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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Glenn Jones

Collection of Glenn Jones

While he's never been as commanding an R&B/urban vocalist as he was in his gospel days, Glenn Jones has nevertheless managed a successful switch from spiritual to secular material. Norman Connors helped Jones make the move in 1980, featuring him on a song for his LP Take It to the Limit. Jones later toured with Connors, and also sang on Mr. C. He signed with RCA in 1983, and issued a mini-album, which garnered a Top 30 R&B single in "I Am Somebody." The next LP, Finesse, was produced by Leon Sylvers and gave Jones his first genuine smash, the number three R&B hit "Show Me." Jones' duet with Dionne Warwick was the theme song for the 1984 television series Finder of Lost Loves. He also sang "Talk Me into It," which was featured in the film Youngblood. Jones left RCA for Jive in 1987, and enjoyed another big hit with "We've Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over)," which reached number two R&B in 1987. He recorded for Jive until 1992, moving to Atlantic for Here I Go Again; Here I Am followed two years later, with It's Time appearing in 1998. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Everybody Loves A Winner (1983)

01. I Am Somebody
02. Keep On Doin'
03. Everybody Loves A Winner
04. Love Intensity
05. Thank You For The Love

Album: Finesse (1984)

01. Finesse
02. You're The One I Love
03. Show Me
04. It Hurts Too Much
05. Meet Me Half Way There
06. Bring Back Your Love
07. Everlasting Love
08. On The Floor

Album: Take It From Me (1986)

01. Stay
02. Set The Night On Fire
03. Love Will Show Us How
04. Be My Lady
05. Giving Myself To You
06. All Work No Play
07. Dangerous
08. Take It From Me

Album: Glenn Jones (1987)

01. We've Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over)
02. It Must Be Love
03. At Last
04. That Night Mood
05. Oh Girl
06. Living in the Limelight
07. It's All in the Game
08. All I Need to Know
09. I Love You

Album: All For You (1990)

01. Stay
02. Do You Love Me
03. Can We Try Again
04. (Do You Love) The One You're With
05. All For You
06. (Interlude) Can We Try Again
07. Endlessly
08. No Additional Love
09. That's How Love Should Be
10. Hooked On Your Love
11. Stay (Extended Version)
12. (Interlude) All For You

Album: Here I Go Again (1992)

01. Here I Go Again
02. I've Been Searchin' (Nobody Like You)
03. Call Me
04. Good Thang
05. Open Up Your Heart
06. The Way You Do
07. Baby Come To Me
08. In You
09. Love Is Forever
10. Get It Right
11. Say Yeah

Album: The Best Of (1992)

01. Show Me
02. Every Step of the Way
03. I Am Somebody
04. Woman
05. Love Me Through the Night
06. We've Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over)
07. At Last
08. Stay
09. Different

Album: Here I Am (1994)

01. Here I Am
02. It's Gonna Be Alright
03. Love Song
04. Round And Round
05. Make It Up To You
06. Coming Back To You
07. Give Love a Chance
08. Everything To Me
09. Since You've Been Gone (A House Is Not A Home)
10. Don't Walk Away
11. In You

Album: Greatest Hits Giving Myself to You (1998)

01. I Am Somebody
02. Keep On Doin'
03. Show Me
04. Finesse
05. You're The Only One I Love
06. Finder Of Lost Loves
07. Bring Back Your Love
08. Giving Myself To You
09. Stay (1986)
10. We've Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over)
11. At Last
12. Stay (1990)
13. Here I Go Again
14. I've Been Searching' (Nobody Like You)

Album: It's Time (1998)

01. Here All The Time
02. Thankful
03. Let It Rain
04. When We're Making Love
05. 24seven
06. Secrets
07. I Think It's Time
08. Don't Stop Me
09. Baby Come Home
10. On Your Side
11. We've Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) (Live)
12. Show Me (Live)
13. In You (LIve)
14. Here I Go Again (Live)
15. Let It Rain (Down Pour Remix) (Live)

Album: Feels Good (2002)

01. Dreams Do Come True
02. Every Time
03. Feels Good
04. All That You Need
05. I Wonder Why
06. Girl In The Corner
07. I'll Always Be Here (Interlude)
08. Has Anybody
09. From Now On
10. When Love Breaks U Down
11. In Your Eyes
12. You Should've Stayed Here

Album: Forever Timeless R&B Classics (2006)

01. Another Sad Love Song
02. Anniversary
03. Where Is The Love
04. Here I Go Again
05. My First Love
06. Reaching For The Sky
07. You're Sweet, You're Fine, You're Everything
08. Show And Tell
09. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
10. I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much


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