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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ready For The World

Collection of Ready For The World

A Michigan funk band with slight rock leanings, Ready for the World parlayed Melvin Riley's whining vocals and some trendy production into a pair of number one R&B hits in the mid-'80s for MCA. Riley, Gordon Strozier, Gregory Potts, Willie Triplett, John Eaton, and Gerald Valentine began on their own Blue Lake label before signing with MCA. The label reissued the song "Tonight," and it reached number six on the R&B charts in 1984. They followed it with "Deep Inside Your Love," another Top Ten R&B single, then had their first of two chart-toppers in "Oh Sheila." It got them a huge crossover smash, ultimately topping the pop lists as well. They scored their fourth consecutive Top Ten R&B record with "Digital Display," then had two flop singles before "Love You Down" put them back on top of the R&B world in 1986. It was their last hit and peaked at number nine pop. ~ Ron Wynn, Rovi

Album: Ready For The World (1985)


01. Tonight
02. Digital Display
03. Ceramic Girl
04. Deep Inside Your Love
05. Oh Sheila
06. Human Toy
07. Slide Over
08. Out Of Town Lover
09. I'm The One Who Loves You

Album: Long Time Coming (1986)


01. Love You Down
02. Baby (Let Me Love You)
03. Long Time Coming
04. Some People Don't Care
05. In My Room
06. Mary Goes Round
07. Here I Am
08. It's All A Game

Album:Ruff N Ready (1988)


01. My Girly
02. Shame
03. Cowboy
04. Gently
05. Money
06. Darlin, Darlin
07. Don't You Wanna (With Me)
08. Late Saturday Night
09. Its Funny

Album: Straight Down To Business (1991)


01. Nuttin But A Party
02. Straight Down To Business
03. Cat Thang
04. World Party
05. Ask Your Lover
06. P.B.S.L
07. Can He Do It (Like This, Can He Do It Like That)
08. No More Mr Nice Guy
09. Yo Thats Alot A Body
10. Panties & Draws
11. Would You Make Me

Album: Oh Sheila! Greatest Hits (1993)


01. Oh Sheila
02. Tonight
03. Digital Display
04. Deep Inside Your Love
05. Long Time Coming
06. Love You Down
07. Mary Goes 'Round
08. Slide Over
09. My Girly
10. Gently
11. Straight Down to Business
12. Can He Do It (Like This, Can He Do It Like That)

Album: The Best Of Ready For The World (2002)


01. Ceramic Girl - (Extended Mix)
02. Slide Over
03. Oh Sheila
04. Mary Goes 'Round - (Single Version)
05. Gently
06. Digital Display - (Radio Edit)
07. Tonight
08. Long Time Coming - (Single Version)
09. Deep Inside Your Love
10. My Girly - (Single Version)
11. Straight Down To Business - (Single Remix Version)
12. Can He Do It (Like This, Can He Do It Like That) - (Extended Mix)
13. Whose Is It - Melvin Riley (Chocolate Mix)
14. Love You Down

Album: She Said She Wants Some (2004)


01. Sexy Interlude
02. Black-n-Mild
03. Booty Call
04. Atomic Dogg Lover
05. Sticky Love
06. Livin 2 Lives
07. What We Gonna Do About That
08. Can't Nobody Do You Like I Do
09. Shout Out
10. Ace-Boon-Coon
11. Page Me
12. Up & Down


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