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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dave Hollister

Collection of Dave Hollister

Dave Hollister built his R&B credentials on a gospel foundation. His gospel prowess is no shocker considering that he spent most of his time in church growing up with his eleven siblings. Both of his parents were preachers and it was at his father’s church that he received his vocal training. Dave Hollister is best known for rocking his soulful gospel voice with music that mixes streetwise hip-hop and smooth R&B flavor. He has backed-up everyone from Mary J. Blige, to Patti Labelle, to Tupac, as well as serving as writer/producer for Tim Dog and Ray Watkins. He first appeared on the soundtrack of Boyz N the Hood, but got his big break as an original member of Teddy Riley’s Blackstreet, performing on their 1994 debut album, “Blackstreet.” He departed shortly thereafter to pursue a solo career, not only as a singer but also as a songwriter and producer. Hollister’s first recorded effort as a solo act, the Erick Sermon/Redman collaboration “Weekend,” was featured on the movie soundtrack “The Ride” and released as a single in 1998. His solo debut, “Ghetto Hymns,” was issued in 1999. “Chicago ’85: The Movie” followed a year later. His superior vocal talents have also been featured on several albums, including “Blacka Da Berry,” “Enigma,” “Lead and How to Swing It,” “Usher,” and “Hi-Five.” He later released “Real Talk” which gave the world a lot to talk about. The Soulster again amazed the music industry with songs like Let Me Reason with Your Body, Bad When You’re Broke and Case is Closed. After this project Hollister made a life changing decision to walk away from R&B music and the lifestyle in order to live a life that is pleasing to God. Real Talk marked the transition of Dave’s musical career and personal and spiritual life. The Book of David is the result of Hollister’s life-changing decision. It is not aimed just at Gospel fans but at Hollister’s R&B fans as well. The songs on the album include blunt honesty about his past, as well as, his present which is as much a purging for Hollister himself as he hopes it will be a primer for those going through the same challenges he has faced. The Book of David is a life changing project that will guide you through transition.

Album: Ghetto Hymns (1999)


01. Ghetto Hymns (The Introduction) - (with Redman)
02. Came In The Door Pimpin'
03. My Favorite Girl
04. Round And Round (with Jazze Pha)
05. Baby Mama Drama
06. It's Alright (Bonus Hymn)
07. Can't Stay
08. Bring It To Dave (Interlude)
09. Call On Me
10. Missin' You
11. Keep Forgettin'
12. Come Inside My Room (Interlude)
13. The Program
14. My Feelin's
15. Respect 2 Him (Outro)
16. I'm Sorry (My Favorite Girl Remix)

Album: Chicago '85 The Movie (2000)


01. Interlude (I'm Not Complete)
02. Keep On Lovin'
03. Take Care Of Home
04. One Woman Man
05. We've Come To Far
06. You Can't Say
07. Yo Baby's Daddy
08. Don't Take My Girl Away
09. Destiny
10. Doin' Wrong
11. On The Side
12. A Woman Will
13. I Don't Want To Be A Hustler
14. I'm Not Complete

Album: Things In The Game Done Changed (2002)


01. Things In The Game Done Changed
02. It's Okay
03. What's A Man To Do
04. My Everything
05. Baby Do Those Things
06. For You
07. One Addiction
08. No Ordinary Love (Interlude)
09. Love Hate Relationship
10. Tell Me Why
11. What Should I Say
12. I'm Wrong
13. Tonite
14. No One Else
15. We Gon' Make It (Mama E's Song)
16. Keep Lovin' You (Remix)

Album: Real Talk (2003)


01. The Big Payback
02. Bad When U Broke
03. Never Gonna Change
04. Good Ole Ghetto
05. Real Talk
06. Reason With Your Body
07. Winning With You
08. Karma
09. Case Is Closed
10. Almost
11. I Lied
12. Pleased Tonight

Album: Everybody Wants To Be Loved (2003)


01. Force One Theme
02. Movement I
03. Movement II (Those Days)
04. Movement III (Times)
05. Movement IV (Alright)
06. Movement V (Lost Love Interlu
07. Movement VI
08. Prelude
09. Movement VII (Insecurity)
10. Movement VIII (Million Years)
11. Movement IX (Losing You)
12. Movement X (Alright Reprise)
13. Movement XI
14. Movement XII (Losing You Inte
15. Movement XIII (Somethin' Abou
16. Big Fun
17. Funky Network
18. Movement XIV
19. Movement XV (Million Years Rep
20. Movement XVI (Over and Over)
21. Epilog

Album: Book of David Vol.1 the Transition (2006)


01. The Preface
02. Nothing But God
03. The Intro
04. Help Me
05. So Many Scars
06. Questions
07. Pray (Til I Get an Answer)
08. Drama
09. Divorced
10. The Settlement
11. My Pain
12. What Do You Do
13. Answer Me
14. Reach Out to Me
15. I Let Heaven Down
16. The Morning After
17. The Potter
18. I've Changed
19. No One
20. Take Me Back
21. The Closing

Album: The Definitive Collection (2006)


01. Before I Let You Go
02. Falling in Love Again
03. Baby Mama Drama
04. My Favorite Girl
05. I'm Sorry [My Favorite Girl Remix]
06. Take Care of Home
07. One Woman Man
08. Keep Lovin' You [Original Version]
09. I'm Wrong
10. Tell Me Why
11. It's Okay
12. Baby Do Those Things
13. Real Talk
14. Good Ole Ghetto
15. Spirit (Does Anybody Care)

Album: Witness Protection (2008)


01. I'm Here
02. Glow
03. More Of You
04. Standing
05. Striving
06. I Know I Can
07. Church
08. The Greatest
09. Don't Stop
10. Calm Da Seas
11. Look Up
12. Secret Place
13. Bless Me
14. You Are
15. Just Worship
16. Champion (featuring Jevon Hill)

Album: 20th Century Masters The Best Of Dave Hollister (2008)


01. Before I Let You Go
02. Baby Mama Drama
03. My Favorite Girl
04. One Woman Man
05. Take Care Of Home
06. Tell Me Why
07. Baby Do Those Things
08. It's OK
09.I 'm Wrong
10. Real Talk
11. Good Ole Ghetto

Album: Chicago Winds...The Saga Continues (2014)


01. Spend the Night
02. I'm Different
03. I'm Waiting
04. Cold
05. Wish You Well
06. Chicago Winds
07. Afraid To Lose
08. Done
09. Take This Picture
10. Neverland
11. Spend the Night (Teddy Riley Remix)

Album: The MANuscript (2016)


01. Definition Of A Woman
02. Receipts (Ft. Angie Stone)
03. Creation (H.E.R.)
04. Ooh Ya-Ya
05. Shortage
06. Blind
07. One Great Love
08. Barbershop
09. Let Him
10. Geometry


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