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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Fatback Band

Collection of The Fatback Band

A seminal funk ensemble, the Fatback Band made many great singles through the '70s and early '80s, ranging from humorous novelty tunes to energetic dance vehicles and even occasional political/message tracks. The original lineup featured drummer Bill Curtis, trumpeter George Williams, guitarist Johnny King, bassist Johnny Flippin, saxophonist Earl Shelton, and flutist George Adam. Synthesizer player Gerry Thomas, saxophonist Fred Demerey, and guitarist George Victory were integral parts of the group during their peak years. They began recording for Perception in the early '70s, and had moderate luck with "Street Dance" in 1973. They moved to Event in 1974, and while funk audiences loved such songs as "Wicki-Wacky" and "(Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop," they didn't generate much sales action. Their first sizable hit was "Spanish Hustle" in 1976, which reached number 12 on the R&B charts. They shortened their name to Fatback in 1977, and landed their first Top Ten R&B hit with "I Like Girls" in 1978. Their 1979 single "King Tim III (Personality Jock)" is widely considered the first rap single in many circles. But their biggest year was 1980. They scored two Top Ten R&B hits with "Gotta Get My Hands on Some (Money)" and "Backstrokin'," their finest tune. Fatback kept going through the mid-'80s, landing one more Top 20 hit with "Take It Any Way You Can Want It" in 1981. They were backed by the female vocal trio Wild Sugar in 1981-82, and Evelyn Thomas also provided the lead vocal for "Spread Love" in 1985, their last song for Spring. Fatback also recorded a pair of LPs for Cotillion in 1984 and 1985.

Album: Let's Do It Again (1972)

01. Street Dance
02. Free Form
03. Take A Ride (On The Soul Train
04. Wichita Lineman
05. Baby I'm a Want You
06. Let's Do It Again
07. Goin' To See My Baby
08. Give Me One More Chance
09. Green Green Grass of Home

Album: People Music (1973)

01. Njia Walk (Street Walk)
02. Gotta Have You (Day By Day)
03. Fatbackin'
04. Baby Doll
05. Clap Your Hands
06. Soul March
07. Soul Man
08. To Be With You
09. Kiba

Album: Feel My Soul (1974)

01. Feeling Mellow
02. Meet Me Over My House
03. Three Dimensional Wor
04. Sketches Of Life
05. You've Got a Friend
06. Felling Mellow (Vocal)
07. Makin' Love
08 Why Is It So Hard To
09. Feel My Soul

Album: Keep On Steppin (1974)

01. Mister Bass Man
02. Stuff
03. New York Style
04. Love
05. Can't Stop The Flame
06. Wicky Wacky
07. Feeling
08. Keep On Steppin'
09. Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Album: Yum Yum (1975)

01. Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
02. Trumpin'
03. Let the Drums Speak
04. Put the Funk On You
05. Feed Me Your Love
06. Boogie With The Fatback
07. Got To Learn How To Dance
08. If You Could Turn Into Me
09. (Hey) I Feel Real Good

Album: Raising Hell (1975)

01. Bus Stop
02. All Day
03. Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)
04. Groovy Kind of Day
05. Spanish Hustle
06. I Can't Help Myself
07. Party Time

Album: Night Fever (1976)

01. Night Fever
02. A Little Funky Dance
03. If That´s The Way You Want It
04. The Joint (You And Me)
05. Disco Crazy
06. The Booty
07. No More Room On The Dancefloor
08. December 1963 (Oh What A Night)

Album: Nycnyusa (1977)

01. Double Dutch
02. Soul Finger
03. Spank The Baby
04. Duke Walk
05. Nycnyusa
06. Love Street
07. A Changed Man
08. Cosmic Woman

Album: Man With The Band (1977)

01. Man With The Band
02. Master Booty
03. Funk Backin'
04. Mile High
05. I Gotta Thing For You
06. Midnight Freak
07. Zodiac Man

Album: Fired Up 'N' Kickin' (1978)

01. I'm Fired Up
02. Boogie Freak
03 Get Out On The Dance Floor
04. At Last
05. I Like Girls
06. Snake
07. Can't You See

Album: Brite Lites Big City (1979)

