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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Shirley Murdock Discography

Shirley Murdock (Shirley Murdock! (1986)

Shirley Murdock (A Woman's Point of View (1988)

Shirley Murdock (Let There Be Love! (1991)

Shirley Murdock (The Very Best Of (2001)

Shirley Murdock (Home (2002)

Shirley Murdock (Soulfood (2007)

Shirley Murdock (Live The Journey (2011)


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thank you so much

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Unknown said...

Yes! Yesss! YESSSSS!

Harry Dacalion said...

Thank yopu Sir! Greatly appreciated!

NightBeats said...

Btw I've started making similar music
can advise this source
rly satisfied.

Joe said...

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Harry Dacalion said...

Gil, stay encouraged brother, you're keeping these jewels alive in a world that would just let them die out with time. We appreciate you!

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