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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Collection of Kleeer

Kleeer was a New York-based disco/funk group headed by drummer, arranger, songwriter, and vocalist Woody Cunningham. The group -- fleshed out by vocalist/percussionist Paul Crutchfield, guitarist Richard Lee, and bassist Norman Durham -- formed in 1972 as the backing group for the Choice 4. Two years later, they broke off on their own and changed their name to the Jam Band. For a brief period, the Jam Band backed up Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes for touring purposes and even appeared with the group on the TV program The Midnight Special.

Another change came in 1975, when the Jam Band changed names again to Pipeline. The switch reflected the quartet's decision to become a hard rock band. A number of major labels balked on signing the group, but Columbia picked them up and released a single ("Gypsy Rider") that didn't fare well commercially.

Pipeline was confronted with the bizarre opportunity to become the Universal Robot Band in 1976. Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael, underground disco legends with skills in all departments of record-making, had released a single under that name -- but there really was no proper band. Pipeline decided to become the Universal Robot Band and recorded and toured under that name until 1978. The quartet's desire to become self-sufficient again resulted in their defection.

Re-named Kleeer, Cunningham, Crutchfield, Lee, and Durham became a funk band with dance floor leanings. The first song they cut as Kleeer, "Keeep Your Body Workin'," was liked by Atlantic enough to be included on a compilation. The response from DJs was overwhelmingly positive and resulted in a recording contract. (Ironically, Atlantic had rejected the group when they were Pipeline.) Between 1979 and 1985, the group released seven albums for the label and frequented the R&B charts with a series of minor hits. Three songs cracked the Top 40 -- 1979's "Tonight's the Night (Good Time)" (#33), 1980's "Winners" (#23), and 1981's "Get Tough" (#15). Nine others entered the R&B chart. Despite never becoming major players in the U.S., they were able to cultivate a rabid cult following in the U.K.

Kleeer disappeeered after the 1985 album Seeekret; Atlantic capped off the group's prolific run the following year with Kleeer Winners: The Best of Kleeer. The group re-appeared briefly in the ‘90s; most members remained active session musicians long after the group's dissolution, and Cunningham went on to record into the 2000s as a solo artist. Kleeer's recordings have long since become a source for several rap hits, including 2Pac's "California Love," and DJ Quik's "Tonight."

Album: I Love To Dance (1979)

01. Tonight's The Night (Good Time)
02. Keeep Your Body Workin'
03. Happy Me
04. I Love To Dance
05. It's Magic
06. To Groove You
07. Amour
08. Kleeer Sailin'

Album: Winners (1979)

01. Winners
02. I Still Love You
03. Your Way
04. Close To You
05. Rollin' On
06. Nothin' Said
07. Hunger For Your Love
08. Open Your Mind

Album: License to Dream (1981)

01. De Kleeer Ting
02. Running Back To You
03. Sippin' & Kissin'
04. Hypnotized
05. License to Dream
06. Get Tough
07. Say You Love Me
08. Where Would I Be

Album: Get Ready (1982)

01. Get Ready
02. Pritty Things
03. Slidin' & Glidin'
04. Stonseee
05. She Said She Loves Me
06. Say You'll Stay
07. Your Love Is What I Need

Album: Taste The Music (1982)

01. Taste The Music
02. I've Had Enough
03. De Ting Continues
04. Wall To Wall
05. I Shall Get Over
06. Fella
07. Swann
08. Affirmative Mood

Album: Intimate Connection (1984)

01. Ride It
02. You Did It Again
03. Go For It
04. Intimate Connection
05. Next Time It's For Real
06. Break
07. Tonight
08. Do You Want To

Album: Seeekret (1985)

01. Take Your Heart Away
02. You Got Me Rockin'
03. Lay Ya Down Ez
04. Seeekret
05. Do Not Lie To Me
06. Never Cry Again
07. Call My Name
08. Groove With You

Album: The Very Best Of Kleeer (1998)

01. Tonight's The Night(Good Time)
02. Keeep Your Body Workin'
03. Winners
04. Open Your Mind
05. Get Tough
06. Running Back To You
07. Taste The Music
08. De Ting Continues
09. She Said She Loves Me(single version)
10. Next Time It's For Real(single version)
11. Intimate Connection
12. Tonight
13. Take Your Heart Away(new edit)



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