01. Freak The Freak The Funk (Rock)
02. Let Me Do It To You
03. Big City
04. (Do The) Boogie Woogie
05. Hesitation
06. Wild Dreams

Album: XII (1979)

01. You're My Candy Sweet
02. Disco Bass
03. Gimme That Sweet Sweet Lovin'
04. King Tim III (Personality Jock)
05. Disco Queen
06. Love In Perfect Harmony

Album: Hot Box (1980)

01. Hot Box
02. Come And Get The Love
03. Love Spell
04. Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money)
05. Backstrockin'
06. Street Band

Album: 14 Karat (1980)

01. Let's Do It Again
02. Angel
03. Concrete Jungle
04. Without Your love
05. Your Love Is Strange
06. Lady Groove
07. Chillin' Out

Album: Tasty Jam (1981)

01. Take It Any Way You Want It
02. Wanna Dance (Keep Up the Dance)
03. Keep Your Fingers Out the Jam
04. Kool Whip
05. High Steppin' Lady
06. Get Ready for the Night

Album: Gigolo (1981)

01. Rockin' To The Beat
02. Rub Down
03. I'm So In Love
04. Higher
05. Do It ('til The Feelin' Runs Out)
06. Gigolo
07. Oh Girl
08. Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Her Goodbye

Album: On The Floor (1982)

01. On The Floor
02. U.F.O (Undentified Funk Object)
03. Burn Baby Burn
04. She´s My Shining Star
05. Hip So Slick
06. Do It To Me Now

Album: Is This The Future (1983)

01. Is This The Future
02. Double Love Affair
03. Spread Love
04. Funky Aerobics (Body Movement)
05. Up Against The Wall
06. Finger Lickin' Good
07. Sunshine Lady
08. The Girl Is Fine (So Fine)

Album: With Love (1983)

01. He's a Freak, Undercover
02. I Found Lovin'
03. Rasta Jam
04. I Wanna Be Your Lover
05. Wide Glide
06. I Love Your Body Language
07. Please Stay

Album: Phoenix (1984)

01. You've Got That Magic
02. Call Out My Name
03. Lover Man
04. Just Be My Love
05. The Drum Song
06. I Love You So
07. Jump Up Baby, Jump Up!
08. Big Brother

Album: So Delicious (1985)

01. Girls On My Mind
02. Go Out With A Bang
03. Lover Undercover
04. Sequence 96
05. Let`s Play Tonight
06. She`s A Go Getter
07. So Delicious
08. Start It Up
09. Evil

Album: Tonite's An All-Nite Party (1987)

01. All-Nite Party
02. Rhythm Of The Night (Feel The Rhythm Of The Night)
03. Have Some Fun
04. Stop And Take The Time
05. S.O.S. (Super Jocks)
06. Naughty Dancer
07. Tonight
08. (Let Your) Body Talk

Album: Fatback Live (1987)

01. Backstrokin'
02. Wicky Wacky
03. The Girl Is Fine
04. Is This The Future
05. Let's Play Tonight
06. Spanish Hustle
07. Bus Stop
08. I Found Loving

Album: The Fattest Of Fatback (1997)

01. Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
02. Spanish Hustle
03. I Like Girls
04. Can't You See
05. At Last
06. Kim Tim III (Personality Jock)
07. Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money)
08. Backstrokin'
09. Let's Do It Again
10. Angel
11. Take It Any Way You Want It
12. The Girl Is Fine (So Fine)
13. Is This The Future
14. I Found Lovin'

Album: Second Generation (2004)

01. Ole School Groove
02. Koochie Mama
03. Summertime Funk
04. Booty Bounce
05. Baby Let Me Work That Thang
06. Wanna Make You Mine
07. Fiesta Toda La Noche (All Night Party)
08. Shakin' And Jammin' From Da Roots (A Jam)
09. Hey Mr Bill!
10. In The Morning
11. Good Times On My Mind
12. Fantasy
13. All Alone (With You)
14. Oasis
15. Don't Play With My Heart



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