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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Johnny Gill

Collection of Johnny Gill

Born in Washington, D.C., Johnny Gill was discovered by singer Stacy Lattisaw after singing in his family's group Wings of Faith from age five. His solo career began in 1983 with the Top 30 R&B single "Super Love." In duo with Lattisaw, he scored an R&B Top Ten hit in 1984 with "Perfect Combination." In 1988, Gill joined New Edition, replacing Bobby Brown. In 1989 he sang on two R&B hits: "Where Do We Go from Here," a #1 by Stacy Lattisaw, and "One Love," by George Howard. Gill finally scored as a solo singer in 1990 with the release of his album Johnny Gill, which sold a million copies, topped the R&B chart, and made the Top Ten in the pop chart. Following the relative failure of 1993's Provocative -- which didn't produce any Top 10 R&B singles and only went gold -- Gill reunited with New Edition in 1996. A month after New Edition released Home Again in September of 1996, Gill released Let's Get the Mood Right. Allmusic by William Ruhlmann

Album: Johnny Gill (1983)

01. Super Love
02. Thank You
03. Show Her Love
04. Guilty
05. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
06. Every Radio
07. I'm Sorry
08. I Love Makin' Music
09. You
10. Half Steppin'

Album: Chemistry (1985)

01. Half Crazy
02. Can't Wait Til Tomorrow
03. Don't Take Away My Pride
04. One Small Light
05. The Way That You Love Me
06. Because Of You
07. Chemistry
08. I Found Love

Album: Johnny Gill (1990)

01. Rub You The Right Way
02. Fairweather Friend
03. Wrap My Body Tight
04. Feels So Much Better
05. Never, Know Love
06. My, My, My
07. Lady Dujour
08. Just Another Lonely Night
09. Giving My All To You
10. Let's Spend The Night
11. My, My, My (Reprise)
12. My, My, My (Live!)
13. Wrap Your Body Tight (Jazzie B 12 inch Remix)

Album: Provocative (1993)

01. The Floor
02. Provocative
03. Where No Man Has Gone Before
04. I Got You
05. A Cute, Sweet Love Addiction
06. Long Way From Home
07. Tell Me How U Want It
08. Mastersuite
09. Quiet Time To Play
10. I Know Where I Stand
11. There U Go
12. Let's Just Run Away

Album: Let's Get The Mood Right (1996)

01. Let's Get The Mood Right
02. Touch
03. Maybe
04. Having Illusions
05. Bring It On
06. Take Me (I'm Yours)
07. Love In An Elevator
08. It's Your Body (Featuring Roger Troutman)
09. Someone To Love
10. 4 U Alone
11. Love U Right
12. Simply Say I Love U (Featuring Stevie Wonder)
13. I Know You Want Me
14. So Gentle

Album: Favorites (1997)

01. My, My, My
02. Quiet Time To Play
03. There U Go
04. Lady Dujour
05. If You're Wondering
06. Having Illusions
07. Where Do We Go From Here
08. Rub You The Right Way (Remix)
09. Fairweather Friend
10. Wrap My Body Tight
11. I Got You
12. Let's Get The Mood Right
13. Maybe
14. Give Love On Christmas Day

Album: Ultimate Collection (2002)

01. Perfect Combination
02. Half Crazy
03. Can You Stand The Rain
04. Where Do We Go From Here
05. Rub You The Right Way
06. My My My
07. Fairweather Friend
08. Wrap My Body Tight
09. I'm Still Waiting
10. Silent Prayer
11. There U Go
12. Slow and Sexy
13. The Floor
14. Quiet Time to Play
15. Let's Get the Mood Right
16. Its Your Body
17. Maybe

Album: 20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection (2003)

01. Rub You The Right Way
02. My My My
03. Fairweather Friend
04. Wrap My Body Tight (7 in. Mix)
05. The Floor
06. I Got You
07. Quiet Time To Play (Live 7 in. Version)
08. Let's Get The Mood Right
09. It's Your Body
10. Love In An Elevator
11. One Love

Album: Love Songs (2005)

01. My My My
02. Lady Dujour
03. Let's Spend the Night
04. Mastersuite
05. I Got You
06. Quiet Time to Play
07. Someone to Love
08. Let's Get the Mood Right
09. It's Your Body [Mario Winans Remix]
10. Can You Stand the Rain
11. I'm Still Waiting
12. Let's Just Run Away

Album: Johnny Gill (Still Winning (2011)

01. Still Winning
02. Let's Stay Together
03. In the Mood
04. Just the Way You Are
05. Black Box
06. Long, Long Time
07. 2nd Place
08. Who Is He
09. It Would Be You
10. My Love



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