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Friday, March 13, 2015

Betty Wright

Collection of Betty Wright

Singer Betty Wright proved to be a consistently strong presence on the Miami music scene, primarily throughout the '70s and '80s, although she continues to record. Born on December 21, 1953, in Miami, FL, Wright began her singing career early on as a member of her family's own gospel group the Echoes of Joy. By the age of 13, Wright had begun appearing on other artists' recordings as a backup singer and two years later was issuing her own solo singles (scoring a Top 40 hit the same year with "Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do") and albums (My First Time Around). It would be several years, however, before Wright would enjoy her next substantial hit, but it would prove to be worth the wait when 1972's "Clean Up Woman" (notable for its prominent guitar riff and Wright's swaggering lead vocal) peaked at number two on the R&B and number six on the pop charts. In 1974, Wright received a Grammy Award for the song "Where Is the Love?" (not to be confused with the renowned Roberta Flack/Donny Hathaway tune of the same name); Wright steadily continued to issue albums throughout the decade, including such standout titles as 1975's Danger High Voltage (which spawned three R&B hits, "Shoorah! Shoorah!," "Where Is the Love?," and "Tonight Is the Night") and 1978's Betty Wright Live. 1981's hit collaboration with Stevie Wonder, "What Are You Gonna Do With It?," proved to be Wright's last substantial hit. Wright continued issuing albums throughout the '80s and '90s, in addition to trying her hand as a television talk show hostess and contributing backing vocals to a wide variety of other artists such as Erykah Badu, Regina Belle, David Byrne, Jimmy Cliff, Gloria Estefan, Inner Circle, Millie Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Mathis, etc. The early 21st century saw the release of Wright's first all-new studio album in several years, 2001's Fit for a King, as well as the fine 16-track career overview The Very Best of Betty Wright. Allmusic by Greg Prato

Album: My First Time Around (1968)

01. Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
02. Funny How Love Grows Cold
03. I'm Gonna Hate Myself In The Morning
04. Circle Of Heartbreak
05. Sweet Lovin' Daddy
06. Cry Like A Baby
07. Watch Out Love
08. He's Bad, Bad, Bad
09. I Can't Stop My Heart
10. I'm Thankful
11. The Best Girls Don't Always Win
12. Just You

Album: I Love The Way You Love (1972)

01. I Love The Way You Love
02. I'll Love You Forever Heart And Soul
03. I Found That Guy
04. All Your Kissin' Sho Don't Make True Lovin'
05. If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me
06. Clean Up Woman
07. I'm Gettin' Tired Baby
08. Pure Love
09. Ain't No Sunshine
10. Don't Let It End This Way
11. Let's Not Rush Down The Road Of Love

Album: Hard To Stop (1973)

01. I Am Woman
02. Sweet Wonder
03. The Experts
04. We The Two Of Us
05. Let Me Go Down
06. Gimme Back My Man
07. Who'll Be The Fool
08. The Babysitter
09. If You Think You've Got Soul
10. It's Hard To Stop

Album: Danger High Voltage (1974)

01. Everybody Was Rockin'
02. Love Don't Grow on a Love Tree
03. Show Your Girl
04. Come on Up
05. Shoorah! Shoorah!
06. Where Is the Love
07. That's When I'll Stop Loving You
08. Don't Thank Me Baby, Thank Yourself
09. Tonight Is the Night

Album: Explosion! (1976)

01. Open The Door To Your Heart
02. Do Right Girl
03. I Think I'd Better Think About It
04. Smother Me With Your Love
05. Don't Forget To Say I Love You Today
06. Keep Feelin'
07. Rock On Baby, Rock On
08. If I Ever Do Wrong
09. Bluesville
10. Life

Album: This Time For Real (1977)

01. That Man of Mine
02. Wonderful Baby
03.. If You Abuse My Love (You'll Lose My Love)
04.. You Can't See for Lookin'
05.. Sometime Kind of Thing
06. Brick Grits
07.. Sweet
08. Give Me More, More, More
09. Room at the Top

Album: Betty Wright Live (1978)

01. Lovin' Is Really My Game
02. Tonight Is The Night
03. A Song For You
04. Clean Up Woman Medley
05. You Can't See For Lookin'
06. Where Is The Love

