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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eugene Wilde

Collection of Eugene Wilde

Ron Broomfield, aka Eugene Wilde, seemed ready to become a megastar in the mid-'80s. The Miami-based vocalist, who had formerly been with Life, had a resonant, authoritative voice and very confident manner. He scored number one R&B hits in 1984 and 1985 recording for Philly W. Records. "Gotta Get You Home Tonight" and "Don't Say No Tonight" were lyrically predictable, but expertly produced and sang with plenty of suggestiveness and sentimental appeal. Wilde scored one more Top Ten hit with "Diana" in 1986, but switched to MCA and soon lost his momentum. Wilde later sang lead vocals for Cabo Frio on their Zebra/MCA LP before trying again in vain with I Choose You Tonight in 1989. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Eugene Wilde (1984)

01. Lately
02. Gotta Get You Home Tonight
03. Let Her Feel It
04. Chey Chey Kule
05. Rainbow
06. Just Be Good To Me
07. Personality
08. Gold

Album: Serenade (1985)

01. Serenade
02. Good And Plenty
03. Thirty Minutes To Talk
04. There's No Way
05. Diana
06. Don't Say No
07. Are You Coming Over
08. I Want You
09. Here I Go Again

Album: I Choose You {Tonight} (1989)

01. I Can't Stop (This Feeling)
02. Show Me The Way (To Your Heart)
03. I Choose You (Tonight)
04. Who's That Girl
05. Ain't Nobody's Business
06. I'll Keep Calling
07. The Last Night
08. I Can't Take It

Album: How About Tonight (1992)

01. How About Tonight
02. If Only You Knew
03. Angel
04. Special Feelings
05. Whenever You're Ready
06. You Are So Beautiful
07. So In Love
08. Paradise
09. Loyal To You
10. Lost And Lonely
11. How About Tonight (Quiet Storm Version)

Album: Best Of - Got To Get You Home Tonight (1996)

01. Gotta Get You Home Tonight
02. Rainbow
03. Just Be Good To Me
04. Lately
05. Let Her Feel It
06. Gold
07. Good & Plenty
08. First Love Never Dies
09. Diana
10. Don't Say No (Tonight)
11. Are You Coming Over
12. I Want You
13. Here I Go Again
14. I Never Thought

Album: Get Comfortable (2011)

01. Comfortable
02. How Would I Know
03. Don't Stop
04. Catch Me (I'm Fallin)
05. Wonderful
06. I Swear
07. Gimme Sum Suga
08. Ridiculous
09. Hear Me Tonight
10. I'll Go With You
11. Beautiful
12. Tell Me



DJ SYD-DRA CEE said...

Cheers fam! nice selection of albums, this is one artist who i never got to get all his albums,respect GIL. :-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reliving the good days of music

sheron said...

can u repost the greatest again thank u very much

Anonymous said...

The Best Of file is missing; can you re-up when you get a chance? Thanks :-)

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