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Friday, January 18, 2013

Chanté Moore

Collection of Chanté Moore

Chanté Moore, the daughter of a minister, grew up on gospel music and albums by George Duke and Lee Ritenour, sometimes applying her lyrics to their music. Moore decided as a teenager that she wanted to become a singer after an inspirational performance in a high-school rendition of The Wiz. In addition to her writing and singing talents, she was a successful beauty pageant contestant. Before releasing her debut CD, Precious, Moore lent her talents to El DeBarge's In the Storm; the track "You Know What I Like" showcases Moore's vocals on the chorus. The follow-up to Precious, Love Supreme, featured the single "Old School Lovin'." Four years after Love Supreme, Moore released her third album, This Moment Is Mine. Exposed followed in 2000, featuring production work from Jermaine Dupri and the team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Though she didn't release any solo material for several years, she recorded a pair of albums -- 2003's Things That Lovers Do and 2006's Uncovered/Covered -- with her husband, Kenny Lattimore. She followed those releases in 2008 with Love the Woman, issued on the Peak label. Allmusic by Craig Lytle

Album: Precious (1992)

01. Love's Taken Over
02. Precious
03. It's Alright
04. Finding My Way Back To You
05. Listen To My Song
06. As If We Never Met
07. Candlelight And You - (with Keith Washington)
08. Who Do I Turn To
09. I Wanna Love (Like That Again)
10. Sexy Thang
11. Because You're Mine
12. Love's Taken Over - (Quiet Storm Mix)

Album: A Love Supreme (1994)

01. Intro
02. Searchin'
03. This Time
04. My Special Perfect One
05. I'm What You Need
06. Your Love's Supreme
07. Old School Lovin'
08. Free/Sail On
09. Without Your Love (Interlude)
10. I Want To Thank You
11. Mood
12. Thank You For Loving Me
13. Soul Dance
14. Am I Losing You
15. Thou Shalt Not

Album: This Moment Is Mine (1999)

01. If I Gave Love
02. Girls Will Talk (Interlude)
03. Chante's Got A Man
04. I See You In A Different Light
05. Easy
06. I Cry To Myself
07. Blooming Flower
08. Heartbeat
09. I've Got The Love
10. I Started Crying
11. I Got A Secret To Tell Ya (Cmo 8 Yrs) (interlude)
12. Love And The Woman
13. In My Life
14. This Moment Is Mine

Album: Exposed (2000)

01. Straight Up
02. Take Care Of Me
03. I'm Keepin' You
04. Go Ahead With All That
05. Bitter
06. When It Comes To Me
07. Train Of Thought
08. Better Than Making Love
09. M-a-n
10. You Can't Leave Me
11. Everything We Want
12. Love's Still Alright

Album: Mood (2003)

01. Searchin
02. Loves Taken Over
03. Amazing
04. Better Than Making Love
05. Free Sail On
06. Mood
07. Precious
08. I Started Crying
09. Its Alright (Shai Quiet Storm Version)
10. I See You In A Different Light
11. Blooming Flower
12. This Moment Is Mine
13. Tonight

Album: 20th Century Masters The Millennium (2004)

01. Who Do I Turn To
02. It's Alright
03. Love's Taken Over
04. Old School Lovin'
05. This Time
06. I'm What You Need
07. My Special Perfect One
08. Wey U - (with Babyface)
09. I Love You - (with Keith Washington)
10. This Moment Is Mine
11. Chante's Got A Man
12. Train Of Thought

Album: Love The Woman (2008)

01. Always Gonna Be Somethin'
02. Can't Do It
03. Special
04. It Ain't Supposed To Be This Way
05. My Eyes
06. Give Me Time
07. Do For You
08. Love The Woman
09. Love Action
10. First Kiss
11. Guess Who I Saw Today



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