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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stacy Lattisaw

Collection of Stacy Lattisaw

When she was a teenager in the early '80s, urban soul singer Stacy Lattisaw had a string of Top 40 R&B hits, with three songs -- "Let Me Be Your Angel," "Love on a Two Way Street," "Miracles" -- crossing over to the pop mainstream. Lattisaw recorded her first album for Cotillion Records at the age of 12 in 1979, under the direction of producer Van McCoy. However it wasn't until she hooked up with Narada Michael Walden, a former drummer with the Mahavishnu Orchestra who was just beginning a career as a producer, that she became a star. Under Walden's direction, she had five hit albums between 1981 and 1986. She continued recording into the late '80s, signing to Motown in 1986, but her audience slowly disappeared. By the early '90s, she decided to retire from a music career and concentrate on raising her family. Allmusic by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Album: Young And In Love (1979)

01. When You're Young And In Love (Ballad Version)
02. Love Is Here Beside Us
03. Rock With Me
04. Three Wishes
05. Spinning Top
06. Dedicated To The One I Love
07. Downtown
08. When You're Young And In Love (Disco Version)

Album: Let Me Be Your Angel (1980)

01. Jump To The Beat
02. Dynamite
03. You Don't Love Me Anymore
04. Dreaming
05. Let Me Be Your Angel
06. Don't You Want To Feel It (For Yourself)
07. You Know I Like It
08. My Love

Album: With You (1981)

01. Feel My Love Tonight
02. Screamin' Off The Top
03. It Was So Easy
04. Baby I Love You
05. Love On A Two Way Street
06. With You
07. Young Girl
08. Spotlight
09. You Take Me To Heaven

Album: Sneakin' Out (1982)

01. Sneakin' Out
02. Guys Like You (Give Love A Bad Name)
03. Memories
04. Tonight I'm Gonna Make You Mine
05. Hey There Lonely Boy
06. Don't Throw It All Away
07. Attack Of The Name Game
08. I'm Down For You
09. I Could Love You So Divine

Album: Sixteen (1983)

01. 16
02. Black Pumps And Pink Lipstick
03. I've Loved You Somewhere Before
04. Million Dollar Babe
05. What's So Hot 'Bout Bad Boys
06. Johey!
07. The Way's Of Love
08. Miracles

Album: Perfect Combination (1984)

01. Block Party
02. Fun 'N' Games
03. Falling in Love Again
04. 50-50 Love
05. Perfect Combination
06. Heartbreak Look
07. Baby It's You
08. Come Out of the Shadows

Album: I'm Not The Same Girl (1985)

01. Can't Stop Thinking About You
02. Coming Alive
03. Now We're Starting Over Again
04. He's Just Not You
05. I'm Not The Same Girl
06. Toughen Up
07. Together
08. I Thought It Took A Little Time

Album: Take Me All The Way (1986)

01. Jump Into My Life
02. The Hard Way
03. Take Me All The Way
04. A Little Bit Of Heaven
05. Longshot
06. Nail It To The Wall
07. Love Me Like The First Time
08. You Aint Leavin'
09. Over The Top
10. One More Night

Album: Personal Attention (1988)

01. Personal Attention
02. Love Town
03. Let Me Take You Down
04. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (With Howard Hewett)
05. He's Got a Hold on Me
06. Find Another Lover
07. Changes
08. Every Drop Or Your Love
09. Call Me
10. Electronic Eyes

Album: What You Need (1989)

01. What You Need
02. Dance For You
03. You Touched the Woman in Me
04. R U Man Enuff
05. Guilty (Lock Me Up)
06. Falling (In Love Again)
07. I Don't Have the Heart
08. Where Do We Go From Here
09. Tender Love
10. That's the Reason Why I Love

Album: The Very Best Of Stacy Lattisaw (1998)

01. When You're Young And In Love
02. Dynamite!
03. Let Me Be Your Angel
04. My Love
05. Love On A Two Way Street
06. Don't Throw It All Away
07. Attack Of The Name Game
08. Hey There Lonely Boy
09. Miracles
10. Million Dollar Babe
11. Perfect Combination
12. Baby It's You
13. Nail It To The Wall
14. Jump Into My Life
15. Every Drop Of Your Love
16. Let Me Take You Down


