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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Steve Arrington

Collection of Steve Arrington

Born in Great Lakes, IL and raised in Dayton, OH, drummer Steve Arrington got his start playing with the Young Mystics. After they disbanded, he moved from Ohio to San Francisco and in 1978 joined the group Slave, which emerged from a union of two former Ohio bands, the Young Mystics and Black Satin Soul. Arrington started as a background singer but became lead vocalist on such hits as "Just a Touch of Love," "Watching You," and "Wait for Me." Arrington left Slave in 1982 and formed a new band, Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame. He experienced a religious conversion in 1984 during the recording of Positive Power. Arrington recorded for both Kongflather and Atlantic, enjoying his greatest success with the 1985 LP Dancin' in the Key of Life. It included a Top Ten R&B hit in the title track and Top 20 single with "Feel So Real." By 1986, Arrington began using his shows as forums for his religious beliefs, and in 1991 he left pop music to become a minister and guest musician on various albums. In the fall of 2009, Arrington released Pure Thang, his first solo release since 1987's Jam Packed. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame, Vol. 1 (1983)

01. Nobody Can Be You
02. You Meet Me Approval
03. Last Nite Nite Before
04. Strange (Sort & Hard)
05. Speak With Your Body
06. Weak At The Knees
07. Beddie-Biey
08. Way Out
09. Pocketful Of Air (Bonus Track)
10. At It Again (Bonus Track)
11. I Love You (Bonus Track)
12. Way Out (Frankie Crocker Remix) (Bonus Track)

Album: Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame, Positive Power (1984)

01. 15 Rounds
02. Money on It
03. Sugar Momma Baby
04. What Do You Want From Me
05. Young and Ready
06. Mellow as a Cello
07. Hump to the Bump
08. Positive Power

Album: Dancin' In The Key Of Life (1985)

01. Feel So Real
02. Dancin In The Key Of Life
03. She Just Don't Know
04. Willie Mae
05. Gasoline
06. Stand With Me
07. Brown Baby Boy
08. Turn Up The Love

Album: The Jammin' National Anthem (1986)

01. The Jammin' National Anthem
02. Holiday
03. Teenage Jazz
04. One Of A Kind Paradise
05. Everybody's Got To Be Free
06. Homeboy
07. Like It Loud
08. Have a Heart

Album: Jam Packed (1987)

01. Jam Packed
02. Stone Love
03. Let It Loose
04. True Love Always
05. I Just Wanna Be With You
06. Kelly 16-33
07. Never Take Your Love
08. Trouble
09. What I Do For You

Album: The Definitive Groove Collection (2006)


01. Slide
02. The Party Song
03. Baby Sinister
04. Stellar Fungk
05. Just A Touch Of Love
06. Are You Ready For Love
07. Foxy Lady (Funky Lady)
08. Thank You
09. Everybody Slide
10. Sizzlin' Hot
11. Watching You
12. Stone Jam
13. Starting Over
14. Son Of Slide
15. Just A Touch Of Love (Jazzy Instrumental Version)


01. Snap Shot [Single Edit]
02. Feel My Love
03. Wait For Me [Single Edit]
04. Steal Your Heart
05. Party Lites
06. Spice of Life (Oh Yes, You're the Best)
07. For the Love of U
08. Way Out
09. I'll Be Gone
10. Nobody Can Be You
11. Weak At The Knees
12. You Meet My Approval
13. Feel So Real
14. Dancin' In The Key Of Life
15. Homeboy

Album: Pure Thang (2009)

01. Right Here Right Now
02. I'm On Fire
03. Time To Ride
04. Nobody Else
05. I Like What You Do
06. Song For Coretta And Rosa
07. Coolin
08. Right There (Feat. Rev. Brian Coleman)
09. Power
10. Holla
11. Sunrise
12. Tones
13. Soul Food
14. Pure Thang
15. Right On Time
16. The Devil Can't Sing Amazing Grace
17. It's True



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