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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ce Ce Peniston

Collection of Ce Ce Peniston

Disco diva Ce Ce Peniston seemed poised to become that genre's reigning crossover attraction. She was born in Dayton, OH, but her family moved to Phoenix when she was nine. Peniston was crowned Miss Black Arizona in 1989 and signed with A&M in the early '90s. Her debut, Finally, was a gold album; it peaked at number 36 on the pop charts and even landed a Top Ten pop hit with "Finally" and Top 20 pop single "We Got a Love Thang." After Thought 'Ya Knew in 1994, Peniston issued 1996's I'm Movin' On. Peniston continued to sing into the new millennium and regularly plays shows in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and San Francisco. Not entirely part of the mainstream that brought her success in the early '90s, Peniston's work is remixed and remains a favorite in dance clubs around the world.

Album: Finally (1992)

01. We Got a Love Thang
02. Finally
03. Inside That I Cried
04. Lifeline
05. It Should Have Been You
06. Keep on Walkin'
07. Crazy Love
08. I See Love
09. You Win, I Win, We Lose
10. Virtue

Album: Thought 'Ya Knew (1994)

01. Searchin'
02. I'm in the Mood [East 87th St. Mix]
03. Hit by Love
04. Whatever It Is
05. Forever in My Heart
06. I'm Not over You
07. Any Way You Wanna Go
08. Give What I'm Givin'
09. Through Those Doors
10. Let My Love Surround You
11. Keep Givin' Me Your Love
12. If You Love Me, I Will Love You
13. Maybe It's the Way
14. I Will Be Received
15. I'm In The Mood [Bad Yard Club]

Album: I'm Movin' On (1996)

01. Movin' On
02. Looking For A Love That's Real
03. Sprung On You (Groove Me)
04. Try
05. Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy)
06. Somebody Else's Guy
07. If It Should Rain
08. House Party
09. The Last To Know
10. Interlude 1
11. I'm Over You
12. Don't Know What To Do
13. Interlude 2
14. Movin' On (G. Man Slammin' Remix Without Rap)

Album: Essential (1999)

01. Finally [Original 1991 Mix]
02. We Got a Love Thang
03. Keep on Walkin'
04. I'm in the Mood
05. You Win, I Win, We Lose
06. Searchin'
07. I'm Not Over You
08. Hit by Love
09. Keep Givin' Me Your Love
10. Inside That I Cried
11. It Should Have Been You
12. Through These Doors
13. I See Love
14. Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy)
15. Give What I'm Givin'
16. Movin' On
17. Crazy Love
18. Somebody Else's Guy

Album: The Best of Ce Ce Peniston (2001)

01. Finally
02. We Got a Love Thang
03. Keep on Walkin'
04. Inside That I Cried
05. Crazy Love
06. I'm in the Mood
07. I'm Not over You
08. Hit by Love
09. Movin' On
10. Before I Lay [You Drive Me Crazy]
11. House Party
12. Finally [12' Version]


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