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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Collection of Whodini

Coming out of the fertile early-'80s New York rap scene, Whodini were one of the first rap groups to add a straight R&B twist to their music, thus laying the groundwork for the new jack swing movement. The group consisted of rappers Jalil Hutchins and John "Ecstasy" Fletcher, adding legendary DJ Drew "Grandmaster Dee" Carter, known for being able to scratch records with nearly every part of his body, in 1983. Whodini made its name with good-humored songs like "Magic's Wand" (the first rap song to feature an accompanying video), "The Haunted House of Rock" (a rewrite of "Monster Mash"), and "Freaks Come Out at Night," and their live shows were the first rap concerts to feature official dancers (U.T.F.O. members Doctor Ice and Kangol Kid). Following 1987's Open Sesame, Whodini went on hiatus due to problems with their record company, as well as to concentrate on new families. The group attempted a comeback in 1991 with Bag-a-Trix without much success, despite receiving their due as rap innovators. Five years later, Whodini returned with their sixth album, appropriately titled Six. The album disappeared shortly after its release. Allmusic by Steve Huey

Album: Whodini (1983)

01. The Haunted House Of Rock
02. Nasty Lady
03. Underground
04. It's All In Mr Magic's Wand
05. Magic's Wand
06. Yours For A Night
07. Rap Machine
08. The Haunted House Of Rock (Vocoder Version)

Album: Escape (1984)

01. Five Minutes Of Funk
02. Freaks Come Out At Night
03. Featuring Grandmaster Dee
04. Big Mouth
05. Escape (I Need A Break)
06. Friends
07. Out Of Control
08. We Are Whodini

Album: Back In Black (1986)

01. Funky Beat
02. One Love
03. Growing Up
04. I'm A Ho
05. How Dare You
06. Fugitive
07. Echo Scratch
08. Last Night (I had a Long Talk with Myself)
09. The Good Part
10. The Whodini Mega Mix

Album: Open Sesame (1987)

01. Rock You Again(Again & Again)
02. Be Yourself(Featuring Millie Jackson)
03. Cash Money
04. Hoked On You
05. Early Mother's Day Card
06. Now That Whodini's Inside The Joint
07. Life Is Like A Dance
08. You Brought It On Yourself
09. I'm Def(Jump Back And Kiss Myself)
10. Remember Where You Came From
11. For The Body
12. You Take My Breath Away

Album: Bag A Trix (1991)

01. The Intro
02. Judy
03. Freaks
04. Smilin' Faces Sometimes
05. Bag A Trix
06. Taste Of Love
07. Inside The Joint
08. Lovers Or Friends
09. The Party Don't Start
10. Day To Day
11. Milk My Cow
12. Nite For Jammin'
13. That's Life
14. Bad Case Of Love

Album: Six (1996)

01. Brooklyn(Intro)
02. Runnin' Em
03. Be My Lady
04. Here He Comes(Interlude)
05. Can't Get Enough
06. Keep Running Back
07. If You Want It
08. Turn The Whole World Around(Interlude)
09. Let Me Get Some
10. VIP
11. Still Want More
12. NBA(Interlude)
13. Keep Running Back(Remix)

Album: Funky Beat - The Best Of Whodini (2006)

01. Magic's Wand
02. Haunted House of Rock
03. Five Minutes of Funk
04. Freaks Come Out at Night
05. Big Mouth
06. Escape (I Need a Break)
07. Friends
08. Funky Beat
09. One Love
10. I'm a Ho
11. Be Yourself
12. Rock You Again (Again & Again)
13. Judy
14. Keep Running Back
15. The Whodini Mega Mix



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