Johnny Gill

Collection of Johnny Gill

Born in Washington, D.C., Johnny Gill was discovered by singer Stacy Lattisaw after singing in his family's group Wings of Faith from age five. His solo career began in 1983 with the Top 30 R&B single "Super Love." In duo with Lattisaw, he scored an R&B Top Ten hit in 1984 with "Perfect Combination." In 1988, Gill joined New Edition, replacing Bobby Brown. In 1989 he sang on two R&B hits: "Where Do We Go from Here," a #1 by Stacy Lattisaw, and "One Love," by George Howard. Gill finally scored as a solo singer in 1990 with the release of his album Johnny Gill, which sold a million copies, topped the R&B chart, and made the Top Ten in the pop chart. Following the relative failure of 1993's Provocative -- which didn't produce any Top 10 R&B singles and only went gold -- Gill reunited with New Edition in 1996. A month after New Edition released Home Again in September of 1996, Gill released Let's Get the Mood Right. Allmusic by William Ruhlmann

Album: Johnny Gill (1983)

01. Super Love
02. Thank You
03. Show Her Love
04. Guilty
05. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
06. Every Radio
07. I'm Sorry
08. I Love Makin' Music
09. You
10. Half Steppin'

Album: Chemistry (1985)

01. Half Crazy
02. Can't Wait Til Tomorrow
03. Don't Take Away My Pride
04. One Small Light
05. The Way That You Love Me
06. Because Of You
07. Chemistry
08. I Found Love

Album: Johnny Gill (1990)

01. Rub You The Right Way
02. Fairweather Friend
03. Wrap My Body Tight
04. Feels So Much Better
05. Never, Know Love
06. My, My, My
07. Lady Dujour
08. Just Another Lonely Night
09. Giving My All To You
10. Let's Spend The Night
11. My, My, My (Reprise)
12. My, My, My (Live!)
13. Wrap Your Body Tight (Jazzie B 12 inch Remix)

Album: Provocative (1993)

01. The Floor
02. Provocative
03. Where No Man Has Gone Before
04. I Got You
05. A Cute, Sweet Love Addiction
06. Long Way From Home
07. Tell Me How U Want It
08. Mastersuite
09. Quiet Time To Play
10. I Know Where I Stand
11. There U Go
12. Let's Just Run Away

Album: Let's Get The Mood Right (1996)

01. Let's Get The Mood Right
02. Touch
03. Maybe
04. Having Illusions
05. Bring It On
06. Take Me (I'm Yours)
07. Love In An Elevator
08. It's Your Body (Featuring Roger Troutman)
09. Someone To Love
10. 4 U Alone
11. Love U Right
12. Simply Say I Love U (Featuring Stevie Wonder)
13. I Know You Want Me
14. So Gentle

Album: Favorites (1997)

01. My, My, My
02. Quiet Time To Play
03. There U Go
04. Lady Dujour
05. If You're Wondering
06. Having Illusions
07. Where Do We Go From Here
08. Rub You The Right Way (Remix)
09. Fairweather Friend
10. Wrap My Body Tight
11. I Got You
12. Let's Get The Mood Right
13. Maybe
14. Give Love On Christmas Day

Album: Ultimate Collection (2002)

01. Perfect Combination
02. Half Crazy
03. Can You Stand The Rain
04. Where Do We Go From Here
05. Rub You The Right Way
06. My My My
07. Fairweather Friend
08. Wrap My Body Tight
09. I'm Still Waiting
10. Silent Prayer
11. There U Go
12. Slow and Sexy
13. The Floor
14. Quiet Time to Play
15. Let's Get the Mood Right
16. Its Your Body
17. Maybe

Album: 20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection (2003)

01. Rub You The Right Way
02. My My My
03. Fairweather Friend
04. Wrap My Body Tight (7 in. Mix)
05. The Floor
06. I Got You
07. Quiet Time To Play (Live 7 in. Version)
08. Let's Get The Mood Right
09. It's Your Body
10. Love In An Elevator
11. One Love

