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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Melba Moore

Collection of Melba Moore

There were early signs that Melba Moore would become an entertainer. The most obvious motivation was her mother, Bonnie Davis, who was also a successful singer. Witnessing the success that her mother endured, Moore knew the entertainment industry would not escape her. The world of performing arts was formally introduced to her by way of dance lessons at the age of four. Moore's mother impressed upon her that "if you don't touch people's hearts, it doesn't mean anything." Her stepfather would also become an instrumental figure in the development of her early career.

All her siblings were musically inclined. Melba's interest was dance. However, her stepfather insisted that she learn the piano. Against her will, she conceded -- and to her benefit. She gained much admiration for the blues and jazz pianists. Upon graduating from college, she became a music teacher, which she found very fulfilling. Nonetheless, Moore's affinity for the entertainment industry persisted.

Her stepfather, also a musician, gave her invaluable advice and guidance. He sensed his stepdaughter's irresistible urge to be in the entertainment industry, so he began to show her the ropes. The results landed Moore jobs singing jingles and background vocals. She hit it big when she joined the cast of the Broadway musical Hair. One day while working in the studio, a barefoot gentleman asked her if she wanted to be in the play. Moore accepted and eventually won the lead role. It was the first time in history that a black actress replaced a white actress (Diane Keaton) for the lead role on Broadway. That followed with another Broadway hit, Purlie, which earned her a Tony Award and rave reviews.

That success was followed by appearances in film, television, and recording ventures. In 1975, she married Charles Huggins. The two formed Hush Productions and began seeking out R&B artists that they could manage and produce. The most famous being Freddie Jackson, whose presence at Hush Production was primarily due in part to Moore. In the same year "I Am His Lady" was released on Buddah (Billboard number 82, six weeks); it was Moore's first single to hit the charts. It would be seven years and 12 singles later before she would claim her first Top Ten single. In 1982 the New York City native cracked the Billboard R&B charts at number five with the dance/club track "Love's Comin' at Ya."

Moore's next ten releases spawned four Top 20 and two Top Ten singles: "Livin' for Your Love" and "Love the One I'm With" (duet with Kashif), respectively peaked at six and five. The single to follow the latter was "A Little Bit More" (a duet with Jackson). The year was 1986, and it was Moore's first number one song but not her last. Also released in the same year, "Falling" claimed the top spot on the charts. Thereafter, Moore released seven more singles. Two were Top 20 hits and three were Top Ten hits, including the black national anthem "Lift Every Voice and Sing" (Billboard number ten).

All the splendor that Moore relished in would soon come to a halt. Her husband of 15 years abruptly divorced the songstress without any prior warning. In spite of the personal and professional hardships that resulted from this unforeseen misfortune, Moore was able to rebound. In 1996 she released Happy Together, her first album in six years. And in 1998 she began touring the country with her one-woman autobiographical musical Sweet Songs of the Soul. She is honorably one of the top singers the R&B world has ever known and this can be supported by her admirable chart activity, which dates back to 1975.

Album: I Got Love (1970)

01. I Got Love
02. Time And Love
03. I Messed Up On A Good Thing
04. Purlie
05. Captain St. Lucifer
06. I Love Making Love To You
07. We're Living To Give
08. Sunny
09. The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)
10. Easy To Be Hard
11. He Come Down This Morning
12. The Facade

Album: Look What You're Doing to The Man (1971)

01. Look What You're Doing To The Man
02. Searchin' For A Dream
03. Medley Walk A Mile In My Shoestwenty Five Miles
04. Patience Is Rewarede
05. You Got The Power (To Make Me Happy)
06. If I Had A Million
07. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
08. Heaven Help Us All
09. The Thrill Is Gone {from Yesterday's Kiss}
10. Loving You Comes So Easy

Album: Peach Melba (1975)

01. Must Be Dues
02. Get Into My Mind
03. If You Can Believe
04. Sunshine Superman
05. My Soul Is Satisfied
06. I Am His Lady
07. Green Birds Fly
08. Natural Part Of Everything
09. Love Can Be Good To You
10. A Million Years Before This Time
11. If I Lose

Album: This Is It (1976)

01. This Is It
02. Free
03. One Less Morning
04. Make Me Believe You
05. Lean On Me
06. Stay Awhile
07. Playboy Scout
08. Blood Red Roses
09. Brand New

Album: A Portrait Of Melba ( 1977)

01. You Are My River
02. Promised Land
03. I Don't Know No One Else To Turn To
04. Standing Right Here
05. Just Another Link
06. Living Free
07. Is This The End
08. Love And I Aren't Strangers Anymore

