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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Howard Hewett

Collection of Howard Hewett

Among the great pure vocalists of the urban contemporary era, Howard Hewett has seldom found material worthy of his tremendous skills. He grew up in Akron, Ohio, and relocated to Los Angeles. Hewett danced on Soul Train, and became one-third of Shalamar with Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley in 1979. They had several big hits before Hewett departed for a solo career in 1985. He signed with Elektra, and his second single, "I'm for Real," was a number two R&B hit in 1986. The follow-up single, "Stay," also made the Top Ten, while "I Commit to Love" in 1987 reached number 12. Hewitt remained on Elektra through the '80s and into the '90s, earning another hit with "Strange Relationshp" in 1988, and cutting duets with Dionne Warwick and Anita Baker. He's also been busy as a writer, producer, and session vocalist. Hewett co-wrote and produced "Frustration" for LaToya Jackson in 1984, and sang on her LP Heart Don't Lie. He did lead vocals on LPs by Stanley Clarke and George Duke in 1984 and 1986, a duet with Stacy Lattisaw on "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," and sang with Firefox in 1986, as well as doing backgrounds on a Donna Summer release. allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: I Commit To Love (1986)

01. Stay
02. I'm For Real
03. Last Forever
04. I Commit To Love
05. In A Crazy Way
06. Love Don't Wanna Wait
07. I Got To Go
08. Eye On You
09. Let's Try It All Over Again
10. Say Amen
11. Stay (Before Midnight Mix )

Album: Forever & Ever (1988)

01. Strange Relationship
02. Natural Love
03. Once, Twice, Three Times
04. You'll Find Another Man
05. Forever And Ever
06. Shakin' My Emotion
07. Share A Love
08. This Time
09. Challenge
10. Good Bye, Good Friend

Album: Howard Hewett (1990)

01. When Will It Be
02. Show Me
03. If I Could Only Have That Day Back
04. Let Me Show You How To Fall In Love
05. I Do
06. More I Get The More I Want
07. Let's Get Deeper
08. Shadow
09. I Know You'll Be Comin' Back
10. Don't Give In
11. Jesus

Album: Allegiance (1992)

01. To Thee I Pray (Intro)
02. Save Your Sex For Me
03. Allegiance
04. Can We Try Again
05. How Fast Forever Goes
06. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
07. To Thee I Pray (Interlude)
08. Say You Will
09. Take It To The Highest
10. From This Day On
11. Ronnie-O
12. Masquerade
13. Just Like A Woman
14. To Thee I Pray

Album: It's Time (1994)

01. Intro
02. Crystal Clear
03. This Love Is Forever
04. Your Body Needs Healin'
05. For the Lover in You
06. I Wanna Know You
07. Say GoodBye
08. How Do I Know I Love You
09. A Love of Your Own
10. Just to Keep You Satisfied
11. On & On
12. Amazing Grace (Interlude)
13. Call His Name

Album: The Journey (2001)

01. Mercy
02. Potter's House
03. Angel
04. Interlude
05. Joy
06. The Journey
07. Without You
08. Interlude
09. Your Love
10. Circle Of Life
11. Amazing Grace ( Interlude )
12. Grace And Mercy
13. Pieces
14. Somebody's Watchin' Over Me
15. Say Amen (Vocal Remix)

Album: (The Very Best of Howard Hewett (2001)

01. This Is for the Lover in You
02. Somewhere There's a Love
03. I'm for Real
04. Stay
05. Say Amen
06. I Commit to Love
07. I Got 2 Go
08. Once, Twice, Three Time
09. Strange Relationship
10. Heaven Sent You
11. Show Me
12. If I Could Only Have That Day Back
13. When Will It Be
14. I Can't Tell You Why
15. Just Like a Woman
16. Can We Try Again

Album: If Only (2007)

01. I'll Be Right Here
02. If Only
03. To Please You
04. Can You Feel Me
05. Make Me Say Ooohhh
06. Is This True Love
07. Enough
08. I Wanna Know
09. How Do I Know
10. Don't You Wonder Too
11. Our Father (Bonus Track)
12. Imagine



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