Album: Love Songs (2005)

01. My My My
02. Lady Dujour
03. Let's Spend the Night
04. Mastersuite
05. I Got You
06. Quiet Time to Play
07. Someone to Love
08. Let's Get the Mood Right
09. It's Your Body [Mario Winans Remix]
10. Can You Stand the Rain
11. I'm Still Waiting
12. Let's Just Run Away

Album: Johnny Gill (Still Winning (2011)

01. Still Winning
02. Let's Stay Together
03. In the Mood
04. Just the Way You Are
05. Black Box
06. Long, Long Time
07. 2nd Place
08. Who Is He
09. It Would Be You
10. My Love


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ralph Tresvant

Collection of Ralph Tresvant

Ralph Tresvant sang lead on New Edition's hits and had his own gold number one R&B hit with the silky "Sensitivity." He was the last member to release a solo project of his own. All of the group's previous members had number one R&B hits: Bobby Brown with "Girlfriend " and Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronald DeVoe as Bell Biv DeVoe (aka BBD) with "Poison." Besides this, Tresvant had New Edition's formidable chart success to contend with: four number one R&B singles, "Candy Girl" (gold), "Cool It Now," "Mr. Telephone Man," and "Can You Stand the Rain." Could Ralph Tresvant have hits after New Edition as a solo artist? But then again having Tresvant's record come out after his previous bandmates could be an advantage because he could gauge what his music should be like based on the response of the fans.

Born May 15, 1968, to Patricia Ann Tresvant and Ralph Tresvant, Sr., Ralph Tresvant grew in the Roxbury section of Boston. He joined Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronald DeVoe in a group formed by producer/songwriter Maurice Starr. Starr's concept was to form a group that was basically a "new edition" of the Jackson 5. Paradoxically, Motown founder Berry Gordy wanted to mold the Jackson 5 into a "new edition" of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. Signed to StreetWise Records, the group scored with "Candy Girl." The hits continued with "Is This the End" (number eight R&B), "Lost in Love" (number six R&B), "Count Me Out" (number two R&B for two weeks), "Earth Angel" from the movie Karate Kid Part 2 (number three R&B), "Once in a Lifetime Groove" from the Gregory Hines/Billy Crystal movie Running Scared (number ten R&B), "Tears on My Pillow" with Little Anthony of Little Anthony and the Imperials, "If It Isn't Love" (number two R&B, number seven pop), "You're Not My Kind of Girl" (number three R&B), and "Crucial" (number four R&B).

Signing to MCA Records as a solo artist, Tresvant expressed his apprehension about becoming a solo artist and trying to match his previous successes in various interviews. Producers/songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis felt confident in Tresvant's abilities having work with him on the group's double-platinum LP Heartbreak. They had him sing the lead and background vocals on the song they had written for him, "Sensitivity." "Sensitivity" sold over a million copies, going to number one R&B and number four pop on Billboard's charts in fall 1990. His solo debut, Ralph Tresvant, was released November 27, 1990, and went platinum, parking at number one R&B for two weeks. The LP also yielded the charting hits "Stone Cold Gentleman," "Do What I Gotta Do," and "Rated X." For Jam & Lewis' Perspective Records, Tresvant sang on the 1992 hit "The Best Things in Life Are Free" issued as "Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson with BBD and Ralph Tresvant." That was followed by his own hit single, "Money Can't Buy You Love," from the Damon and Marlon Wayans movie Mo' Money. The singer appeared in the movie House Party 2. Tresvant was on the 1996 New Edition reunion album, Home Again and there was a 1998 MCA Special Products CD It's Goin' Down. Allmusic by Ed Hogan

Album: Ralph Tresvant (1990)

01. Rated R
02. Sensitivity
03. She's My Love Thang
04. Stone Cold Gentleman (Rizz's Interlude)
05. Do What I Gotta Do
06. Love Hurts
07. Girl I Can't Control It
08. Love Takes Time
09. Public Figure (Ordinary Guy)
10. Last Night
11. I Love You (Just For You)
12. Alright Now
13. Sensitivity (Ralph's Rap)

