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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gwen Guthrie

Collection Of Gwen Guthrie

Gwen Guthrie is best known for her number one R&B single "Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent," a popular self-written bouncer. A prolific songwriter and a good pianist, she also penned "Supernatural Thing" for Ben E. King and "This Time I'll Be Sweeter" for Martha Reeves, which was later popularized by Angela Bofill and Issac Hayes. In all, Guthrie logged approximately 50 compositions, and many thought Guthrie and songwriting partner Patrick Grant had the potential to become another Ashford & Simpson. Born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1950, Guthrie started singing in high school with a female quartet called the Ebonettes. (Another one of its members, Brenda White King, pursued music like Guthrie and became an in-demand session singer.) Guthrie sang lead for a group (East Coast) formed by Larry Blackmon (later of Cameo) in New York, but got her big break when she was asked to do a background session for Aretha Franklin, the number one R&B hit "I'm in Love," from 1974. Six months later, Guthrie signed as a staff writer with Bert de Coteaux Productions and co-wrote "Love Don't Go Through No Changes," the first hit for Sister Sledge, and many others with Grant. The collaboration didn't last long, however. Guthrie continued to write with a variety of partners, and supplied backing vocals to many recording sessions. Working with Peter Tosh in the late '70s, Guthrie befriended reggae stars Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, who invited her to Nassau to record vocals for an album they were producing. Hearing her unique voice in the studio, Island Records founder Chris Blackwell inked her to a contract, and the Dunbar/Shakespeare project, assisted by David Conley of Surface, became her first solo release, a self-titled LP. She did score a dancefloor hit with the album's "It Should Have Been You." Her second LP, Portrait, released in 1983, followed a similar formula. Album number three, Good to Go Lover, dropped in 1986, and spawned her chart-topper "Ain't Nothin' Goin' on but the Rent," plus the torching ballad "You Touched My Life." On Lifeline (1988), Guthrie was more involved in the writing and production. Hot Times was Guthrie's final LP release, hitting the streets in 1990. Like the previous LP, she wrote nearly everything, except for a moving remake of Stephanie Mills' "Never Knew Love Like This Before." GuthrieGuthrie died on February 3, 1999, of uterine cancer in Orange, New Jersey. Allmusic by Andrew Hamilton

Album: Gwen Guthrie (1982)

01. Peek-A-Boo
02. Getting Hot
03. Your Turn To Turn
04. Dance Fever
05. For You (With A Melody Too)
06. It Should Have Been You
07. Is This Love
08. God Don't Like Ugly
09. It Should Have Been You
10. Peek-A-Boo (12'version)

Album: Portrait (1983)

01. Peanut Butter
02. Seventh Heaven
03. You're The One
04. Family Affair
05. Hopscotch
06. Younger Than Me
07. Padlock
08. Oh What A Life
09. Peanut Butter [Special Mix By Larry Levan]
10. Hopscotch [Larry Levan Remix Instrumental]
11. Padlock [Special Mix By Larry Levan]

Album: Just For You (1985)

01. Put Love In Control
02. Love In Moderation
03. Just For You
04. I Gotta Have You
05. Feel It No More
06. Oh Donny, No
07. Joyrider
08. Thrill Me

Album: Good To Go Lover (1986)

01. (They Long To Be) Close To You
02. Outside In The Rain
03. Good To Go Lover
04. You Touched My Life
05. Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent
06. I Still Want You
07. Stop Holding Back
08. Passion Eyes

Album: Ticket To Ride (1987)

01. Ticket To Ride
02. Peek A Boo
03. Younger Than Me
04. Oh What A Life
05. It Should Have Been You
06. Family Affair
07. Seventh Heaven
08. You're The One

Album: Lifeline (1988)

01. Destiny
02. Bye Bye Lover
03. Rockin' Chair
04. What Would I Do Without You
05. Can't Love You Tonight
06. Send Me Somebody (Why Don't Cha)
07. Once More With Feeling
08. Don't Take Your Love From Me
09. Too Many Fish In The Sea
10. The Surgeon General's Funky 4-4 Mix Featuring ''Gangster B''

Album: Ultimate Collection (1999)

01. Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent
02. Padlock
03. Outside In The Rain
04. Peanut Butter
05. It Shoul Have Been You
06. Oh What A Life
07. (They Long To Be) Close To You
08. Seventh Heaven
09. Oh Donny No
10. Is This Love
11. Younger Than Me
12. God Don't Like Ugly
13. Peek A Boo
14. Ain't Nothin' Goin' On (dub mix)

Album: Padlock (2008)

01. Peanut Butter (Prelude)
02. Hopscotch
03. Seventh Heaven
04. Getting Hot
05. Getting Hot (Prelude)
06. Peanut Butter
07. Padlock
08. Hopscotch (Larry Levan Remix Instrumental)
09. Seventh Heaven (Album Mix Of 'Portrait')
10. Padlock (Album Mix Of 'Portrait')
11. Getting Hot (Original 12' Version)
12. Peanut Butter (Original 12' Version)
13. Padlock (Larry Levan Remix - Short Vocal)
14. Hopscotch (Album Mix Of 'Portrait')



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