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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Midnight Star

Collection of Midnight Star

The synth-funk unit Midnight Star scored several times on the charts during the mid-'80s, led by their double-platinum album No Parking on the Dance Floor in 1983. Just one of the successful acts on Solar Records (also including Shalamar, Lakeside, and the Whispers), the group was formed in 1976 at Kentucky State University by the Calloway brothers, trumpeter Reginald, and trombone player Vincent, with vocalist Belinda Lipscomb. After signing with RCA near the turn of the decade, Midnight Star recorded their first album in 1980, The Beginning, with a conglomeration of studio players and producers. After moving to the Solar label by 1982, the group released Victory and then added a full band: guitarist Melvin Gentry, bassist Kenneth Gant, drummer Bobby Lovelace, and keyboard player Bo Watson.

Though the Calloways' production skills -- later used to full effect on tracks by Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight, and Teddy Pendergrass -- had pushed Midnight Star into the R&B charts during 1981-1982, with singles like "Hot Spot" and "I've Been Watching You," the group was unprepared for the success of the first single from their third proper album, No Parking on the Dance Floor. "Freak-a-Zoid" hit number two on the R&B charts in mid-1983, and though it failed to make the pop Top 40, it pushed the LP over the platinum mark. "Operator," the first single from their next album, Planetary Invasion, became their highest-charting single, making number 18 on the pop charts. By 1986, Headlines had become Midnight Star's third album to at least sell gold, but it proved their last; both Reginald and Vincent left the group to form Calloway in 1988. (Incidentally, the Calloways had introduced future legend Babyface to Solar executives for his first job, and produced Babyface's group the Deele).

Without Reginald and Vincent Calloway to lead the way, Midnight Star fell fast and far. A 1988 self-titled album flopped, and 1990's Work It Out proved to be their last until 2002's 15th Avenue. Since then, the members continued outside collaborations, but they also came together for frequent touring. As late as 2007, the group's lineup featured Lipscomb, Gentry, Watson, Lovelace, and Gant. As Calloway, the Calloways found success with their first single, 1989's "I Wanna Be Rich," which hit number two on the pop charts. The track was their only major hit, followed by "Sir Lancelot" and the title track from their 1990 debut album, All the Way. Calloway returned two years later with Let's Get Smooth, but the album proved their last. The brothers continued working, with Pieces of a Dream and Bootsy Collins, among others. Allmusic by John Bush

Album: The Beginning (1980)

01. Keep The Spirit High
02. You'Re The Star
03. Follow The Path
04. Set Me On Fire
05. Make It Last
06. Searching For Love
07. Two In Love

Album: Standing Together (1981)

01. Standing Together
02. Tuff
03. Can't Give You Up
04. Hold Out
05. I'Ve Been Watching You
06. I Won't Let You Be Lonely
07. I Got What You Need
08. Open Up To Love

Album: Victory (1982)

01. Victory
02. Strike A Match
03. Move Me
04. Make Time
05. Hot Spot
06. You Can't Stop Me
07. Be With Me
08. Love Is A Live

Album: No Parking On The Dance Floor (1983)

01. Electricity
02. Night Rider
03. Feels So Good
04. Wet My Whistle
05. No Parking (On The Dance Floor)
06. Freak-A-Zoid
07. Slow Jam
08. Playmates

Album: Planetary Invasion (1984)

01. Operator
02. Body Snatchers
03. Scientific Love
04. Let's Celebrate
05. Curious
06. Planetary Invasion
07. Can You Stay With Me
08. Operator (12" Mix)(Bonus)

Album: Headlines (1986)

01. Headlines
02. Midas Touch
03. Stay Here By My Side
04. Close To Midnight
05. Get Dressed
06. Engine No.9
07. Close Encounter
08. Dead End
09. Searching For Love
10. Headlines (Extra Mix)(Bonus)

Album: Midnight Star (1988)

01. Don't Rock The Boat
02. 90 Days (Same As Cash)
03. Heartbeat
04. I Don't Wanna Be Lonely
05. Snake In The Grass
06. Request Line
07. Love Song
08. Pamper Me

Album: Work It Out (1990)

01. Do It (One More Time)
02. Work It Out
03. All I Want
04. Money Cant Buy You Love
05. The Love Of My Life
06. Luv-U-Up
07. Red Roses
08. One Life To Live
09. If Walls Could Talk

Album: Anniversary Collection (1999)

01. Make It Last
02. I've Been Watching You
03. Hot Spot
04. Freak-A-Zoid
05. Wet My Whistle
06. No Parking On The Dance Floor
07. Slow Jam
08. Operator
09. Curious
10. Headlines
11. Midas Touch
12. Don't Rock The Boat
13. Snake In The Grass
14. The Love Of My Life
15. Freak-A-Zoid (Millennium Mix)
16. Slow Jam (Live)

Album: 15th Avenue (2002)

01. (Intro) M.S.In The House
02. Luv 2 Get 2 Know You
03. 15Th Avenue
04. I Like (When You Dance With Me)
05. Hooked On You
06. Just Flow With Me
07. Vip
08. Caught Up In The Moment
09. Should Have Been Me
10 Black Girl
11. Just Because I Love You
12. Out Tonight
13. We Were Meant To Be
14. Movin' On
15. 15Th Avenue (Old School Mix)



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