Album: It's Goin Down (1993)

01. Graveyard
02. Shaky Ground
03. Who's the Mack
04. It's Goin' Down
05. You'll Remember Me
06. My Aphrodisiac
07. When I Need Somebody
08. Sex Maniac
09. The Booty Affair
10. Love at First Sight
11. Your Touch
12. G-Spot
13. Sex-O

Album: Rizz Wa Faire (2006)

01. Sneaky
02. Love Hangover
03. Angel
04. Jungle Club
05. Strange Emotions
06. Man Who Loves You
07. Save A Little Love
08. Slow Down
09. My Homegirl
10. Don't Act Innocent
11. Something To Give U
12. Too Cool
13. Magic Underwear
14. Better Man
15. Never Noticed
16. Another Shot
17. The End


Monday, June 25, 2012

Regina Belle

Collection of Regina Belle

Regina Belle emerged as a prolific, consistently engaging vocalist on the urban contemporary scene. Born in New Jersey, Belle's early experience was in gospel, though she was also attracted to R&B during her childhood. She studied trombone, tuba, and steel drums, and at 12 won a school contest singing the Emotions' "Don't Ask My Neighbors." Belle sang in a New Jersey vocal group, and studied opera and jazz in college. New York disc jockey Vaughn Harper introduced her to the Manhattans, and she began working as their opening act. Belle recorded a duet with them, "Where Did We Go Wrong," that was produced by Bobby Womack in 1986. She earned a solo Columbia contract in 1987, and the single "Please Be Mine" earned both praise and a number two R&B hit. A follow-up single, "So Many Tears," also made the R&B Top 20, and the hit "Without You," pairing her with Peabo Bryson, was the only memorable thing about the film Leonard, Part 6. Her second LP, Stay with Me, secured her success, and she went on to earn more acclaim. Releasing Passion in 1993, she returned five years later with Believe in Me, which was followed by 2001's This Is Regina! and 2004's Lazy Afternoon. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: All By Myself (1987)

01. Show Me The Way
02. Take Your Love Away
03. Please Be Mine
04. After The Love Has Lost Its Shine
05. Intimate Relations
06. You Got The Love
07. How Could You Do It To Me
08. Gotta Give It Up
09. So Many Tears

Album: Stay With Me (1989)

01. Baby Come To Me
02. When Will You Be Mine
03. Dream Lover
04. What Goes Around
05. Make It Like It Was
06. Good Lovin'
07. It Doesn't Hurt Anymore
08. This Is Love
09. (It's Gonna Take) All Our Love
10. Someday We'll All Be Free - Save The Children
11. All I Want Is Forever

Album: Passion (1993)

01. Interlude Passion
02. Quiet Time
03. If I Could
04. Do You Wanna Get Serious
05. Dream In Color
06. My Man
07. The Deeper I Love
08. A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)
09. Love
10. Heaven's Just A Whisper Away
11. Tango In Paris
12. One Love

Album: Reachin' Back (1995)

01. Reachin' Back (Intro)
02. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
03. Love T.K.O.
04. You Make Me Feel Brand New
05. Hurry Up This Way Again
06. The Whole Town's Laughing At Me
07. You Are Everything
08. Let Me Make Love To You
09. I'll Be Around
10. Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
11. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)

Album: Baby Come To Me - The Best of Regina Belle (1997)

01. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
02. Baby Come to Me
03. Quiet Time
04. So Many Tears
05. What Goes Around
06. How Could You Do It to Me
07. Love T.K.O
08. Show Me the Way
09. Someday We'll All Be Free-Save the Children
10. All I Want Is Forever
11. This Is Love
12. If I Could
13. Make It Like It Was
14. A Whole New World

Album: Believe In Me (1998)

01. Believe In Me
02. Don't Let Go
03. I Got It
04. You Make Me Smile
05. Baby Love
06. I Gotch U
07. I've Had Enough
08. Never Should Have Let You Go
09. Teach Me How To Live
10. Come See About Me
11. I'm The One
12. Be In Love Again

