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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Deele

Collection of The Deele

The Deele are best-known as the group that brought Babyface (b. Kenny Edmonds) and L.A. Reid (b. Mark Rooney) to prominence. Based in Indianapolis, IN, Bobby G. Summers and L.A. Reid formed the Deele in the early '80s with lead vocalist Carlos "Satin" Greene, Darnell "Dee" Bristol, Stanley Burke, and Kevin Roberson. Prior to joining the Deele Babyface had been a member of Manchild, who had a minor R&B hit with "Especially for You" in 1977.

The Deele had their first hit in late 1983, when "Body Talk" began climbing the R&B charts. Though the song only reached 77 on the pop charts, it reached number three on the R&B charts, helping the group's debut album Street Beat crack the Top 100. Two subsequent singles from the record, "Just My Luck," and "Surrender," dented the R&B charts, but the group's second album Material Thangz, was a disappointment, launching only one hit R&B single with the number 14 title track.

Between the release of Material Thangz and 1988's Eyes of a Stranger, Babyface and L.A. Reid began making a name for themselves as urban producers and songwriters, with their work for Pebbles ("Girlfriend") and the Whispers ("Rock Steady") becoming hits. In the wake of Babyface and Reid's new-found success, Eyes of a Stranger became a hit, going gold and launching the Top Ten pop and R&B hit, "Two Occasions," as well as the number ten R&B hit "Shoot 'Em Up Movies." Following the release of Eyes of a Stranger, the group went on hiatus, with Babyface and L.A. Reid continuing their successful production and songwriting work.

The Deele reunited without Babyface and Reid in 1993 to release Invitation to Love, which failed to earn much attention. Allmusic by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Album: Street Beat (1984)

01. Body Talk
02. I Surrender
03. Just My Luck
04. Sexy Love
05. Street Beat
06. Video Villain
07. Crazy 'Bout 'Cha
08. Working (9 To 5)

Album: Material Thangz (1985)

01. Let's Work Tonight
02. Stimulate
03. All I've Ever Known
04. Suspicious
05. Material Thangs
06. I'll Send You Roses
07. Sweet November
08. Sweet Nothingz

Album: Eyes of a Stranger (1987)

01. Two Occasions
02. Shoot 'Em Up Movies
03. Let No One Separate Us
04. Eyes Of A Stranger
05. Dry Your Eyes
06. Can-U-Dance
07. She Wanted
08. Hip Chic
09. So Many Thangz
10. Eyes Of A Stranger - Reprise

Album: Invitation to Love (1993)

01. Imagination
02. Save My Life
03. The Wisdom Af a Fool
04. Infatuation
05. Feel It
06. Invitation to Love
07. Rewind the Tape
08. Are You Ready to Love
09. Baby I'M Hooked on You
10. Slowalk
11. I Feel Love Again
12. I Can't Get Over You
13. My Love For You Will Last Forever

Album: Greatest Hits (1994)

01. Body Talk
02. Just My Luck
03. I Surrender
04. Video Villain
05. Crazy 'Bout 'Cha
06. Material Thangz
07. Sweet November
08. I'll Send You Roses
09. Suspicious
10. Can U Dance
11. Dry Your Eyes
12. Two Occasions
13. Shoot 'Em Up Movies
14. Let No One Separate Us
15. Eyes of a Stranger
16. Hip Chic


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