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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Karyn White

Collection of Karyn White

Contemporary pop/R&B singer Karyn White was born in Los Angeles, where her father played trumpet and her mother was a church choir director. White gained experience singing in choir and also in local talent shows and beauty pageants. She sang with local band Legacy and then toured with R&B vocalist O'Bryan in 1984. A lead vocal on instrumentalist Jeff Lorber's "Facts of Life" led to Warner Bros. signing her. The self-titled debut, released in 1988, featured "The Way You Love Me," "Love Saw It," and "Superwoman"; the album sold two million copies. Her gold follow-up, Ritual of Love (1991), featured production by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Karyn White later married Lewis and together they had a daughter, Ashley. Jam & Lewis also contributed production help on 1994's Make Him Do Right. Allmusic by John Bush

Album: Karyn White (1987)

01. The Way You Love Me
02. Secret Rendezvous
03. Slow Down
04. Superwoman
05. Family Man
06. Love Saw It
07. Don't Mess With Me
08. Tell Me Tomorrow
09. One Wish

Album: Ritual of Love (1991)

01. Romantic
02. Ritual Of Love
03. The Way I Feel About You
04. Hooked On You
05. Walkin' The Dog
06. Love That's Mine
07. How I Want You
08. One Heart
09. Tears Of Joy
10. Beside You
11. Do Unto Me
12. Hard To Say Goodbye

Album: Make Him Do Right (1994)

01. Hungah
02. Can I Stay With You
03. Weakness
04. Nobody But My Baby
05. Here Comes The Pain Again
06. I'd Rather Be Alone
07. Make Him Do Right
08. Simple Pleasures
09. I'm Your Woman
10. Thinkin' 'bout Love
11. One Minute

Album: Superwoman - The Best Of (2007)

01. The Way You Love Me
02. Romantic
03. Superwoman
04. The Way I Feel About You
05. Facts Of Life (Feat. Jeff Lorber)
06. Love Saw It (Feat. Babyface)
07. All I Do
08. Hungah
09. Secret Rendezvous
10. Tears Of Joy
11. Can I Stay With You
12. Here Comes The Pain Again
13. Disconnected
14. I'd Rather Be Alone

Album: Carpe Diem (2012)

01. Sista Sista
02. Dance Floor
03. This Hot
04. Sooo Weak
05. Unbreakable
06. Interlude (Costine & Lee)07. My Heart Cries
08. True Colors
09. Carpe Diem (Seize The Day)
10. Heaven
11. Sista Sista (Acoustic)


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