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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lisa Stansfield

Collection of Lisa Stansfield

English vocalist Lisa Stansfield was the lead singer of the group the Blue Zone and featured on Coldcut's "People Hold On" in 1989. She zoomed into the spotlight with Affection in 1990. The album went platinum and earned her a number three pop and number one R&B single with "All Around the World." Affection and its follow-up, Real Love, were deeply influenced by the '70s disco sound of Barry White, from arrangements to mood and even Stansfield's own technique. After a long hiatus, she returned with a self-titled effort in 1997. The #1 Remixes EP followed a year later.

Album: Affection (1989)

01. This Is The Right Time
02. Mighty Love
03. Sincerity
04. The Love In Me
05. All Around The World
06. What Did I Do To You (7' Version)
07. Live Together
08. You Can't Deny It (US Version)
09. Poison
10. When Are You Coming Back
11. Affection
12. Wake Up Baby
13. The Way You Want It
14. People Hold On (Single Mix) feat. Coldcut
15. My Apple Heart
16. Lay Me Down
17. Something's Happenin'

Album: Real Love (1991)

01. Change
02. Real Love
03. Set Your Loving Free
04. I Will Be Waiting
05. All Woman
06. Soul Deep
07. Make Love To Ya
08. Time To Make You Mine
09. Symptoms Of Loneliness & Heartache
10. It's Got To Be Real
11. First Joy
12. Tenderly
13. A Little More Love
14. Whenever You're Gone
15. Everything Will Get Better
16. Change (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

Album: So Natural (1993)

01. So Natural
02. Never Set Me Free
03. I Give You Everything
04. Marvellous And Mine
05. Goodbye
06. Little Bit Of Heaven
07. Sweet Memories
08. She's Always There
09. Too Much Love Makin'
10. Turn Me On
11. Be Mine
12. In All The Right Places
13. Wish It Could Always Be This Way
14. Gonna Try It Anyway
15. Dream Away (w,BabyFace)
16. So Natural (No Preservatives Mix)

Album: Lisa Stansfield (1997)

01. Never Gonna Fall
02. The Real Thing
03. I'm Leavin'
04. Suzanne
05. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
06. Don't Cry For Me
07. The Line
08. The Very Thought Of You
09. You Know How To Love Me
10. I Cried My Last Tear Last Night
11. Honest
12. Somewhere In Time
13. Go Me Missing You
14. Footsteps
15. People Hold On (Bootleg Mix)
16. Breathtaking
17. Baby Come Back

Album: Swing (1999)

01. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
02. The Best Is Yet To Come
03. I Thought That's What You Liked About Me
04. Two Years Too Blue
05. Why Do We Call It Love
06. Ain't What You Do
07. Gotta Get On This Train
08. Martin's Theme
09. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
10. Our Love Is Here To Stay
11. Love Theme
12. Watch The Birdie
13. Martin's Theme (Reprise)
14. Blitzkrieg Baby
15. Mack The Knife

Album: Face Up (2001)

01. I've Got Something Better
02. Let's Just Call It Love
03. You Can Do That
04. How Could You
05. Candy
06. I'm Coming To Get You
07. 8-3-1
08. Wish On Me
09. Boyfriend
10. Don't Leave Me Now I'm In Love
11. Didn't I
12. Face Up
13. When The Last Sun Goes Down
14. All Over Me
15. Can't Wait To
16. You Get Me

Album: Live Rare Mixed (2003)

01. There Was I
02. Dirty Talk
03. The Answer
04. Sing It
05. Big Thing
06. Tenderly (Live)
07. Live Together,Young Hearts (Live)
08. People Hold On (Full Disco Mix)
09. Change (Driza Bone Remix)
10. Live Together (Massive Attack Mix)

Album: Biography The Greatest Hits (2003)


01. Change
02. Someday (I'm Coming Back)
03. This Is The Right Time
04. The Real Thing
05. People Hold On (featuring Coldcut)
06. In All The Right Places
07. So Natural
08. Time To Make You Mine
09. Live Together
10. Little Bit Of Heaven
11. Set Your Loving Free
12. Let's Just Call It Love
13. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
14. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (with Queen & George Michael)
15. Down In The Depths
16. All Woman
17. All Around The World


01. Change (Knuckles Mix)
02. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Knuckles Mix)
03. People Hold On (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Mix)
04. The Line (Black Science Orchestra Mix)
05. 8-3-1 (David Morales Club Mix Long Intro)
06. Never Gonna Fall (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Album: The Moment (2004)

01. Easier
02. Treat Me Like A Woman
03. When Love Breaks Down
04. Say It To Me Now
05. He Touches Me
06. Lay Your Hands On Me
07. The Moment
08. If I Hadn't Got You
09. Take My Heart
10. Love Without A Name
11. Takes A Woman To Know



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