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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dazz Band

Collection of Dazz Band

The Cleveland-based Dazz Band was one of the more popular funk groups of the early '80s. Bobby Harris formed the group in the late '70s, merging two Cleveland funk bands, Bell Telefunk and Mother Braintree. After myriad lineup changes, the end result was an eight-piece band featuring Harris, Skip Martin III, Pierre DeMudd on horns and vocals, guitarist Eric Fearman, bassist Michael Wiley, drummer Isaac Wiley, keyboardist Kevin Frederick, and percussionist Kenny Pettus. Harris and lead songwriter/guitarist Mike Calhoun's concept for the group was "danceable jazz"; he shortened the description to "dazz" and called the group Kinsman Dazz. Under that name, the group had two small hits in the U.S.A. during 1978 and 1979. After Calhoun left they changed their name to the Dazz Band in 1980 and signed to Motown.

Invitation to Love, the band's first release for the record label, was released in 1980. Once the group veered away from the more melodic, pop-oriented dance music that dominated their debut and started playing a tougher, more groove-oriented funk, the Dazz Band began racking up the hits. "Let It Whip," taken from their second album Keep It Live (1982), reached number five and won a Grammy Award for Best Performance by an R&B Vocal Duo or Group. While they never reached those heights again, the Dazz Band had a string of six consecutive Top 100 albums that ran until 1986; during that time, they scored two other Top 100 singles, "Joystick" and "Let It All Blow." In 1985, Fearman and Frederick left the band; they were replaced by Marlon McClain and Keith Harrison, respectively. The Dazz Band switched labels to Geffen in 1986. That year they had their final charting album, Wild and Free. Soon after its release, the band switched to RCA. The group failed to have another hit and quietly faded away. Allmusic by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Album: Invitation to Love (1980)

01. Shake It Up
02. Invitation to Love
03. Magnetized
04. Hello Girl
05. Skate Lovers
06. Carry On
07. Do It Again
08. Sooner Or Later
09. Beyond the Horizon

Album: Let the Music Play (1981)

01. Let the Music Play
02. Freaky Lovin'
03. Knock! Knock!
04. What Will I Do Without You
05. Don't Stop
06. This Time It's Forever
07. Satisfying Love
08. Everday Love
09. I Believe in You

Album: Keep It Live (1982)

01. Let It Whip
02. Gamble With My Love
03. I'll Keep On Loving You
04. Just Can't Wait Till Tonight
05. Shake What You Got
06. Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)
07. Just Believe In Love
08. Can We Dance
09. Let Me Love You Until

Album: Joystick (1983)

01. To The Roof
02. Joystick
03. Swoop (I'm Yours)
04. Until You
05. Rock With Me
06. Striaght Out Of School
07. Know That I Have You
08. Laughin' At You
09. T Mata (Instrumental)

Album: On The One (1983)

01. Party Right Here
02. Cheek To Cheek
03. On The One For Fun
04. Don't Get Caught In The Middle
05. A Love Song
06. Bad Girl
07. Nice Girls
08. Stay A While With Me
09. We Have More Than Love

Album: Jukebox (1984)

01. Let It All Blow
02. Keep You Comin' Back For More
03. She's The One
04. Heartbeat
05. Dream Girl
06. Undercover Lover
07. I've Been Waiting
08. Main Attraction
09. So Much Love

Album: Hot Spot (1985)

01. If You Only Were In My Shoes
02. Hot Spot
03. Paranoid
04. All The Way
05. S.C.L. & P. (Style, Class, Looks & Personality)
06. She Used To Be My Girl
07. When You Needed Roses
08. Slow Rap

Album: Wild & Free (1986)

01. Wild And Free
02. Body And Mind
03. Time Will Heal A Broken Heart
04. The Best That's Right
05. All I Need
06. L.O.V.E. M.I.A.
07. Hooks In Me
08. Sunglasses
09. It's All Right
10. Something You Said

Album: Greatest Hits (1986)

01. Let It Whip
02. Joystick
03. Invition To Love
04. Party Right Here
05. Swoop (I'm Yours)
06. Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)
07. Cheek To Cheek
08. Knock! Knock!
09. On The One For Fun
10. Let It All Blow

Album: Rock the Room (1988)

01. Anticipation
02. Single Girls
03. Open Sesame
04. One Time Lover
05. Body Drum
06. Huff and Puff
07. All the Way
08. Rock the Room
09. Once in a Lifetime Love

Album: Funkology (1994)

01. Megamix
02. Nasty Boogie
03. There I Go
04. Ten Toes Up
05. Swoop (I'm Yours)
06. Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)
07. A Love Song
08. I Might As Well Forget About Loving You
09. Knock! Knock!
10. Heartbeat
11. Let It Whip (Extended 7 Inch Mix)
12. Joystick (Extended 7 Inch Mix)
13. Let It All Blow (Alternate Master Mix Edit)
14. Let The Music Play
15. Catchin' Up On Love
16. When You Need Roses

Album: Under the Streetlights (1996)

01. Tryin' to Get My Groove On
02. Dance With Somebody
03. Under the Streetlights
04. Give Me Just a Little Bit
05. Fly Away
06. Let's Talk About Funk
07. Dazz
08. It's Your Party
09. Love Is a Bitch
10. Nasty Boogie
11. I Like You
12. Ten Toes
13. Dazz Mega Mix

Album: Double Exposure (1997)

01. Double ZZ
02. Swoop
03. Joystick
04. Keep It Live
05. Knock Knock
06. Heartbeat
07. There I Go
08. Let It All Blow
09. Let It Whip
10. Double ZZ Reprise

Album: Here We Go Again (1998)

01. Bop Gun
02. Sho' You Right
03. Girl Got Body
04. Do Poppa Do
05. Downstairs Lounge
06. Ride
07. Summer Swim
08. I Wanna Be With You
09. The Things I'd Do
10 Oh What A Night

Album: Time Traveler (2001)

01. You Are My Starship
02. What's Up in Your World
03. Ain't Nuthin' But a Jam Y'all
04. Love Don't Make No Sense
05. She's My Lady
06. Girl You Got a Body
07. Oh What a Night
08. Do Poppa Do
09. Get Off My Groove
10. Nasty Groove

Album: 20th Century Masters Collection (2001)

01. Let It Whip
02. Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)
03. Joystick
04. I Might As Well Forget About Loving You
05. Party Right Here
06. To The Roof
07. Swoop (I'm Yours)
08. Invitation To Love
09. Knock! Knock!
10. Let It All Blow
11. On The One For Fun


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