Album: This Is Regina (2001)

01. Oooh Boy
02. Let Me Hold You
03. From Now on Feat Glenn Jones
04. La Da Di
05. Gotta Get Over This Love
06. Don't Wanna Go Home
07. Someone Who Needs Me
08. Take My Time
09. Johnny's Back
10. You Said
11. Gotta Go Back
12. What If

Album: Super Hits (2001)

01. Baby Come to Me
02. This Is Love
03. So Many Tears
04. Quiet Time
05. Make It Like It Was
06. You Got the Love
07. If I Could
08. Dream In Color
09. Please Be Mine
10. Show Me the Way

Album: Lazy Afternoon (2004)

01. Lazy Afternoon
02. Fly Me To The Moon
03. What Are You Afraid Of
04. If I Ruled The World
05. Corcovado
06. There's A Love
07. Why Do People Fall In Love
08. For The Love Of You
09. If I Should Love You
10. Moanin'
11. The Man I Love
12. Try A Little Tenderness

Album: Love Songs (2006)

01. One Love
02. Dream In Color
03. Love
04. My Man
05. Better Together
06. A Whole New World [Aladdin's Theme]
07. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
08. The Whole Town's Laughing At Me
09. Baby Come To Me
10. Make It Like It Was
11. All I Want Is Forever
12. Show Me The Way
13. So Many Tears
14. After The Love Has Lost Its Shine
15. Quiet Time

Album: Love Forever Shines (2008)

01. Love Forever Shines
02. Can't Nobody
03. Who Touched Me
04. God Is Good
05. Almost Slipped
06. I Hope He Understands
07. Victory
08. God Said
09. Good To Be Loved
10. Come Into This Place
11. Coming Out Of This
12. I Call On Jesus
13. My Destiny
14. I'll Never Leave You Alone


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Collection of Babyface

As a singer, producer, and songwriter, Babyface was an inescapable presence in virtually every major facet of pop music during the '90s. His own recordings helped rejuvenate the R&B tradition of the smooth, sensitive, urban crooner and made him a staple of urban contemporary radio. Yet their considerable success was eclipsed by his songwriting and production work for other artists, which linked him with some of the biggest stars and hit singles of the decade (and not just in the realm of R&B). You'd be hard-pressed to name a '90s hitmaker with a track record more consistently successful and versatile than Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds.

Kenneth Edmonds was born April 10, 1959, in Indianapolis and began playing in local R&B bands as a teenager. He served a stint in Bootsy Collins' backing unit (where he earned his nickname) and subsequently joined the funk outfit Manchild, which signed a record deal in 1977 and released three albums. After their breakup, Babyface and partner Antonio "L.A." Reid formed an urban funk group called the Deele in the early '80s, which scored a few sizable hits on the R&B charts. Babyface and Reid began producing and writing for other artists on the side, landing hits in Pebbles' "Girlfriend" and the Whispers' "Rock Steady"; following the Deele's third album in 1988, the duo left to continue their outside activities full-time, co-founding the LaFace label in 1989. Further hits followed in Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step," Sheena Easton's "The Lover in Me," and Karyn White's "The Way You Love Me" and "Superwoman," all of which performed well on both the pop and R&B charts.

Babyface had actually recorded a little-noticed solo album in 1986, titled Lovers, but with his newfound success having marked him as one to watch, his solo career now began in earnest. Released in 1989, Tender Lover caught fire, spinning off four singles over the next year, including the R&B chart smashes "It's No Crime" (number one) and "Whip Appeal" (number two; both also reached the pop Top Ten); the album also went double platinum. Now firmly established as a powerhouse, Babyface went on to co-write hits for Johnny Gill ("My, My, My," nominated for the Best R&B Song Grammy), Whitney Houston ("I'm Your Baby Tonight"), and Madonna ("Take a Bow"); his biggest success, however, came with Boyz II Men, whose recording of "End of the Road" became one of the longest-running number ones in pop history (the Babyface-penned follow-up "I'll Make Love to You" was also pretty successful in its own right). He was co-nominated for an Album of the Year Grammy for his production on The Bodyguard soundtrack and went on to work with artists like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, En Vogue, and Mary J. Blige. As if that weren't enough, LaFace had become a highly successful and lucrative imprint, breaking artists like Toni Braxton, TLC, OutKast, and Usher (often with input from Reid and Babyface).

