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Friday, September 14, 2012

Will Downing

Collection of Will Downing

Brooklyn vocalist and composer Will Downing has hovered on the cusp of stardom since the late '80s, occasionally making some arresting album cuts but never the major hit or string of records he needed to establish himself. Downing sang in Arthur Baker's "Wally Jump Junior" group, and then employed Baker as his producer when he signed with Island. He did session work in the early and mid-'80s, singing on dates with Daryl Payne, Marc Sadane, Warp 9, and Jennifer Holiday. Downing's 1988 debut, Will Downing, included a revised version of John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme." Downing recorded and produced a duet with British soul songstress Mica Paris in 1989, remaking "Where Is the Love." His second release, Come Together as One, was in more of an urban contemporary mode, but his third one took a jazz-oriented turn. Released in 1991, A Dream Fulfilled included an ambitious version of War's "The World Is a Ghetto." He has been a favorite of audiences in England, releasing Pleasures of the Night in 1998 and All the Man You Need two years later. Sensual Journey from 2002 found him recording for the GRP label. Emotions arrived in 2003 and was followed a year later by the holiday album Christmas, Love and You. Soul Symphony arrived in 2005. In late 2006, Downing was diagnosed with polymyositis -- a disorder causing weakness in joints and muscles. As a result, Downing recorded the majority of his vocals for 2008's After Tonight from a wheelchair. Buoyed by fan support, Downing continued to struggle against the disease and released the soulful Classique in 2009, followed by Lust, Love & Lies (An Audio Novel) on the Concord imprint in 2010. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Will Downing (1988)

01. In My Dreams
02. Do You
03. Free
04. A Love Supreme
05. Security
06. Set Me Free
07. Sendin' Out An S.O.S.
08. Dancing In The Moonlight
09. Do You Remember Love?
10. So You Wanna Be My Lover

Album: Come Together As One (1989)

01. Come Together As One
02. Sake Of Love
03. Sometimes I Cry
04. Love Call
05. The Love We Share
06. Too Soon
07. I'll Wait
08. Rules Of Love
09. Test Of Time
10. Closer To You
11. Wishing On A Star

Album: A Dream Fulfilled (1991)

01. She
02. I'll Wait
03. Giving My All To You
04. I Try
05. For All We Know
06. Something's Going On
07. Don't Make Me Wait
08. I Go Crazy
09. No Love Intended
10. The World Is A Ghetto

Album: Love's the Place to Be (1993)

01. There's No Living Without You
02. Sailing On A Dream
03. One Moment
04. Nothing Has Ever Feld Like This
05. Love's The Place To Be
06. Lover's Paradise
07. Everything To Me
08. Do You Still Love Me
09. Hey Girl
10. Break Up To Make Up
11. That's All

Album: Moods (1995)

01. Moods
02. That Good Morning Love
03. Don't Wait For Love
04. Sorry, I
05. I Can't Make You Love Me
06. Just To Be With You
07. Stella By Starlight
08. Inseparable
09. Just A Game
10. Fall In Love Again
11. Hold On
12. Where Is Love (From The Musical "Oliver")
13. Moods

Album: Invitation Only (1997)

01. Island
02. All About You
03. Angel
04. I Don't Want To Lose You
05. Eternal Love
06. These Things
07. If She Knew
08. Personal
09. If I Could
10. Come To Me
11. When Sunny Gets Blue
12. Before We Say Goodbye

Album: Pleasures of the Night (1998)

01. Pleasures Of The Night
02. The Nearness Of You
03. Stop, Look, Listen To Your Heart
04. Michelle
05. Like A Lover
06. The Look Of Love
07. Here's That Rainy Day
08. Back To The Roots
09. We'll Be Together Again
10. Girl Blue

Album: All the Man You Need (2000)

01. It's on (Intro)
02. Summer Day
03. When You Need Me - Will Downing, Chanté Moore
04. Everytime It Rains
05. All the Man You Need
06. Real Soon
07. Share My World
08. Tired Melody
09. Grandma's Hands
10. Thinkin' About You
11. Only a Moment Away
12. Love of My Life

Album: A Love Supreme Collection (2002)

01. A Love Supreme
02. Free
03. In My Dreams
04. Sendin' Out An S.O.S.
05. Test Of Time
06. Come Together As One
07. The Love We Share
08. Wishing On A Star
09. Giving My All To You
10. The World Is Ghetto
11. Lover's Paradise
12. Don't Wait For Love (Featuring Jonathan Butler)
13. All About You
14. Michelle
15. Grandma's Hands
16. Where Is The Love (Featuring Mica Paris)

Album: Sensual Journey (2002)

01. Cool Water
02. I Can't Help It
03. Home
04. Don't Talk To Me Like That
05. Almost Like Being in Love
06. Maybe
07. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
08. Drowning in Your Eyes
09. Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely
10. Brooklyn Breezes
11. Bolero Nova

Album: Emotions (2003)

01. A Million Ways
02. King of Fools
03. Daydreaming
04. Falling in Love
05. Hey There Lonely Girl
06. Rhythm of U & Me
07. Beautiful to Me
08. Another Sad Story
09. Riding On a Cloud
10. Anything

Album: Soul Symphony (2005)

01. Put Me On
02. Crazy Love
03. What's It Gonna Be
04. A Promise
05. Make Time For Love
06. Soul Steppin'
07. Will Still Loves You
08. Superstar
09. Heart Of Mine

Album: The Best of Will Downing (2006)

01. I Try
02. Million Ways [Radio Edit]
03. Don't Talk to Me Like That
04. Wishing on a Star
05. Crazy Love
06. Cool Water
07. Free
08. Heart of Mine
09. Stop, Look, Listen to Your Heart
10. Everytime It Rains
11. I Can't Make You Love Me
12. Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This

Album: After Tonight (2007)

01. Will's Groove
02. Fantasy (Spending Time With You)
03. After Tonight
04. No One Can Love You More
05. Lover's Melody
06. Satisfy You
07. All I Need Is You
08. God Is So Amazing
09. You Just Can't Smile It Away
10. After Tonight (Between The Sheets Remix)

Album: Classique (2009)

01. Ride
02. More Time (Tic Toc)
03. Something Special
04. Just Think About It
05. I Won't Stop
06. Love Suggestions
07. I'm Gonna Love You A Little More Baby
08. Let's Make It Now
09. Baby I'm For Real (ft. Phil Perry)
10. Statue Of A Fool

Album: Lust, Love & Lies an Audio Novel (2010)

01. Glad I Met You Tonight
02. Feelin' Alright
03. Lust At First Sight
04. Get To Know You
05. Tell Me
06. Consensual
07. Safe In His Arms
08. Put Yo Momma On The Phone
09. Fly Higher
10. Saturday
11. Guess Who's Back
12. Shades
13. Extra! Extra!
14. Libido Interuptus
15. Do You Know
16. You Do U
17. At This Moment
18. I Got You Back
19. Coulda Been Shoulda Been
20. Deja Vu (Glad I Met You Tonight)



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