook
03. Truly Yours
04. Could Have Been You
05. I'll Always Love You
06. Miracles
07. Time 4 Love
08. Nights
09. Water Pump
10. Terri's Place

Album: Tangled In Love (1989)

01. Tangled In Love
02. Rich Girls (Bank Account Mix)
03. Hot Kisses
04. Could It Be Love (Is It Real)
05. I'll Be (True to You)
06. Opposites Attract
07. Touch Me
08. (Interview)
09. You're the One For Me
10. There Will Never Be


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