It's no wonder Babyface wound up taking a break from his own career as a singer during the early '90s, releasing only a remix album, A Closer Look, in 1991. The proper follow-up to Tender Lover didn't appear until 1993; even so, For the Cool in You was an even bigger hit than its predecessor, going triple platinum and producing Babyface's first Top Five pop hit, the change-of-pace acoustic guitar ballad "When Can I See You Again" (which won him his first Grammy as a performer for Best Male R&B Vocal). In 1995, he scored another major success with the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, not only producing it but scoring the film itself and writing nearly all of its songs, including the Whitney Houston smash "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)." The same year, he won the first of three consecutive Grammys as Producer of the Year. Successes just kept coming in 1996; the guest-laden album The Day spawned another Top Ten pop/R&B hit in "Every Time I Close My Eyes," and he solidified his crossover credentials once and for all by winning a Grammy for Record of the Year as producer of Eric Clapton's "Change the World."

Encouraged by the success of Waiting to Exhale, Babyface and his wife, Tracey Edmonds, formed their own film production company, which debuted in 1997 with the acclaimed urban family comedy/drama Soul Food (Babyface, naturally, masterminded the soundtrack). The next year, he contributed lyrics to the animated musical The Prince of Egypt, which went uncredited on the soundtrack album. With the movies taking up more of his time, his next musical releases were quick one-offs: an MTV Unplugged album in 1997 and the seasonal Christmas with Babyface the next year. His production and songwriting activities continued, though he remained silent as a performer for a few years. In 2000, Epic released the best-of compilation A Collection of His Greatest Hits, marking the end of his tenure with the label; he had elected to move to Arista, where L.A. Reid had been a high-ranking executive. In 2001, Babyface released a new album, Face2Face, and also produced the punk-pop soundtrack for the film Josie & the Pussycats. The back-to-basics Grown & Sexy came in July 2005, followed by 2007's covers-based Playlist for Mercury. Allmusic by Steve Huey

Album: Lovers (1986)

01. You Make Me Feel Brand New
02. Lovers
03. Chivalry
04. I Love You Babe
05. Mary Mack
06. Faithful
07. If We Try
08. Take Your Time
09. I Love You Babe (Reprise)

Album: Tender Lover (1989)

01. It's No Crime
02. Tender Lover
03. Let's Be Romantic
04. Can't Stop My Heart
05. My Kinda Girl
06. Where Will You Go (Prelude)
07. Whip Appeal
08. Soon As I Get Home
09. Given A Chance
10. Sunshine
11. Where Will You Go

Album: A Closer Look (1991)

01. Mary Mack
02. Two Occasions (Live)
03. I Love You Babe
04. Chivalry
05. Lovers
06. It's No Crime
07. Love Saw It (duet with Karyn White)
08. Love Makes Things Happen (duet with Pebbles)
09. My Kinda Girl
10. Whip Appeal
11. Lovers (Jazz Lover's Mix)

Album: For The Cool In You (1993)

01. For The Cool In You
02. Lady, Lady
03. Never Keeping Secrets
04. Rock Bottom
05. And Our Feelings
06. Saturday
07. When Can I See You Again
08. Illusions
09. A Bit Old Fashioned
10. You Are So Beautiful
11. I'll Always Love You
12. Well Alright

Album: The Day (1996)

01. Everytime I Close My Eyes
02. Talk To Me
03. I Said I Love You
04. When Your Body Gets Weak
05. Simple Days
06. All Day Thinkin'
07. Seven Seas
08. The Day (That You Gave Me A Son)
09. How Come, How Long
10. This Is For The Lover In You

Album: MTV Unplugged NYC (1997)