Album: Melba (1978)

01. You Stepped Into My Life
02. There's No Other Like You
03. Hard Not To Like You
04. Together Forever
05. Keep Me Up, I'll Dance
06. Happy
07. Promise To Love You
08. Where Did You Ever Do

Album: Burn (1979)

01. Burn
02. Hot And Tasty
03. If You Believe In Love
04. Night People
05. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
06. Can't Give You Up
07. Miss Thing
08. Need Love

Album: Closer (1980)

01. Everything's So Good About You
02. You Got Me Loving You
03. Closer
04. Something on Your Mind
05. Shame
06. Never Gonna Let You Get Away
07. Rest Inside My Love'
08. I Could Never Miss You More
09. Next to You
10. You Don't Know

Album: What a Woman Needs (1981)

01. Let's Stand Together
02. Your Sweet Lovin'
03. What A Woman Needs
04. Take My Love
05. Overnight Sensation
06. Piece of the Rock
07. Each Second
08. Let's Go Back To Lovin'

Album: The Other Side of the Rainbow (1982)

01. Love's Comin' At Ya
02. Under Love
03. Mind Up Tonight
04. Knack For Me
05. How's Love Been Treating You
06. Don't Go Away
07. I Can't Help My Self
08. The Other Side Of The Rainbow

Album: Never Say Never (1983)

01. Love Me Right
02. Keepin' My Lover Satisfied
03. Got To Have Your Love
04. Livin' For Your Love
05. It's Really Love
06. Never Say Never
07. Lovin' Touch
08. Lean On Me

Album: Read My Lips (1985)

01. Love of a Lifetime
02. I Can't Believe It (It's Over)
03. Read My Lips
04. Dreams
05. When You Love Me Like This (Feat. Lillo Thomas)
06. Winner
07. King of My Heart
08. To Those Who Wait
09. Mind Over Matter

Album: A Lot of Love (1986)

01. There I Go Falling in Love Again
02. It's Been So Long
03. I'm Not Gonna Let You Go
04. Love the One I'm With
05. You Trip Me Out
06. A Little Bit More
07. Falling
08. Stay
09. When We Touch (It's Like Fire)
10. Don't Go Away

Album: I'm in Love (1988)

01. Love and Kisses
02. I'm in Love
03. Love Always Finds a Way (To Your Heart)
04. I Can't Complain
05. I Don't Know No One Else to Turn to
06. I'll Never Find Another You
07. Keeps Me Runnin' Back
08. First Love
09. This Time
10. Test of Time

Album: Soul Expose (1990)

01. Do You Really Want My Love
02. Hold Me
03 .New Love
04. I Love Being In Love
05 Lift Every Voice & Sing
06. Face To Face
07. Crying In The Night
08. Don't You Want To Be My Lover
09. Too Many Lovers
10. Stormy Weather
11. Lift Every Voice & Sing (Extended Version)

Album: Little Bit Moore: The Magic of Melba Moore (1997)

01. I'm Not Gonna Let You Go
02. Falling
03. Mind Up Tonight
04. How's Love Been Treating You
05. A Little Bit More (Duet With Freddie Jackson)
06. Stay
07. Love's Comin' At You
08. Livin' For Your Love
09. Lean On Me
10. I'm In Love (Duet With Kashif)
11. Underlove
12. I Can't Complain (Duet With Freddie Jackson)
13. (Can't Take Half) All Of You (Duet With Lillo Thomas)
14. Let's Stand Together

Album: Solitary Journey (1999)

01. Lift Every Voice (Hip Hop Version)
02. Everybody (R&B Mix Version)
03. Anything Thatcha Want
04. Still In Love
05. Sweet Jesus
06. Farewell
07. I Let You Play With My Love
08. Will You Be Good To Me
09. Unconditional Lovin'
10. Silent Screams
11. Heaven
12. Lift Every Voice (Bonus Track)
13. Everybody (Original Mix Version)
14. Everybody (Club Mix Version)

Album: Live In Concert (2007)

01. Rainbow
02. You Stepped Into My Life
03. This Is It
04. Falling
05. It Don't Mean A Thing
06. Stormy Weather
07. I Concentrate On You
08. Air Mail Medley
09. Mozart
10. Summertime
11. Hair Medley
12. Purlie
13. Everything With Breath Praise The Lord
14. Nobody But Jesus
15. Don't Stop Prayin'
16. Just A Little Bit More
17. Christmas Medley



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