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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Collection of D-Train

D Train, an innovative duo that consisted of James "D-Train" Williams (vocals) and Hubert Eaves III (keyboards, bass, drums, arrangements, productions), recorded a clutch of electrified dance/R&B classics in the early '80s. From the release of their first single onward, Williams' voice was instantly recognizable for its power-packed, uplifting nature. Eaves' instrumental backing and production were extremely complementary to Williams' deliveries, punching out bold, intricate arrangements that were often livened up for the dancefloor by remixer extraordinaire Francois Kevorkian.

Williams and Eaves met while attending high school in Brooklyn, NY. Shortly after the '70s gave way to the '80s, they began recording together, using Williams' nickname -- earned from his prowess on the football field -- as their recording alias. They signed a contract with Prelude and released their first single, the brilliant "You're the One for Me," by the end of 1981. The song hit number one on the dance chart in early 1982 and kept that position for three weeks. Their somewhat spotty debut album followed later that year and included another spectacular track, the spirited "Keep On."

Music, D Train's second album, followed in 1983 and was supported with another batch of singles: "Keep Giving Me Love," "Are You Ready for Me," and Top 40 U.K. hit "Music" amongst them. Something's on Your Mind, the third and final album from the duo, spawned a Top Five R&B chart hit in the form of the title track. A couple of other singles from the album didn't do as well, but the group bowed out in fine fashion. They could've milked the sound of "You're the One for Me" for a long time, but they kept moving ahead and did the unexpected by incorporating elements inspired from other music forms. A list of covers they recorded -- Carole King's "So Far Away," Bacharach/David's "Walk on By," Mandel/Webster's "The Shadow of Your Smile" -- hardly indicate the scope.

Williams and Eaves quit recording as D Train in 1985. Eaves' accomplishments did not go unnoticed; he began a busy second life as a valued session hand, working on records by Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Luther Vandross. Williams continued as a solo artist and notched three R&B chart hits during the latter half of the '80s. He also leant background vocals to several records throughout the following decade. Allmusic by Andy Kellman

Album: You're The One For Me (1982)

01. You're The One For Me
02. Walk On By
03. Tryin' To Get Over
04. Lucky Day
05. D Train Theme
06. Keep On
07. Love Vibrations
08. You're The One For Me (Reprise)

Album: Music (1983)

01. Keep Giving Me Love (Album Mix)
02. The Shadow Of Your Smile
03. Are You Ready For Me
04. Music (Remix)
05. Children Of The World
06. Let Me Show You (A World Of Wonder)
07. Don't Wanna Ride (The D Train Theme)
08. Keep Giving Me Love
09. Keep Giving Me Love (Radio Edit)
10. Are You Ready For Me (Radio Edit)
11. Music (Radio Edit)
12. Music (Dub Version)

Album: Something's On Your Mind (1984)

01. Something's On Your Mind
02. I Treasure Your Pleasure
03. You're The Reason
04. Hustle And Bustle Of The City
05. Thank You
06. I'll Do Anything
07. So Far Away
08. Thank You (Remix)
09. Something's On Your Mind (Dub Version)
10. Thank You (Dub Remix)
11. Something's On Your Mind (Radio Edit)
12. Thank You (Radio Edit)

Album: Miracles Of The Heart (1986)

01. You Are Everything
02. Oh How I Love You (Girl)
03. Miracle Of The Heart
04. Misunderstanding
05. Let Me Love You
06. Ice Melts Into Rain
07. I Got Your Number
08. Stand Up And Fight

Album: In Your Eyes (1988)

01. In Your Eyes
02. Order in the House
03. With All My Heart
04. If You Know What I Know
05. Shadow of Another Love
06. Runner
07. Curious
08. Child of Love
09. Diamond in the Night
10. My Friend
11. Smile

Album: The Best Of - 12 Inch Mixes (1992)

01. You're the One for Me
02. Keep On
03. Walk on By
04. Keep Giving Me Love
05. Music
06. Something's on Your Mind
07. Just Another Night
08. D Train Theme
09. Trying to Get Over
10. D Train

Album: The Best Of (1994)

01. You're The One For Me (OriginalVersion)
02. Keep On
03. Walk On By
04. Keep Giving Me Love
05. D Train Theme
06. Music
07. Something's On Your Mind
08. Just Another Night (Without Your Love)
09. D Train (Dub Mixed by)
10. Trying To Get Over (Edited Version)
11. You're The One For Me (Labor Of Love Mix)

Album: 701 Franklin Ave. (2009)

01. Pleasure
02. Take the Road
03. D-Train Theme III
04. Ride With Me
05. Feel The Fire
06. Tell Me When The Madness Ends
07. 7 Seconds
08. I Wanna Be Free
09. When U Going To Wake Up
10. Lonely Hearts
11. Have You Really Been Faithful
12. The World Is At War
13. Devil Left Hell
14. Seven Rainbows
15. Keep On (Live)


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