Album: Travelin' In The Wright Circle (1979)

01. I'm Telling You Now
02. Child Of The Man
03. You're Just What I Need
04. My Love Is
05. Open The Door To Your Heart-Love Train
06. I Believe It's Love
07. Thank You For The Many Things You've Done
08. Listen To The Music (Dance)

Album: Betty Wright (1981)

01. What Are You Going To Do With It
02. I Like Your Lovin'
03. Indivisible
04. Body Slang
05. Dancin' On The One
06. Give A Smile
07. I Come To You
08. Make Me Love The Rain
09. One Bad Habit (And That's Loving You)

Album: Wright Back At You(1983)

01. Burning Desire
02. She’s Older Now
03. Be Your Friend
04. I Promise You
05. Live, Love, Rejoice
06. Special Love
07. Show Me
08. Reggae The Night Away
09. Gimme Just Another Try

Album: Sevens (1986)

01. I Can
02. In Time You`ll See
03. Tropical Island
04. The Sun Don`t Shine
05. Share My Love
06. Music Street
07. Are You Gonna Stand By Me
08. Pain
09. Hang On

Album: Mother Wit (1988)

01. After The Pain
02. No Pain, (No Gain)
03. Ms. Time
04. Love Days
05. Miami Groove
06. Unsolicited Advise
07. Shoot It From The Hip
08. Fakin' Moves
09. Say It Again

Album: 4U2Njoy (1989)

01. 4u2njoy
02. It's Been Real
03. Quiet Storm
04. Keep Love New
05. From Pain to Joy
06. Valley of Lonely
07. Lightnin'
08. We Down
09. Won't Be Long Now

Album: Passion & Compassion (1990)

01. Help Is on the Way
02. Search 4 Love Is Over
03. Passion & Compassion
04. No Good But So Good
05. Deep Water
06. Nighttime Can Catch Ya
07. Get Biz-E
08. I Miss Ya
09. Nobody Loves U Like I Do
10. Rythyms Getting Stronger
11. Got My Life Back
12. Help Is on the Way (Girlfriends)
13. Tonight Is the Night/Won't Be Long Now

Album: B Attitudes (1994)

01. It's The Little Things
02. Love Is Too Deep
03. I Don't Know
04. Feels Good
05. I Know Too Much About You
06. Kiss Me, Hold Me
07. Don't Hurt Me
08. For Love Alone
09. Love Of My Life
10. Only You
11. Distant Lover
12. Makin' It
13. I Found Love
14. Please Tell Me Yes

Album: The Very Best of Betty Wright (2000)

01. Clean Up Woman
02. Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do
03. He's Bad, Bad, Bad
04. Pure Love
05. I'm Gettin' Tired Baby
06. Is It You Girl
07. Baby Sitter
08. It's Hard to Stop (Doing Something When It's Good to You)
09. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
10. Secretary
11. Shoorah! Shoorah!
12. Where Is the Love
13. Ooola La
14. Slip and Do It
15. You Can't See for Lookin'
16. Tonight Is the Night, Pt. 1 [Rap]

Album: The Essentials (2005)

01. Clean Up Woman
02. Baby Sitter
03. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
04. Tonight Is The Night (Pts_ 1 & 2)
05. Dance With Me - (with Peter Brown)
06. Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
07. If You Love Me like You Say You Do
08. Is It You Girl
09. It's Hard To Stop (Doing Something When It's Good To You)
10. Secretary
11. Where Is The Love
12. You Should Do It - (with Peter Brown)

Album: The Platinum Collection (2007)

01. Clean Up Woman
02. Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
03. He's Bad Bad Bad
04. Pure Love
05. I'm Gettin' Tired Baby
06. Is It Your Girl
07. Baby Sitter
08. It's Hard To Stop (Doing Something When It's Good To You)
09. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
10. Secretary
11. I Love The Way You Love
12. I'll Love You Forever Heart And Soul
13. All Your Kissin' Sho' Don't Make True Lovin'
14. I Am Woman
15. Sweet Wonder
16. We The Two Of Us
17. Gimme Back My Man
18. If You Think You've Got Soul
19. Don't Let It End This Way
20. Ain't No Sunshine



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