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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tom Browne

Collection of Tom Browne

Tom Browne was a familiar figure on the R&B charts during the 1979-1989 period when he was recording pop-oriented material for GRP and Arista. Browne studied piano for a year when he was 11 and then switched to trumpet, attending New York City's High School of Music and Art. Originally interested in classical music, Browne discovered jazz while in college in the mid-'70s. He worked with Sonny Fortune, recorded with Lonnie Smith, and then signed with GRP. Although influenced by Freddie Hubbard and occasionally recording a hard bop number, most of Browne's output during that era was clearly geared toward the marketplace. A commercial pilot, Browne largely dropped out of music by the late '80s, but came back in 1994 with a recording for Hip Bop in several settings that included the credible jazz date Another Shade of Browne, which made one wonder "What took so long?" Allmusic by Scott Yanow

Album: Browne Sugar (1979)

01. Throw Down
02. I Never Was A Cowboy
03. Herbal Scent
04. Brother, Brother
05. The Closer I Get To You
06. What's Going On
07. Promises For Spring
08. Antoinette Like

Album: Love Approach (1979)

01. Funkin' For Jamaica (N.Y.)
02. Her Silent Smile
03. Forever More
04. Dreams Of Lovin' You
05. Nocturne
06. Martha
07. Moon Rise
08. Weak In The Knees

Album: Yours Truly (1981)

01. Fungi Mama-Bebopakunkadiscolypso
02. Bye Gones
03. Charisma
04. Can't Give It Away
05. Lazy Bird
06. Naima
07. Come For the Ride
08. My Latin Sky
09. A Message (Pride and Pity)

Album: Magic (1981)

01. Let's Dance
02. Magic
03. I Know
04. Midnight Interlude
05. God Bless the Child
06. Night Wind
07. Thighs High (Grip Your Hips and Move)
08. Making Plans

Album: Rockin' Radio (1983)

01. Rockin' Radio
02. Cruisin'
03. Turn It Up (Come on y'all)
04. Angeline
05. Brighter Tomorrow
06. Never My Love
07. Mr. Business

Album: Tommy Gun (1984)

01. Loop
02. Station Break
03. Secret Fantasy
04. Tommy Gun
05. Break Out
06. Wee Out (Part 1)
07. Wee Out (Part 2)
08. Hit Man
09. Free & Easy
10. Secret Fantasy (Live in London 1985)

Album: No Longer I (1988)

01. Ain't No Need to Worry
02. Damascus Road
03. Happy Song
04. Just Give Me Jesus
05. If
06. I'm Lookin' for a Miracle
07. Jehovah Jireh
08. Spirit of Love

Album: The Best of Tom Browne (1990)

01. Funkin' for Jamaica
02. Fungi Mama (Bebopafunkasiscolypso)
03. Mr Business
04. Bye Gones
05. Charisma
06. Thighs High (Grip Your Hips And Move)
07. Rockin Radio
08. Come For The Ride
09. Brighter Tomorrow
10. Secret Fantasy

Album: Funkin' For Jamaica (1998)

01. Funkin' For Jamaica
02. Thighs High
03. Byegones
04. Never My Love
05. Brighter Tomorrow
06. Lazy Bird
07. Rockin' Radio
08. Mr. Business
09. Martha
10. Charisma
11. I Never Was A Cowboy
12. Secret Fantasy
13. Turn It Up
14. Fungi Mama

Album: R'N' Browne (1999)

01. Joy And Pain
02. Back To Life
03. Someday We'll All Be Free
04. Hangin' On A String
05. Never Stop
06. Un - Break My Heart
07. Can't You See Me
08. Juicy Fruit
09. The Wind Cries Mary


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