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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Soul II Soul

Collection of Soul II Soul

Led by producer/vocalist/songwriter Jazzie B., Soul II Soul were one of the most innovative dance/R&B outfits of the late '80s, creating a seductive, deep R&B that borrowed from Philly soul, disco, reggae, and '80s hip-hop. Originally featuring Jazzie B., producer/arranger Nellee Hooper, and instrumentalist Philip "Daddae" Harvey, the musical collective came together in the late '80s. The group had a residency at the Africa Centre in London's Covent Garden, which led to a record contract with 10, a subsidiary of Virgin. Two singles, "Fairplay" and "Feel Free," began to attract attention both in clubs and in the press.

Featuring the vocals of Caron Wheeler, Soul II Soul's third single, "Keep on Movin'," reached the U.K. Top Ten in March of 1989. Released in the summer of 1989, "Back to Life" also featured Wheeler and became another Top Ten hit. Soul II Soul released their debut album, Club Classics, Vol. 1, shortly afterward. The album was released in America under the title Keep on Movin'; both "Keep on Movin'" and "Get a Life" became substantial hits, propelling the album to double platinum status.

Wheeler left the group before the recording of the group's second album, Vol. II: 1990 - A New Decade. The album debuted at number one in the U.K., yet it caught the group in a holding pattern. Hooper soon left the collective, leaving Jazzie B. to soldier on alone. Hooper went on to work with several of the most influential and popular acts of the early '90s, including Massive Attack (Blue Lines), Björk (Debut and Post), Madonna (Bedtime Stories), and U2 ("Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me"). In 1992, Soul II Soul released Vol. III: Just Right, to both lukewarm reviews and sales. After the compilation Vol. IV: The Classic Singles, the group's next studio album, Vol. V: Believe, appeared in 1995.

Album: Vol.1 Club Classics (1989)

01. Keep On Movin' (feat. Caron Wheeler)
02. Fairplay (feat. Rose Windross)
03. Holdin' On (Bambelela)
04. Feeling Free (Live Rap)
05. African Dance
06. Dance
07. Feel Free (feat. Do 'Reen)
08. Happiness (Dub)
09. Back To Life (Accapella)
10. Jazzie's Groove
11. Back To Life (Single Edit) (Bonus Track)

Album: Vol.2 A New Decade (1990)

01. Get A Life
02. Love Come Through
03. People
04. Missing You
05. Courtney Blows
06. 1990 A New Decade
07. A Dream's A Dream
08. Time
09. In The Heat Of The Night
10. Our Time Has Now Come

Album: Vol.3 Just Right (1992)

01. Joy
02. Take Me Higher
03. Storm
04. Direction
05. Just Right
06. Move Me No Mountain
07. Intelligence
08. Future
09. Mood
10. Everywhere

Album: Vol.4 The Classic Singles 1988-1993 (1993)

01. Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)
02. Keep on Movin'
03. Get a Life
04. A Dream's a Dream
05. Missing You
06. Just Right
07. Move Me No Mountain
08. People
09. Fairplay
10. Jazzie's Groove
11. Wish
12. Joy
13. Keep on Movin' [Mafia and Fluxy Mix]
14. Fairplay [Ethnic Boys Mix]
15. Back to Life [Bonus Beats]

Album: Vol.5 Believe (1995)

01. Love Enuff
02. Ride On
03. How Long
04. Feeling
05. Universal Love
06. Be A Man
07. Zion
08. Don't You Dream
09. Game Dunn
10. Sunday
11. Pride
12. I Care (Soul II Soul)
13. B Groove

Album: Vol.6 Time For A Change (1997)

01. Camdino Soul
02. Pleasure Dome
03. Thank You
04. Dare to Differ
05. Get Away
06. I Feel Love
07 Trains
08. Time for Change
09. Party on the Cliffs
10. Limit Is the Sky

Album: The Club Mix Hits (1998)

01. A Dreams A Dream (Club Dub)
02. Fairplay (Freestyle Horns)
03. Get A Life (Club Mix)
04. Jazzie's Groove (New Version)
05. I Care (Soul II Soul) (12' Master)
06. Joy (Club Mix - 7' Edit)
07. Just Right (Club Mix)
08. Love Enuff (Todd Terry House Mix Edit)
09. Move Me No Mountain (Club Mix)
10. Wish (Juni Mix)
11. Missing You (The Healer Mix)
12. Feel Free (12')
13. Back To Life (Accapella)

Album: Club Classics Vol. 1 - 10th Anniversary Edition (1999)

01. Keep On Movin' [Featuring Caron Wheeler]
02. Fairplay [Featuring Rose Windross]
03. Holdin' On [Bambelela]
04. Feeling Free [Live Rap]
05. African Dance
06. Dance
07. Feel Free [Featuring Do'reen]
08. Happiness [Dub]
09. Back To Life [Acapella]
10. Jazzie's Groove
11. Ambition Rap
12. Keep On Movin' [Big Beat A Capella]
13. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)
14. Jazzie's Groove [Piano Version] [M Beat Bonus Mix]
15. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) [One World Remix]
16. Keep On Movin' [M Beat Bonus Mix]


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