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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Con Funk Shun

Collection of Con Funk Shun

Con Funk Shun was formed by high-school classmates Michael Cooper and Louis "Tony" McCall, along with Karl Fuller, Paul "Maceo" Harrell, Dennis Johnson, Cedric Martin, and Danny "Sweet Man" Thomas. All of them had been playing together since their high-school days in Vallejo, CA. Felton Pilate, also from Vallejo, joined the group after his band, a local rival, disbanded.

In the early '70s, the group was a backup band for the Soul Children with the name Project Soul. And when they weren't on the road with the Soul Children, they were creatively working with various Stax staff writers. In the mid-'70s, Project Soul made an effort to become a headliner, but they met dead-ends and little success. However, they found good fortune at Audio Dimensions, a Memphis recording studio owned by producer Ted Sturges. Around this time, he group named itself after the title of one of their instrumentals, "Con Funk Shun." During their three-year stint at Audio Dimensions, Sturges, besides owning the studio, was also Con Funk Shun's producer. Their association resulted in the group's first album, Organized Con Funk Shun.

As their sound developed, Pilate and Cooper emerged as the primary lead vocalists. Around the time their first album for Crankshaft Productions, Inc. was being recorded, the eighth member, MC and technician Dennis Johnson, left the group to attend seminary in California. By 1976, the group signed to Mercury, where they remained for ten years. Their first hit for Mercury was "Ffun," written by Michael Cooper as a tribute to the R&B/funk band Brick. One of the premiere party funk bands of its time, they also began recording ballads and instrumental tracks by the early '80s. Aside from being the primary musicians on all their albums, Con Funk Shun also contributed to each of their albums as writers, arrangers, and/or producers.

Burnin' Love, the septet's last album with Mercury, was recorded without their longtime musical center, Felton Pilate, who left the group in 1986 to become a successful producer. (Pilate eventually became the musical force behind MC Hammer.) Melvin Carter, a frequent collaborator of Con Funk Shun, joined the group upon Pilate's exit, and that same year Michael Cooper left for a solo career. Con Funk Shun disbanded after their last album with Mercury, but reunited in the '90s, and began performing at festivals and concerts around the world.

Album: Organized Con Funk Shun (1973)

01. Time
02. Get Down With It
03. Do You Really Know What Love Is For
04.Sure Feels Good To Me
05. Love In Me
06. Seascape (Instrumental)
07. Funky Things On Your Mind

Album: Con-Funk-Shun (1976)

01. Music Is The Way
02. Tell Me That You Like It
03. Never Be The Same
04. Owe It To Myself
05. Foley Park
06. Nothing To Lose By Trying
07. Forever Ain't Just Long Enough
08. Another World
09. Sure It Feels Good To Me

Album: Secrets (1977)

01. Doowhachawannadoo
02. Who Has The Time
03. Indian Summer Love (Interlude)
04. Tears In My Eyes
05. Ffun
06. Secrets
07. Confunkshunizeya
08. I'll Set You Out OK
09. Indian Summer Love (Instrumental)

Album: Loveshine (1978)

01. So Easy
02. Magic Woman
03. Shake And Dance With Me
04. Make It Last
05. Loveshine
06. When The Feeling's Right
07. I Think I Found The Answer
08. Wanna Be There
09. Can't Go Away

Album: Candy (1979)

01. Fire When Ready
02. Chase Me
03. Not Ready
04. Da Lady
05. Candy
06. (Let Me Put) Love on Your Mind
07. Main Slice
08. Images

Album: Spirit Of Love (1980)

01. Got To Be Enough
02. By Your Side
03. Curtain Call
04. Early Morning Sunshine
05. Spirit Of Love
06. Happy Face
07. All Up To You
08. Juicy
09. Honey Wild
10. Lovestruck

Album: Touch (1980)

01. Too Tight
02. Lady's Wild
03. Give Your Love To Me
04. Pride And Glory
05. Kidnapped
06. Welcome Back To Love
07. Touch
08. Can't Say Goodbye
09. Play Widit

Album: Con Funk Shun 7 (1981)

01. Bad Lady
02. I'll Get You Back
03. Body Lovers
04. Promise You Love
05. If You're In Need Of Love
06. Straight From The Heart
07. A Song For You
08. California 1

Album: To The Max (1982)

01. Ms. Got The Body
02. Let's Ride And Slide
03. Everlove
04. Hide And Freak
05. You Are The One
06. Take It To The Max
07. Love's Train
08. Ain't Nobody
09. The Freak

Album: Fever (1983)

01. Can You Feel The Groove Tonight
02. Indiscreet Sweet
03. Baby I'm Hooked (Right Into Your Love)
04. Thinking About You Baby
05. Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold
06. Lovin' Fever
07. Hard Lovin'
08. If I'm Your Lover

Album: Electric Lady (1985)

01. Turn The Music Up
02. Rock It All Night
03. I'm Leaving Baby
04. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
05. Electric Lady
06. Don't Go (I Want You Back)
07. Circle Of Love
08. Pretty Lady

Album: Burnin' Love (1986)

01. Do Ya
02. Burnin' Love
03. How Long
04. Jo Jo
05. She's Sweet
06. She's A Star
07. It's Time Girl
08. You Make Me Wanna Love Again

Album: Best Of Con Funk Shun (1993)

01. Shake And Dance With Me
02. Ffun
03. Straight From The Heart
04. Love's Train
05. So Easy
06. Too Tight
07. By Your Side
08. Juicy
09. Got To Be Enough
10. Ms. Got-The-Body
11. Chase Me
12. Sho' Feels Good To Me
13. California 1
14. (Let Me Put) Love On Your Mind
15. All Up To You
16. I'm Leaving Baby
17. Baby I'm Hooked (Right Into Your Love)

Album: Live For Ya Ass (1996)

01. FFun (Intro)
02. Chase Me
03. Shake & Dance With Me
04. Let Me Put Love On Your Mind
05. I'm Leaving Baby
06. Too Tight
07. Straight From The Heart
08. Baby, I'm Hooked
09. By Your Side
10. Love's Train
11. FFun
12. Throw It Up, Throw It Up
13. Head To Toe
14. Mega-Mix

Album: Best Of Vol. 2 (1996)

01. Lady's Wild
02. Ain't Nobody, Baby
03. Candy
04. Happy Face
05. Too Tight
06. Da Lady
07. Lovin' Fever
08. Body Lovers
09. Electric Lady
10. Who Has The Time
11. Pretty Lady
12. Honey Wild
13. Make It Last
14. Promise You Love
15. Give Your Love To Me
16. Everlove


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