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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

S.O.S. Band

Collection of S.O.S. Band

The S.O.S. Band hit with a two-million-selling single, "Take Your Time (Do It Right)," their first time out, before having several hit singles written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The Atlanta, GA-borne band was started in 1977, when keyboardist/vocalist Jason Bryant, saxophonists Billy Ellis and Willie "Sonny" Killebrew, guitarist Bruno Speight, bassist John Alexander Simpson, drummer James Earl Jones III, and lead vocalist Mary Davis formed a group called Santa Monica that played at Atlanta nightclub the Regal Room.

Their manager, Bunny Jackson-Ransom (who later managed Cameo), sent a demo to Clarence Avant, head of Tabu Records. After signing the band to Tabu, Avant suggested that the band work with songwriter/producer Sigidi Abdullah. Abdullah was curious as to why an Atlanta-based band named itself Santa Monica. Keyboardist Jason Bryant replied that the band had an enjoyable concert in Santa Monica, CA. Abdullah then came up with a new band name, the S.O.S. Band, with S.O.S. standing for "Sounds of Success."

Abdullah produced and co-wrote "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" with Harold Clayton, which went platinum, parking at number one R&B for five weeks and peaking at number three pop on Billboard's charts in spring 1980. The debut LP, S.O.S., went gold, selling over 800,000 copies and holding the number two R&B spot for three weeks. While the band was on its world tour, trumpeter/vocalist/percussionist Abdul Ra'oof joined them. Their second album, Too, went to number 30 R&B in summer 1981. On the band's third LP, S.O.S. Band III, they worked with producer Leon Sylvers III and the Time's Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The breaking single, "High Hopes," hit number 25 R&B in the fall of 1982 while the album went to number 27 R&B in late 1982.

On their fourth LP, On the Rise, Jam and Lewis took over the production chores. Scoring with the slammin' number two hit "Just Be Good to Me" and the number five beatbox ballad "Tell Me if You Still Care," On the Rise became their second gold album hitting number seven R&B in summer 1983. The formula continued working: Just the Way You Like It (including the number six R&B single "Just the Way You Like It") went to number six R&B in fall 1984 and Sands of Time (including the number two R&B hit "The Finest") went gold and hit number four R&B in spring 1986. Many of these releases as well as the sound of early releases of Chicago-borne house music helped to popularize the now-classic sound of Roland drum machine the TR-808.

In 1987, vocalist Mary Davis left the S.O.S. Band to pursue a solo career. The band recorded two more albums: Diamonds in the Raw (number 43 R&B in fall 1989), produced by Eban Kelly and Jimi Randolph, and One of Many Nights, produced by Curtis Williams. In August 1994, former lead vocalist Mary Davis reunited with Abdul Ra'oof and Jason Bryant, and together they reconstructed a new band with the same funky S.O.S. sound, appearing on comedian Sinbad's HBO concert specials and Rhino's various-artists set United We Funk issued October 5, 1999. Allmusic by Ed Hogan

Album: S.O.S. (1980)

01. S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit)
02. What's Wrong With Our Love Affair
03. Open Letter
04. Love Won't Wait For Love
05. Take Your Time (Do It Right)
06. I'm In Love
07. Take Love Where You Find It
08. S.O.S. (Reprise)

Album: Too (1981)

01. It's A Long Way To The Top
02. Do It Now
03. There Is No Limit
04. You
05. Stay
06. Are You Ready
07. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
08. For the Brothers That Ain't Here
09. Unborn Child

Album: III (1982)

01. Can't Get Enough
02. High Hopes
03. Have It Your Way
04. Your Love (It's The One For Me)
05. Good & Plenty
06. Looking For You
07. These Are The Things
08. You Shake Me Up
09. Groovin' (That's What We're Doing)

Album: On the Rise (1983)

01. Tell Me If You Still Care
02. Just Be Good To Me
03. For Your Love
04. I'm Not Runnin'
05. If You Want My Love
06. On The Rise
07. Who's Making Love
08. Steppin' The Stones

Album: Just The Way You Like It (1984)

01. No One's Gonna Love You
02. Weekend Girl
03. Just The Way You Like It
04. Break Up
05. Feeling
06. I Don't Want Nobody Else
07. Body Break

Album: Sands Of Time (1986)

01. Even When You Sleep
02. Sands Of Time
03. Borrowed Love
04. Nothing But The Best
05. Finest
06. No Lies
07. Two Time Lover
08. Do You Still Want To
09. Sands Of Time ( Reprise )

Album: Diamonds In The Raw (1989)

01. I'm Still Missing Your Love
02. Goldmine
03. Do You Love Me
04. Men Don't Cry
05. One Lover
06. Secret Wish
07. Hold Out
08. Get Out Of My Life
09. Crossfire (Part I & II)

Album: One Of Many Nights (1991)

01. I Wanna Be The One
02. Sometimes I Wonder
03. Broken Promises
04. How Can We Ever Get Back Toget
05. Are You Ready
06. Can't Explain
07. Someone I Can Love
08. Get Hyped On This
09. I Only Want You
10. One Of Many Nights

Album: The Best of the S.O.S. Band (1995)

01. Take Your Time (Do It Right)
02. The Finest
03. Even When You Sleep
04. Weekend Girl
05. Tell Me If You Still Care
06. Just Be Good to Me
07. Sands of Time
08. No One's Gonna Love You
09. High Hopes
10. What's Wrong With Our Love Affair-

Album: Greatest Hits (2004)

01. Take Your Time (Do It Right)
02. Sands of Time
03. Groovin' (That's What We're Doin)
04. High Hopes
05. Just Be Good To Me
06. No Lies
07. The Finest
08. Weekend Girl
09. Just The Way You Like It
10. Tell Me If You Still Care
11. No Ones Gonna Love You
12. The Finest (12' B-Side Remix)
13. Borrowed Love



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