01. Change the World
02. Talk to Me
03. Whip Appeal
04. Breathe Again
05. Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)
06. I'll Make Love to You
07. End of the Road
08. I Care About You
09. The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)
10. Gone Too Soon
11. How Come, How Long

Album: A Collection of His Greatest Hits (2000)

01. For the Cool in You
02. It's No Crime
03. Whip Appeal
04. Never Keeping Secrets
05. Every Time I Close My Eyes
06. When Can I See You Again
07. Reason for Breathing
08. This Is for the Lover in You
09. How Come, How Long
10. Change the World (Live)
11. I Love You Babe
12. Soon as I Get Home
13. Where Will You Go
14. When Men Grow Old

Album: Face2Face (2001)

01. Outside In (Inside Out)
02. There She Goes
03. What If
04. Stressed Out
05. Baby's Mama
06. How Can U Be Down
07. Work It Out
08. I Keep Callin'
09. With Him
10. Wish U Was My Girl
11. U Should Know
12. Don't Take It So Personal
13. Still In Love With U
14. Lover And Friend

Album: Love Songs (2001)

01. I Said I Love You
02. All Day Thinkin'
03. This Is for the Lover in You
04. Lady, Lady
05. For the Cool in You
06. A Bit Old-Fashioned
07. Never Keeping Secrets
08. When Can I See You
09. Whip Appeal
10. Soon as I Get Home
11. Given a Chance
12. Sunshine
13. Every Time I Close My Eyes
14. When Your Body Gets Weak
15. Lovers
16. You Make Me Feel Brand New

Album: The Essential Babyface (2003)

01. I Said I Love You
02. Never Keeping Secrets
03. Every Time I Close My Eyes
04. Talk to Me
05. When Can I See You
06. For the Cool in You
07. My Kinda Girl
08.Whip Appeal
09. Soon as I Get Home
10. Well Alright
11. The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)
12. How Come, How Long
13. This Is for the Lover in You
14. Medley I'll Make Love to You End of the Road [Live]
15. Medley I'll Make Love to You End of the Road (Continued) [Live]

Album: A Love Story (2004)

01 - God Must Love You
02 - Red Dress
03 - The Getting 2 Know U
04 - Makin' Love
05 - Love Song
06 - The Sentimental Reasons
07 - The Loneliness
08 - Wish That I Could Tell You
09 - Together Forever
10 - Still My Boo

Album: Grown & Sexy (2005)

01. Tonight It's Goin' Down
02. Grown & Sexy
03. Mad, Sexy, Cool
04. Can't Stop Now
05. Goin' Outta Business
06. Drama, Love & 'Lationships
07. Sorry For The Stupid Things
08. Good To Be In Love
09. The Loneliness
10. She
11. God Must Love U
12. Gettin' To Know U
13. She's International

Album: The Other Side of Cool (2005)

01. It's No Crime [IJ Extended Mix]
02. For the Cool in You [Chicago House Club Vocal Mix]
03. My Kinda Girl [Scratch Mix]
04. Whip Appeal [The Ultimate Whip][Mix]
05. Tender Lover [The Long Mix]
06. Every Time I Close My Eyes [Timbaland Remix]
07. How Come, How Long [Laws & Craigie Remix]
08. Rock Bottom [CJ Deep Club Mix]
09. This Is for the Lover in You [Puffy's Face to Face Mix]
10. When Can I See You [Extended Club Mix]

Album: Playlist (2007)

01. Shower The People
02. Fire And Rain
03. Not Going Nowhere
04. Time In A Bottle
05. Wonderful Tonight
06. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
07. Longer
08. The Soldier Song
09. Please Come To Boston
10. Diary

Album: From The Heart (2009)

01. I Said I Love You
02. All Day Thinkin'
03. This Is for the Lover in You
04. Lady, Lady
05. For the Cool in You
06. A Bit Old-Fashioned
07. Never Keeping Secrets
08. When Can I See You
09. Whip Appeal
10. Soon as I Get Home
11. Given a Chance
12. Sunshine
13. Every Time I Close My Eyes
14. When Your Body Gets Weak
15. Lovers
16. You Make Me Feel Brand New


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