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Friday, September 5, 2014


Collection of Lakeside

In 1969, Dayton, Ohio native Stephen Shockley formed the Young Underground after exiting the Monterreys. Vocalist Mark Woods, who was a member of the local band the Nomads, joined up with Shockley to form a more mature-sounding Young Underground. The group initially had a record deal with Curtom Records as a result of winning a talent contest in Chicago. However, Curtom folded shortly thereafter. While in Chicago the group renamed itself Lakeside Express, after the Lakeside Express Newspaper in Chicago.

In 1974 the emerging Lakeside Express and another group by the name of Liquid Funk, which featured Dallas native Fred Alexander, Jr. on drums, arrived in Los Angeles around the same time. For the next couple of years the bands performed at events around the greater L.A. area, occasionally crossing paths. The members of Liquid Funk returned to Dallas, but Alexander remained in L.A. Lakeside, who by now had dropped the Express from their name, was seeking additional personnel to solidify their band. After two auditions, Alexander was welcomed into the group.

Lakeside inked a deal with Motown, but found no success. Consequently, they released a ballad on ABC Records, but that label went under. The good fortune they were seeking turned out to be at Dick Griffey's Solar Records. The group signed a deal with Griffey, and released their first Top Ten hit on Solar Records, "It's All the Way Live," which peaked at number four on the Billboard R&B charts.

Lakeside released a host of songs that scaled the R&B charts, but didn't threaten the position of any other artists. However, in 1980 they went storming up the charts again with their smash number one single, "Fantastic Voyage," which was produced by the self-contained band. They followed the success of "Fantastic Voyage" with another Top Ten R&B single, a remake of the Paul McCartney and John Lennon classic "I Want to Hold Your Hand." The group continued their success with the Billboard Top Ten singles "Raid," "Outrageous," and a string of R&B party songs and ballads.

Album: Lakeside Express (1977)

01. Shine On (Lift Your Spirit Higher)
02. Taboo
03. Miss Look But Don't Touch
04. I'll Be There Knocking
05. Diamond Girl (Tell Me Why You're Crying)
06. If I Didn't Have You
07. It's Not Only The Outside That Counts
08. Epilogue

Album: Shot Of Love (1978)

01. Shot Of Love
02. Hold On Tight
03. One Minute After Midnight
04. Time
05. Given In To Love
06. It's All The Way Live
07. Visions Of My Mind

Album: Rough Riders (1979)

01. From 9-00 Until (Remix)
02. Rough Rider
03. All in My Mind
04. If You Like Our Music (Get on Up and Move)
05. I Can't Get You Out of My Head
06. Pull My Strings
07. I'll Never Leave You
08. From 9-00 Until

Album: Fantastic Voyage (1980) 30th Anniv. Ed. Remastered (2006)

01. Fantastic Voyage
02. Your Love Is On The One
03. I Need You
04. Stung Out
05. Say Yes
06. Eveready Man
07. I Love Everything You Do
08. Say Yes (Reprise)
09. Say Yes (Live)
10. Fantastic Voyage (Live)

Album: Keep On Moving Straight Ahead (1981)

01. Keep On Moving Straight Ahead
02. It's You
03. Be My Lady
04. It's Got To Be Love
05. We Want You (On The Floor)
06. Back Together Again
07. Anything For You
08. All For You

Album: Your Wish Is My Command (1982)

01. Your Wish Is My Command
02. Something About That Woman
03. I Want to Hold Your Hand
04. Special
05. Magic Moments
06. The Urban Man
07. I'll Be Standing by
08. The Songwriter

Album: Untouchables (1983)

01. Raid
02. Turn the Music Up
03. So Let's Love
04. Real Love
05. Alibi
06. Untouchable
07. Tinsel Town Theory
08. So Let's Love (Reprise)

Album: Outrageous (1984)

01. Outrageous
02. Make My Day
03. Baby I'm Lonely
04. Worn 'N Torn
05. Restrictions
06. Show Me The Way
07. Something About You
08. Make It Right

Album: Power (1987)

01. Relationship
02. Power
03. Bullseye
04. Still Feeling Good
05. To Be Your Lover
06. Sensations
07. Just A Touch Away
08. Love I Can Bank On

Album: Party Patrol (1990)

01. Money
02. Party Patrol
03. Sailing
04. You
05. So Fine
06. You're The Only One
07. Let The Moon Shine
08. U Got It Goin' On
09. Talk About Love
10. Think Twice

Album: Galactic Grooves- The Best of Lakeside (1998)

01. Fantastic Voyage
02. Raid
03. It's All the Way Live
04. Your Love Is on the One
05. Say Yes
06. I Want to Hold Your Hand
07. Something About That Woman
08. Real Love
09. Given in to Love
10. I Need You
11. Shot of Love
12. Pull My Strings
13. From 9-00 Until
14. Outrageous
15. Bullseye
16. I Can't Get You Out of My Head
17. Your Wish Is My Command



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