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Saturday, June 9, 2012

52nd Street

Collection of 52nd Street

52nd Street was a vocal group from Manchester, England, who had a 1986 Top Ten R&B hit with "Tell Me How It Feels." The lineup was John Dennison, Diane Charlemagne, Tony Bowry, and Rony Henry. They were part of the mid-'80s British soul music invasion that included Junior, Loose Ends, Five Star, and Soul II Soul. The group recorded for the same label as Loose Ends, MCA Records, shared the same producer, Nick Martinelli, and to some extent the same sound. "Tell Me How It Feels" made it to number eight R&B on Billboard's chart in spring 1986. The single was on their LP Children of the Night, which included the whimsical "Never Give Up on You," the jazzy, loping radio-aired title track -- not to be confused with the same-named classic by the Stylistics; "Look I've Heard," an ode to self-centered teenagers; the jaunty "I Can't Let You Go"; the slammin' "Let's Celebrate"; and the follow-up single "You're My Last Chance." Their second LP, 1987's Something's Going On, yielded the charting single "I'll Return." Allmusic by Ed Hogan

Album: Children of the Night (1986)

01. Tell Me (How It Feels)
02. Never Give Up On You
03. You're My Last Chance
04. Abandon Love
05. Children Of The Night
06. Look I've Heard
07. I Can't Let You Go
08. Smiling Eyes
09. I'm Available
10. Let's Celebrate

Album: Something's Going On (1987)

01. I'll Return
02. I Do I Do
03. Something's Going On
04. Seven
05. What Did I Do Wrong?
06. Are You Receiving Me?
07. Tomorrow
08. Memories
09. Something To Remind Me
10. Tell The Truth



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