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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Al Jarreau

Collection of Al Jarreau

The only vocalist in history to net Grammy Awards in three different categories (jazz, pop, and R&B, respectively), Al Jarreau was born in Milwaukee, WI, on March 12, 1940. The son of a vicar, he earned his first performing experience singing in the church choir. After receiving his master's degree in psychology, Jarreau pursued a career as a social worker, but eventually he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and try his hand in show business, playing small clubs throughout the West Coast.

He recorded an LP in the mid-'60s, but largely remained an unknown, not reentering the studio for another decade. Upon signing to Reprise, Jarreau resurfaced in 1975 with We Got By, earning acclaim for his sophisticated brand of vocalese and winning positive comparison to the likes of Billy Eckstine and Johnny Mathis. After 1976's Glow, Jarreau issued the following year's Look to the Rainbow, a two-disc live set that reached the Top 50 on the U.S. album charts. With 1981's Breakin' Away, he entered the Top Ten, scoring a pair of hits with "We're in This Love Together" and the title track. After recording 1986's L Is for Lover with producer Nile Rodgers, Jarreau scored a hit with the theme to the popular television program Moonlighting, but his mainstream pop success was on the wane, and subsequent efforts like 1992's Heaven and Earth and 1994's Tenderness found greater success with adult contemporary audiences.

A string of budget compilations and original albums hit the shelves at the end of the decade, but into the turn of the century his original output slowed down. That was until he signed with the Verve/GRP label in 1998 and reunited with producer Tommy LiPuma. LiPuma had produced Jarreau's ostensible 1975 debut, We Got By, and the pairing seemed to reinvigorate Jarreau, who went on to release three stellar albums under LiPuma's guidance, including 2000's Tomorrow Today, 2002's All I Got, and 2004's Accentuate the Positive. Givin' It Up, recorded with George Benson and released in 2006, was nominated for three Grammy Awards -- each one for a different song. Jarreau returned with his first ever full-length holiday-themed album, Christmas, in 2008. Allmusic by Jason Ankeny

Album: We Got By (1975)


1. Spirit
2. We Got By
3. Susan's Song
4. You Don't See Me
5. Lock All The Gates
6. Raggedy Ann
7. Letter Perfect
8. Sweet Potato Pie
9. Aladdin's Lamp

Album: Glow (1976)


1. Rainbow In Your Eyes
2. Your Song
3. Agua De Beber
4. Have You Seen The Child
5. Hold On Me
6. Fire And Rain
7. Somebody's Watching You
8. Milwaukee
9. Glow

Album: Look To The Rainbow (1977)


01. Letter Perfect
02. Rainbow In Your Eyes
03. One Good Turn
04. Could You Believe
05. Burst In With The Dawn
06. Better Than Anything
07. So Long Girl
08. Look To The Rainbow
09. You Don't See Me
10. Take Five
11. Loving You
12. We Got By

Album: All Fly Home (1978)


1. Thinkin' About It Too
2. I'm Home
3. Brite 'N' Sunny Babe
4. I Do
5. Fly
6. Wait A Little While
7. She's Leaving Home
8. All
9. Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

Album: This Time (1980)


1. Never Givin'Up
2. Gimme What You Got
3. Love Is Real
4. Alonzo
5. (If I Could Only) Change Your Mind
6. Spain (If I Can Recall)
7. Distracted
8. Your Sweet Love
9. (A Rhyme) This Time

Album: Breakin' Away (1981)


1. Closer To Your Love
2. My Old Friend
3. We're In This Love Together
4. Easy
5. Our Love
6. Breakin' Away
7. Roof Garden
8. Blue Rondo A La Turk
9. Teach Me Tonight

Album: Jarreau (1983)


1. Mornin'
2. Boogie Down
3. I Will Be Here For You
4. Save Me
5. Step By Step
6. Black And Blues
7. Trouble In Paradise
8. Not Like This
9. Love Is Waiting

Album: High Crime (1984)


01. Raging Waters
02. Imagination
03. Murphy's Law
04. Tell Me
05. After All
06. High Crime
07. Let's Pretend
08. Sticky Wicket
09. Love Speaks Louder than Words
10. Fallin'

Album: In London (1984)


1. Raging Waters
2. Black And Blues
3. I Will Be Here For You (Nitakungodea Milele)
4. Let's Pretend
5. High Crime
6. Roof Garden
7. Teach Me Tonight
8. We're In This Love Together

Album: L Is For Lover (1986)


01. Tell Me What I Gotta Do
02. L Is For Lover
03. Says
04. Pleasure
05. Golden Girl
06. Across The Midnight Sky
07. (We Got) Telepathy
08. Give A Little More Lovin'
09. No Ordinary Romance
10. Real Tight

Album: Heart's Horizon (1988)


01. All Or Nothing At All
02. So Good
03. All Of My Love
04. Pleasure Over Pain
05. Yo Jeans
06. Way To Your Heart
07. One Way
08. 10K HI
09. I Must Have Been a Fool
10. More Love
11. Killer Love
12. Heart's Horizon

Album: Heaven And Earth (1992)


01. What You Do To Me
02. It's Not Hard To Love You
03. Blue Angel
04. Heaven And Earth
05. Superfine Love
06. Whenever I Hear Your Name
07. Love Of My Life
08. If I Break
09. Blue In Green (Tapestry) Part I-"The Dedication"
10. Blue in Green (Tapestry) Part II-"The Dance"

Album: Tenderness (1994)


01. Mas Que Nada
02. Try A Little Tenderness
03. Your Song
04. My Favorite Things (Feat. Kathleen Battle)
05. She's Leaving Home
06. Summertime
07. We Got By (Feat. David Sanborn)
08. Save Your Love For Me
09. You Don't See Me
10. Wait For The Magic
11. Dinosaur
12. Go Away Little Girl

Album: Best Of Al Jarreau (1996)


01. Compared to What
02. Goodhands Tonight
03. Agua de Beber
04. Take Five
05. Spain (I Can Recall)
06. Never Givin' Up
07. Roof Garden
08. We're in This Love Together
09. Mornin'
10. Boogie Down
11. Moonlighting
12. Since I Fell for You
13. After All
14. So Good
15. Heaven and Earth
16. Like a Lover

Album: Tomorrow Today (2000)


01. Just To Be Loved
02. Let Me Love You
03. In My Music
04. Through It All
05. Tomorrow Today
06. Flame
07. Something That You Said
08. Last Night
09. God's Gift To The World
10. It's How You Say It
11. Puddit (Put It Where You Want It)

Album: All I Got (2002)


1. Random Act Of Love
2. Life Is
3. Never Too Late
4. Feels Like Heaven
5. Lost And Found (duet with Joe Cooker)
6. Secrets Of Love
7. All I Got
8. Until You Love Me
9. Oasis

Albim: Love Songs (2008)


01. We're In This Love Together
02. Teach Me Tonight
03. So Good
04. After All
05. Wait For The Magic
06. Your Song
07. Heaven and Earth
08. Through It All
09. Let It Rain (Feat. Patti Austin & George Benson)
10. Not Like This
11. Brite N Sunny Babe
12. Secrets of Love
13. My Foolish Heart
14. Goodhands Tonight

RIP Al Jarreau!!!!



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RIP Al Jarreau

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