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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mica Paris

Collection of Mica Paris

Though stardom has evaded her, English vocalist Mica Paris has a wonderful voice and individualistic delivery and approach. She sang in the Spirit of Watts gospel group before touring and recording in the late '80s with Hollywood Beyond. She signed with 4th and Broadway/Island in the '80s and then issued her debut So Good. Her second LP, Contribution, was released in 1990. Paris moved to Polydor for her third LP, Whisper a Prayer, in 1993. She also recorded with Will Downing in 1989, doing an updated version of "Where Is the Love." Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: So Good (1988)

01. Like Dreamers Do
02. My One Temptation
03. Nothing Hits Your Heart Like Soul Music
04. Sway (Dance The Blues Away)
05. Don't Give Me Up
06. Breathe Life Into Me
07. I'd Hate To Love You
08. Great Impersonation
09. Words Into Action
10. So Good

Album: Contribution (1990)

01. Contribution
02. South of the River
03. Truth and Honesty
04. Just to Be With You
05. If I Love U 2 Nite
06. I've Been Watching You
07. You Can Make a Wish
08. I Can't Stop Loving You
09. More Love
10. Take Me Away
11. One World

Album: Whisper A Prayer (1993)

01. I Never Felt Like This Before
02. I Wanna Hold On To You
03. You Put A Move On My Heart
04. We Were Made For Love
05. Whisper A Prayer
06. Too Far Apart
07. I Blesss The Day
08. Two In A Million
09. Positivity
10. Can't Seem To Make Up My Mind
11. You Got A Special Way
12. Love Keeps Coming Back

Album: Black Angel (1998)

01. Interlude
02. Stay
03. Is It Good Enough
04. Carefree
05. Let Me Inside
06. Black Angel
07. Perfect
08. Hate To Love
09. Waiting
10. I'll Give You More
11. Love's Gone
12. Don't Say Goodnight
13. Baby Angel
14. I Should've Known Better

Album: The Best Of (1999)

01. Like Dreamers Do (Feat. Courtney Pine)
02. My One Temptation
03. So Good
04. You Can Make A Wish
05. Just Make Me The One
06. Breathe Life To Me
07. Where Is The Love (Duet With Will Downing)
08. You Put A Move On My Heart
09. I Never Felt Like This Before
10. Just To Be With You
11. Nothing Hits Your Heart Like Soul Music
12. Who Can We Blame
13. Two In A Million
14. More Love
15. Love Keeps Coming Back

Album: Soul Classics (2005)

01. Tracks of My Tears
02. Let's Stay Together
03. In the Ghetto
04. Standing in the Shadows of Love
05. I Can't Stop Loving You
06. You Send Me
07. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
08. What's Going On
09. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
10. Walk Away from Love
11. Amazing Grace

Album: Born Again (2009)

01. Baby Come Back Now
02. You're The Only One
03. Born Again
04. Breathless
05. Hold On
06. I Remember
07. The Hardest Thing
08. Nothing But The Truth
09. Tonight
10. Stay
11. My One Temptation
12. Summertime (Live)



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